Hayya Hayya Better Together 2022 FIFA World Cup Soundtrack

2022 Qatar World Cup Official Soundtrack Out. Guess the name?

2022 Qatar World Cup Official Soundtrack (Sponsored)

The World Cup is getting closer. We can’t wait for the skills, the clashes, those emotional moments. You get the drill. FIFA just released the first soundtrack for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Titled ‘Hayya Hayya Better Together

The Hayya Hayya World Cup Theme Song stars Artists like Trinidad Cardona from the United States of America, Davido from Nigeria, and AISHA from Qatar. Hayya Hayya is a song that embodies a Unity message the world needs in trying times like these. Produced by RedOne, the song shares the message of Togetherness with that remarkable traditional Arab sound, R&B flow, and Reggae Touch.

Trinidad Cardona, a Arizona-bred pop singer who burst onto the scene in 2017 with the viral hit Jennifer before enjoying global success with the follow-up single Dinero, shared his passion for the message of the song. “When I first heard the song, I was instantly put in a good mood,” he commented. “It’s a celebration, it embodies everything the FIFA World Cup stands for. People from all around the world coming together, and I just love that message.”

Hayya Hayya Better Together 2022 Qatar World Cup Soundtrack
Hayya Hayya Better Together 2022 FIFA World Cup Soundtrack

Davido, the first solo African artist to sell out a major concert venue in Europe in 2019, shared Trinidad’s enthusiasm for the global message of the song, remarking: “I’ve grown up all over the world. And the more I travelled, the more I realised that we are all one, one people, one world. So, when this came to me, I jumped on it. To be a part of this event that brings together the whole world, and to be a part of this song? ‘We are better together’ went right to my heart. Beautiful, man, beautiful. How could I say no?” Davido, who grew up in Nigeria, has spearheaded a worldwide Afrobeats revolution with smash hits like Fall and If, as well as with his latest album, A Better Time.

Hayya Hayya Better Together 2022 FIFA World Cup Soundtrack
Hayya Hayya Better Together

Aisha the Qatari musician and local, highlighted her personal connection saying: “I am blessed and honoured to exist in these exciting times, where I get to witness and be part of this huge milestone for my country, Qatar. The song’s message of togetherness and joy resonated with me as joy was present with us throughout the journey of making this song. It is a dream come true to perform for the FIFA World Cup final draw and be part of such an important song.” Aisha is one of Qatar’s most popular singers, with her talent, drive and passion having led to headlining performances around the world, including at the United Nations General Assembly in New York and at the grand opening of Doha Festival City.

With shared interests in Football and Music, we can indeed solve the world’s problems one goal at a time (winks)

The official Theme Song is available to watch on the official FIFA Youtube Channel.

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