blxbuds reviews

BLXBuds Reviews 2021: Ten Things you need to know about this wireless Earbud.

BlxBuds Reviews

Apple released a new set of products last week and the reaction worldwide was largely the same-Large queues, the media frenzy, multiple Youtube unboxing videos, you name it. While this is pretty normal in the tech space, we often miss other cool gadgets. Whether they go under the radar or not, technology keeps getting better. One of such product launch you may have missed during this period is is the Blx buds. This review is about the 10 things you need to know about the recently released Blxbuds and what you should expect. The Trend Parlour Team hope this helps.

blxbuds reviews
blxbuds reviews

It is a Bluetooth Earbud:

The BlxBud is a bluetooth earbud. It is cordless and is runs on a Bluetooth 5.1. Prior to placing a review order, we came across reviews stating that the BlxBud earbud is a wifi-esque device. Kindly ignore such reviews. The BlxBuds is simply what it is- a bluetooth device. Pairing with your smartphone is fast. It is compatible with your Android and iOS devices.

It has a Battery Life of 4 hours between Charge:

Our testings showed that the Blx Buds Review lasts for about 4 hours between charge and not the 6 hours many report.

Charge Time of 20 minutes:

Blx Bud wireless has a wireless charge time of about 20 minutes which is decent. The wait time isn’t as long as some existing brands and we feel this is a plus. The charge case takes about 4 hours to attain full charge. The case can be charged using a USB Type A cord.

Great Sound Quality:

Most Earbuds are a tricky bunch when it comes to sound quality. Most times you order an ear bud after seeing a commercial, you receive your package, play a classic and Kaboom! You hear Freddie Mercury sound like a donkey! I’m sure we can relate.

The BlxBuds Earbuds offer quality sounds. Vocals are heard clearly and the delivery is seamless. Its delivery of instrumentals were superb. We used ‘The Sultan’ by Two Steps from Hell as our complicated’ test song and were amazed by the delivery with the BlxBuds Reviews. Its noise cancellation feature is remarkable. Definitely worth the effort I must say.

Stylish Design:

One striking thing about the Blxbud is its design. It has this sleek look. Its charging case looks nice plus they come handy.

blxbuds reviews
blxbuds reviews

Portable & Comfortable:

These earbuds are handy, fit with ease and are comfortable. The grip is decent.

Affordable Price Tag:

It is a known fact that brand earbuds are quite expensive and cheap knockoffs increase our woes. As of the time we placed an order for a review sample,

  • 1 unit of BlxBuds costs $59.99 (discount price)
  • 2 units of BlxBuds costs $110.99 (discount price)
  • 3 units of BlxBuds costs $149.99 (discount price)
  • 4 units of BlxBuds costs $191.99 (discount price)

You can get yours from the BlxBud Brand here . There’s a 30-days money-back guarantee should you change your mind.

Single Color Option:

As of the time of writing this review, only Black colored Blx Buds earbuds are available. We hope the brand provides more options.

What do you get in your order pack?

  • 1 pair of BLXBuds earbuds
  • 1 BLXBuds charging case
  • 1 USB Type A Cord

How do you use your Blxbuds wireless earphones?

This is simple.

  • Unbox the package
  • Place the Earbuds in the charging case and charge until full. We recommend you charge before use. When full, you will see 4 bright indicator lights.
  • You can now remove the Blxbuds from the case. Connect your target device smartphone or tablet/laptop to pair via bluetooth. Wait for 10 seconds.
  • Your Blxbuds wireless earpiece is ready for use.

Final Thoughts?

The BLX Buds has potential. Sound delivery is great. The price is decent for a midlevel/ near premium wireless earpiece. Charge time is okay and its design is nice. But for the single color option offered (black) the Trend Parlour Team rates the BlxBuds an 7.9 on a scale of 10, We hope this guide helps your product research. Catch you on the next one.

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