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61 websites you needed but never knew until now?

Good friends buy you lunch. Best friends eat your lunch. Mitch is one guy I’m yet to assign a friend tag. The dude is full of surprises on a good day and totally off on other days. The web as we know it has evolved. Virtually everything we know of can be found online. From help with inquiries to shared experiences and adventures. Have you explored enough of the internet? What are the websites to cure boredom? Well, here are some websites you needed but never knew about until now. As Mitch would say, ‘Save the fists for later.’ We know you’ve been living under a rock (winks) Sit back and enjoy the list. Your feedback is highly valued.

Everyday websites

  1. Myfridgefood.com: This website helps you select everything you have in your fridge and gives you recipes for what you can make with available items. Running out of ideas on what to make? This website is sure to drive you bonkers– in a good way.
  2. Supercook.com: Like myfridgefood.com, this website helps you select anything you have in your fridge and suggest recipes for what you can make with available items.
  3. Cheatography.com: Checklists are essential these days. Different types, numerous styles. You name it. This website is like Paradise for checklists. Feel free to check it out. You will be surprised at what you’ll find.
  4. Vocalremover.com: Want to feel the raw beats/ instrumentals to any and all kinds of songs? This website might be all you need. Vocalremover.com is a website that helps you remove the vocals from any song thereby leaving you with the music. Surprised? I told you so.
  5. Ninite.com: This website lets you download all of the most popular applications across different niches to your system. From Messaging to Media to Security to Developer tools to Utilities. The list is endless.
  6. Therestartpage.com: Looking for some old-school pc nostalgia? This could be all you need. It offers you an opportunity to relive the experience of restarting your personal computer the old-school way. Want to have a feel of old dialog boxes? Welcome aboard. Spoiler alert! This website only works on personal computers.
  7. Wikihow.com: Ever thought of creative ways of holding your poop in embarrassing situations, playing with your pet, or how to diffuse a tense mall situation in your local bowling alley? Well, welcome to wikiHow. This website is the go-to place for how-to situations. Simple to use, it’s worth checking out.
  8. 12ft.io: This website helps you read articles (URLs) behind a paywall for free. How does it work? The idea is pretty simple, news sites want Google to index their content so it shows up in search results. So they don’t show a paywall to the Google crawler. What you see is devoid of a paywall since Google crawler will cache a copy of the site every time it crawls it. The 12ft.io website shows you a cached, non-paywall version of the page. You definitely didn’t see this here. (winks)
websites you needed but didn't know until now
Calculation websites

All Things Calculation Websites

  • Omnicalculator.com: We have evolved from counting fingers to using the abacus and even advanced calculators today. This calculator website offers over 2900 different calculators that cover different problems. From arithmetic to finance, quick grocery checks, construction, ecology, chemistry, physics, health, sports, and a ton of other real-life issues. I’m not kidding when I say, this will blow your mind.
  • WolframAlpha.com: This website helps you to compute complex equations. A fitting example for ‘How have I survived without this website?’
websites that feel illegal to know
Websites that feel illegal to know until now

Buy-and-Sell Stuff Websites

  1. Capitoltrades.com: Let’s face it. We are experiencing tough times in the United States at the moment. High Gas prices, expensive groceries, somewhat scarce baby formula, you name it. Investing your spare cash in this condition is like landing a dunk without hands. What better way to plan than simply putting your cash on stocks politicians like Nancy Pelosi and other capitol hill chaps invest in? capitaltrades.com gives you info on trending stocks as well as an overview of stocks some of your state reps are buying and selling. What do you have to lose anyway? Just saying.
  2. Flippa.com: This website lets you find, buy and sell profitable websites. Think you have the next big app or blog? Thinking of starting your next Chewbacca adventure blog? You can visit the site.
  3. Yola.com: Want to make a website to upload sleazy dance moves or start your online blog? Yola could be the place to go. Yola.com is free and easily customizable. (A full review will be done by Trend Parlour soon. Keep watching this space.)

AI Assistant Websites

  • Copy.ai: Do you have a YouTube channel and need an AI copy assistant? Copy.ai is there for you. They also write copies for you and come packed with lots of features. They offer tools like Youtube video title suggestions and ideas too. Very easy to use. You can always check it out.
  • Axiom.ai: This website helps you set up easy AI automation to do anything you want in your browser. Talk about useful websites you need to know that you didn’t.

