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Among Us Reviews 2021: Your 90 seconds Guide to fun?

Among Us Reviews 2021

The New month is something we always look forward to. A time to consolidate on the gains, make more memories, and Aha! Extend our winning streak on Among Us Online. It’s a new week guys! Your face needs some giggles. The Trend Parlour Team is glad you made it. Trust we”ll keep the humor going.

This is the first article for the week and guess what? We’re opening it with a Game Review. The weekend was eventful. Family time and all. So we stumbled across this multiplayer game with a simple but captivating plot and got busy. Turns out this game is pretty popular and has large followership- multiple YouTube channels have entire segments dedicated to this game. By many, we mean in the hundreds of millions. Platform wise, this game is available in iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows (with an Xbox One/ Xbox Series X/S version in the works) What is this game you ask? Well, it is Among Us. This is your 90 seconds Guide to Among Us.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a simple social deduction multiplayer game with a straightforward plot and intense gameplay. By intense we mean a lot. Set in a Space-like alternate verse, players get to use their wits, diplomacy, or even con their way through in their quest to survive. What sets Among Us apart from other games is the human factor. Every player is human. So your bot/AI cheating days are as good as over (winks)

Also entertaining is the in-game Among Us Characters. These lovelies spot clown-like attires that have a nice visual appeal in addition to their customizations. (We will discuss them later)

Among Us Online
Among Us Online

What are the Specifications of Among Us Game?

Game ModeMultiplayer (Up to 10 players)
Play modeOnline. (Server-based networked multiplayer)
Game EngineUnity for Android & iOS variants. (Unity, Audacity & FL Studio for PC variant)
Platform SupportedAndroid, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch at the moment.
In-Game MapsYes. The Skeld, MIRA HQ, Polus & Airship (latest addition)
PriceFree for Android & iOS. $5 for PC.
In-app PurchasesYes
Offline SupportNo. You have to be connected to the internet/local WiFi to play.
SequelAt the moment, No.
Specifications of Among Us Reviews

Concept of Among Us

The Among Us Game runs on a simple concept: Complete your mini-game styled space tasks (as a human crewmate) before you or your crew members are killed off by an imposter (or two) embedded within the group. The intriguing thing about the game is that ‘no one actually knows the imposter’- at least at the start of the game so the onus is on the team to find the imposter before the whole team is ‘whacked’. Among Us employs an in-game voting system where crewmates can call an emergency in-game meeting to deliberate (via the chatbox or voice-over app) and vote out suspected imposters.

Secondly, you’re dealing with real humans. Fishing out the imposter is therefore a subtle art. The interplay of Wits, diplomacy, and cunning rolled in a complex pool of real human behavior is definitely worth exploring. It is important to note that Imposters are assigned at random. Task members must either complete their mission or vote out the imposters to oblivon before they can be declared winners. For players with the imposter role, imposters are declared winners of the game if they successfully sabotage & kill other players.

Among Us Reviews online
Among Us Reviews online

Among Us Characters: Task Managers (or Crewmates) Vs Alien Imposters?

Gameplay in Among Us pits 2 groups working against themselves. Human Task Managers/Crewmates vs Alien Imposters. While the former works towards completing space tasks, the latter covertly sabotage the former’s plans. Vents are available only to imposters for easy movement. N: B Imposters cannot complete tasks like Human Crewmates.

Task managers have the emergency meeting call while imposters have the sole ability to sabotage and even kill task managers directly.

In terms of number, Task managers are always more than Imposters. Task managers can be as much as 8 while the maximum number of Imposters in a grand round is 3 (can be 1 or 2 in lesser rounds)

Task managers win if

  1. They complete ‘all’ their tasks or
  2. Successfully Eject all the imposters after emergency voting sessions.

Imposters win if

  • They Kill all the human crewmates or
  • Sabotage a system that has a countdown and the Human crewmates are unable to beat the count.
Among Us Reviews
Among Us Game

Which is more interesting? Playing as an imposter or as a Task Manager?

While the imposter role is assigned randomly at the start of the game, I enjoy playing as an Imposter. Why? Well! The challenge. Masking in plain sight is the ultimate fantasy for many. Tagging along with other players while sabotaging their in-game tasks is really cool. I remember ‘whacking’/ killing an in-game task manager in the Polus map and blaming it on another task manager when an emergency meeting was called. The character was voted to be booted out of the spacecraft and gosh! You need to see the exit animation (Winks)

Playing as a Task manager is equally interesting. You have to be discerning enough to fish out imposters based on their ‘irrational’ patterns while staying true to completing your task. Even when dead, you still have to complete your task. As a rule of thumb, ‘snitches explain nothing.’ Unskilled imposters are usually victims of this rule.

To be honest with you, I feel a great deal of the appeal from Among Us Online comes from its nice cartoon characters and funny animations.

Player Skins of Among Us Characters?

Some player skins are free when launching the game. Others can be purchased online within the game. Numerous options are available.

Among Us Online
Among Us Character
Among Us Reviews online
AmongUs Reviews online

How to Play Among Us Online?

Among Us Reviews online
Among Us Reviews online

For Android & iOS

  • Download for free from the Google Play Store/ Apple Store. While the app is free, we observed that there were some ads within. You can pay to remove such ads (costs about $2 for the ad-free application as at the time of this review).
  • Launch the game. This requires an internet connection/ local WiFi.
  • Create your avatar and select the map and game room of your choice.
  • Wait for the role assignment and enjoy your game. Crewmate or imposter, survival is everything. Remember, the human tasks are listed on the upper left of the screen. Maps can be seen on the right side of the screen. Navigation is easy and Aha! Your social skills will come in handy.

We find the explanation by To the Point very helpful for beginners. Feel free to check out his YouTube channel.

Among Us Reviews
Among Us Reviews

For PC

  • Download Among Us from Steam or itch.io As at the time of writing this multiplayer game review, it cost about $5 for PC Downloads. The purchase comes with a Steam key and the file size (as at the time of reviewing this article) is 115MB
  • Install and launch.
  • The gameplay is similar to that of Android & iOS with the difference being in the control. The PC variant of Among Us Reviews supports Keyboard and Mouse controls.

For Keyboard users, controls include:

  1. Arrows or WASD – Moving
  2. E or Space – Use
  3. Q – Kill
  4. R – Report body
  5. Mouse – Mini game and menu interactions
  6. Alt+Enter – Toggle fullscreen

Where can I Download Among Us Online PC (Windows)

Final Thoughts on Among Us?

Simplicity can be a good thing after all. The human factor to this multiplayer game, funny animations, minimal file size, and an immersive player experience make Among Us a must-have at parties. Thinking of a solution to the boredom? Try being an Imposter without being caught on Among Us online.

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