Blaux Wearable Fan reviews

Blaux Personal Fan Reviews 2021: A yearly Summer Trend? 9 Things you need to know about this product.

Blaux Personal Fan Reviews

This is a neck fan

The Blaux Personal fan is a simple U-shaped fan that hangs around your neck. It is not like your regular fan with a sitting base and all. The Set up of the Blaux Personal fan is pretty straight forward- 2 fans the size of a golf ball at the ends U-shaped tube. The U- shaped tubes is what you place around your neck.

Blaux Personal Fan reviews
Blaux Personal Fan reviews

It only has 3-speed modes

We checked out this summer product to compare what some reviews have written so far with the product’s features. Our findings showed that the Blaux Personal fan comes with only 3-speed modes contrary to the 5 modes or so being peddled online. Chances are if you ordered a Blaux Personal fan with more than 3 speed modes, it may be a rip-off.

Surprised, well the Blaux Personal fan runs on a simple switch mechanism and not some convoluted Star wars ship control board ish (winks). Anyone with basic knowledge in electronics can figure this out. We just thought pointing this out was necessary.

It doesn’t use removable batteries

Aha! Blaux Reviews doesn’t use removable batteries. The piece we ordered came with a USB Cord for charging. Imagine placing an order for a cooling device that many say runs on batteries only to discover that it is a rechargeable device. One of the signs of fake reviews if you ask me.

Blaux Personal Fan reviews
Blaux Personal Fan reviews

It is not in any way an air conditioner.

Pals this device is just a fan and nothing more. It doesn’t come with any cooling chemical or even have the schematic of an air conditioner. While this may sound funny, we find it puzzling that many call the Blaux Personal fan an air conditioner. Many call this device the Blaux Wearable ac but the question is this- Who buys an air conditioner for $49.99? You guessed right- Nobody!

What do you get when you order the Blaux Fan Reviews?

  • 1 U-Shaped Personal Fan
  • 1 USB Type-C Cord for charging
  • 1 User’s manual

How much does the Blaux Personal Fan Cost?

Our review sample cost about $49.99 when we placed an order.

  • 2 Blaux Personal Fan costs $99.98
  • 3 Blaux Personal Fans cost $112.48
  • 4 Blaux Personal Fans costs $137.47

You can order yours from Amazon or from the official website. The official website offers a lesser shipping fee anyway.

Blaux wearable Fan reviews
Blaux Wearable Fan reviews

What do we like about the Blaux Personal Fan Reviews?

Long-Lasting Rechargeable Batteries:

One of the high points of this air device is its decent battery life. Its description box says it works non-stop for 18 hours. Well, Our tests showed it worked optimally for about 11-13 hours when fully charged. That is pretty decent for a $49 bucks fan in my opinion.

Portable Nature:

The Blaux fan is lightweight. Our concern when we saw this summer fan weeks ago before placing an order had to do with it being too heavy for the user. Turns out we were wrong.

Fair Discounts

The Blaux neck fan may actually be in the news because of the hype surrounding its product discounts. While placing an order for the review sample, we observed that special discounts were offered for different quantities ordered. The delivery process of our blaux fan was largely uneventful. And Yes! The order was placed last month. (Many have complained of delayed deliveries in the past)

What we dislike about the Blaux Personal Fan?

Noisy Air Production

Jokes aside, it is the duty of review brands to describe products as they are. Pals, the Blaux Personal fan is noisy for a fan. The encased fans produce air with high pitched sounds. Not sure this is how a fan should be. Unless you have alien tympanic membranes, you sure would notice this when you order one.

Limited Air Flow:

While the aim of the Blaux Portable Neck Fan is focused air production for its user, the Trend Parlour Team must state in all honesty that it falls short of expectations. When compared with a regular fan or an air cooler (with its water component removed), airflow to the user is limited. That defeats the aim of having a fan in the first place.

Besides, the two fans in the Blaux Personal Fan Reviews are pretty small to supply adequate cool air to the user (even with its fast fan speed)

Final Thoughts?

The number one rule of purchasing items online is this- Never be in a rush to do your own research. The concept of the Blaux Personal fan reviews may have looked good but the fact remains that more can still be done to address the noisy airflow to the user. You may as well go for normal air coolers or electronic hand fans if you need alternatives. Still, want to order the Blaux Neck fan to run your own research? Here is the link to the official sales page.

We hope you enjoyed this piece. Feel free to share our reviews on social media. Welcome to the Tech life!

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