Productivity & Organization websites

  • Pomofocus.io: Hello Productivity! Ever had a lot to cover as a student in so little time? Welcome aboard. Pomofocus.io is a Pomodoro effect timer that divides your activities into timed chunks and helps improve your productivity. I understand you have everything under control, take my advice, ‘You need some help’
  • Musclewiki.com: This website was especially useful during the lockdown. This is an exercise website that lets you select a muscle group and recommends different exercises based on your choice. Demonstrations as well as write-ups are available on the website to guide you. It’s about time you stretch those muscles innit?
  • Trello.com: This free project management website helps you stay organized while working on your projects.
  • Alternativeto.net: This website helps you find free alternatives to any software on the web. Think of it as a similar web for software. The good stuff I must say.
  • Hacksplaining.com: Hack real, vulnerable web applications to learn how security exploits work. This website offers articles and videos on how to hack anything.

Movies/Music websites

  1. Tunefind.com: This website helps you find the soundtracks used in tv shows, movies, or games. Simply put in the name of the tv show on the website’s search bar, select the season and/or preferred episode, and voila! Soundtracks used in that episode appear. The Soundtracks are playable on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Youtube.
  2. Theofficestaremachine.com: Having an off day at work? Tired of chores? Need to laugh hard? Well, the officestaremachine might be what you need. This website is based on the TV show, The Office and shows you different facial expressions (stares)  from cast members throughout the show’s 9 Seasons or 201 episodes. Is your boss giving you a hard time? I suggest you check out grumpy stare. Think of this as one of the websites to cure boredom. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for falls from hard laughs. We hope this uplifts your day.
  3. Wetransfer.com: This website lets you transfer very large files and photos. Free options and paid options are available.
writing websites
Writing websites

Writing/ Summary/ Document conversion websites

  • Smmry.com: This website summarizes entire articles or URLs into easy-to-grasp information. From URLs about black holes to how to catch a unicorn without trying. You’ll be surprised at what this website can do for you.
  • Ninjaessays.com: Ehmm… What do you get when a ninja is left with a pen and paper? Ninjaessays of course. This website offers writing gigs to those who need them. Want to get a spectacular essay? Check out this paid essay service.
  • Resumebuild.com: This website helps you build your resume and download them for free. Yup! This here is free. Feel free to check it out.
  • Notion.io: This is a free note-taking website and project management tool. It comes with scheduling tools too.
  • Scholarships.com: This website helps you to search and get matched to college scholarships in a wide range of fields. Came across it months ago. Thought it nice to share.
  • Gethuman.com: Need to get someone for customer service faster? Check out this website. Simply type in the name of the target company on the search bar on the gethuman.com website and you’ll be connected to the fastest available contact information of such a brand.
  • Ilovepdf.com: This website lets you do anything you’ve ever wanted with a pdf. From merging pdf to splitting and compressing them to editing and conversions into alternate file formats (.doc,.docx, .pdf/A, .jpg, excel)This pdf website also lets you protect your pdfs, insert watermarks, include pagination, scan convert and even repair pdf. You can check out its ‘unlock pdf’ feature. You’ll be amazed.
  • Paperwebsite.com: This website helps you convert your notepad into an actual website. Simply take a picture of your page and the website’s AI will convert it into a website page. Editing is simple and the interface is easy to use.
websites you never knew till now

Mood Control Websites

  1. Asoftmurmur.com: Do you have issues with complete silence while reading or working? Need something calm and refreshing playing in the background? Well, check out this website. This is a background noise generator that helps make your activities less boring. Numerous sound options are offered for your listening pleasure.
  2. Rainymood.com: Want to sleep or study to the sounds of rain? Check out this website. Simply toggle the slider and enjoy.
SEO websites
SEO websites

Useful SEO Websites

  1. Searchengineland.com: Running an online business? Do you regularly use SEO? Well, this website has tons of resources to guide you. New developments in the space are posted on this space. Highly recommend.
  2. Answersocrates.com: A surprisingly great website that gives you a view of commonly asked questions by people on the internet as well as how they ask them. A nice tool for your keyword research for website and video options. This website is great for content/ video ideas.
  3. Ahrefs.com: Tons of articles have been written about ahrefs online. All I can say is this, ‘The first giggle in the world must have felt great’ They offer tools that help in your advanced keyword research for your blog as well as important info to help you grow. While some tools are paid, you definitely get value for your money. (A Review on this website will be done by the Trend Parlour Team in the nearest future)
  4. Ubersuggest.io: This free website lets you find top keywords in your industry as well as provides insight on which pages and/or keywords drive your SEO pals more traffic. Don’t sweat it, the market is big for everyone (winks)
  5. Screamingfrog.com: This is a free website that provides somewhat advanced tools to help with your search engine optimization. From finding broken links to a ton of functions, this is a great website to check out.
  6. Rankmath.com: This is the website for the popular wordpress SEO Plugin, Rankmath. This tool is really helpful if you’re just starting out with blogging. Usage is very easy and setup is smooth. While some tools are paid, a ton of resources are free. From providing smart SEO suggestions in understandable pockets, you’ll be glad you checked out this site. Definitely worth it in my opinion.
  7. Hashtagstack.com: This website is the Holy Grail of everything Hashtag. Definitely one of the most advanced hashtag generators there is. Usage is easy. Simply put your search term on the homepage and sit back for results. Tons of results and engagement metrics are available for your convenience.
websites you never knew till now

Best Image/ Design/ Video making websites

  1. invideo.io: Want to create a high-quality video of Ol’ Thompson and his grandkids taking a dab for the culture? You can do so with invideo.io. The website is easy to use, beginner-friendly, and offers a lot of features for free. Videos made with invideo.io are suitable for all social media platforms. 
  2. Promo.com: This website is for imaging resizing. Simply upload any image and automatically resize it. It is fast and very easy to use. Different resize sizes and post types are available on the platform.
  3. Calligraphy.com: Who said your handwriting doesn’t make for a good font? This website helps you turn your handwriting into a font. Bring out the stylist in you mate!
  4. Dribble.com: This is more like google for everything design related. Their how-to guide for designs and inspiration tab is useful to users.
  5. Coolors.co: This website generates color palettes. It suggests a color combination that may fit your design. Simply press the space bar while on the website to see color combinations that fit.
  6. Fontsinuse.com: This website shows you real-world examples of different fonts on different products and textures.
  7. Undraw.co/illustrations: This website offers tons of free-to-use icons for use in your design journey.
  8. Lumen5.com: This website turns your written blog posts into smart videos that you can upload on YouTube or Tiktok. Feels like no work right? You’re definitely right.
  9. Blackmagicdesign.com: This website offers a free video editing service. Great for making your intros.
  10. Panzoid.com: This website is especially good for editing and customizing your intros for YouTube.
  11. Mixkit.co: This website is full of free resources to make your video stand out. A nice website.
  12. Crossfade.io: Definitely my favorite for making prank videos. This website helps you create mashups for multiple videos using different soundtracks. Simply copy and paste the video link into the box provided on the website, select the mashup audio link address of your choice, select the time frame, and save. You have yourself a prank mashup.

Free wifi anywhere in the world and Speed websites

Make your Mobile Data put up the ‘Am I a Joke to your face’

  • Wifimap.io: Definitely one of my favorites during foreign travels. Simply type in your present city, select your continent at present and select from the list of public areas with public wifis as well as associated passwords.
  • Fast.com: This website lets you check your internet speed anywhere in the world. A great website when you go hiking.
Travel websites
Websites to cure boredom

Time/ Travel websites

  1. Golastminute.com: This website offers vacation flights for as low as $44. Sounds ridiculous? Wait till you see other perks. Stumbled upon this site and I must say I’m impressed.
  2. Anytimezone.com: This website gives you real-time information about time zones across the world. A great website I must say.
  3. Whathappenedinmybirthyear.com: A fun-filled website that gives summarises historical events that occurred in your birth year. You might suck at history, but sucking at the history of your birth year is like a kangaroo giving you a pep talk on how to run for secretary of the vegetable market. Hope it sinks!
  4. Flush.io: Flush.io at the moment runs as a downloadable mobile app. It is a toilet location app that helps you find the nearest John anyway in the world. A great app for tourists in foreign countries.
Branding websites
Branding websites

Business/ Brand Logos Creation Websites

  • Turbologo Logo Maker: This website offers you simple and highly customizable logo designs for your business. Check out the Full Review here
  • Looka.com: This AI Logo creation website is one of the best there is. Want to see what an AI-generated design looks like? Browse the website.
  • Namechk.com: This simple website shows you available domain names as well as availability across different platforms. Type in your desired username and watch the website do the heavy lifting. The interface is appealing and easy to use.
  • Canva.com: This is a free design website with some paid features. Create anything you need. Great interface and a ton of resources to choose from.
  • Carrd.co: This website offers a one-page website creation for anything for free. Resources are also provided on the card.co website to guide you. Definitely a great way to launch your online business if you’re short on cash.
  • Importyeti.com: This website helps you find the suppliers for different companies anywhere in the world as well as track their shipments.

Conclusion on websites you needed but never knew until now

Hundreds of millions of websites abound. The internet like the universe is full of surprises. These are the websites that feel illegal to know but are definitely there to help you. Feel free to share with your pals. The list will be updated by the team from time to time. I hope this helps. Catch you on the next one.

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