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BrightLight Reviews 2020: The Best Solar Powered Motion Security Light for You?

Brightlight Solar powered motion security light review Brightlight Reviews

So ol’ pops always joked about the names some private security outfits gave themselves. I mean how would you react If security measures at Samsung included dudes called Guardians of the Galaxy? Funny right? Well what would you call your own security outfit if you had one for your home or workplace? The Dodo squad, the Pizza Thunders, Piñata Crew or you know-the Peaky Blinders. (winks)

No matter what your choice may be, we at least agree that Security of life and property is important. The world we live in has evolved with time. The news says a lot you know- France, Germany etc. New challenges have come up and novel security solutions are being proffered on a daily. This brief review is about one of such novel solutions- the Brightlight Solar Security Light Reviews. We hope this helps you make your informed purchase decisions.

What is Brightlight?

BrightLight Reviews
BrightLight Reviews

Brightlight Reviews is simply a wireless Solar Powered Light with Motion Sensor Technology. This wall light can be used to light up your veranda, garages, park way, backyard, ranches or the exterior of your buildings. This light source provides a clear view of the area and has motion sensors that activate the light fixture when movement is noticed. And Yes! The Bright light reviews comes with built-in 12 feet motion sensors that turn on the light as you approach and then automatically dims it when you walk away.

A stick-to-the wall kind of floodlight, this light device has inbuilt cells that are charged via sunlight.- You don’t need hooks or wires to hang this motion sensor floodlight. It is easy to install and is surprisingly affordable. It is important to note that the Brightlight produces light of the Full Cutoff variety (Lighting Cutoffs limits the amount of illumination emitted above the horizontal plane ( or nadir) to reduce high angle brightness. Having a solar security light system without knowing its cutoff type can be a bad decision. Some may affect passing vehicles or even obstruct police surveillance. Just so you know, light pollution can be a bad thing (winks) It’s a nice thing you note this.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing a Good Security Light?

  • Light Range: How far does the light reach? How long does the motion sensors (if any) take to pick light up?
  • Power Source: Are you going for a solar option or are you considering an alternative that involves connection to your home’s main power source.
  • Placement: Are you going for a security light that is drilled into the ground or one that hangs from a height? Do they hang using bolts or poles or fitted with strong adhesives for easy attachment to wall surfaces?
  • The Nature of your compound: How large is your home? How many areas need security lights? Is your area in need of urgent security measures? These questions are key in knowing what you need.
  • Price: Like it or not, Price plays a big role in making purchase decisions concerning good security lights. How? Well, most security lights are bought in units. A high unit price has often affects the quantity bought. Let’s assume you want to go for a unit that costs $198/motion light. How many would you buy for your large compound? Imagine a unit goes for $35-50. How many would you get? Except you have deep pockets, this factor is definitely a worth considering.
BrightLight Reviews
BrightLight Reviews

What are the Specifications of the Brightlight Motion Sensor Lights?

Size & Dimension4.92 x 3.74 x 1.97 inches (12.5 x 9.5 x 5.0 cm)
MaterialInjection Moulding High Impact Plastic
Motion SensorYes
Compatibility with Ring ProductsNo.
Battery Capacity2000mAH
Bulb TypeLED
Weather Resistance RatingIP65
Price Tag<$40 for 2 Units/ $140 for 10 Units
Specifications of the Brightlight motion sensor lights

What are the Features of Brightlight Reviews?

BrightLight Reviews
BrightLight Reviews

Bright LED Bulbs:

The brightlight wall light provides illumination via its modest LED bulbs. Arranged in rows and columns its LED bulbs are pretty bright. The unit we studied had 20 led lights (arranged in 5 columns and 4 rows) Together they provide reasonable illumination and depth perception. They also work automatically.

Solar Powered:

Rising Electricity costs is a source of concern for most. So many bills to pay and yet so many pressing security issues to address. The Brightlight is powered by energy from the sun (solar energy) hence its name. It has an arched solar panel at its top which serves two main purposes- charge the security light as well as detecting between day and night.

You do not have to connect the security light to your home grid or power source. Simply, place your Brightlight in a target area with access to sunlight and watch as everything unfolds. No wires, no complicated connections just solar. Guess you now understand how this saves electricity costs for you.

Inbuilt Motion Sensors:

The Brightlight solar lights come with inbuilt motion sensors. They sense movements of up to 12 feet away and trigger the light component of the security light to shine brighter with approaching steps. The Bright light reviews does not have a sound alarm as it is not an alarm system.

BrightLight Reviews
BrightLight Reviews


Contrary to some pictures circulating on the web, the bright light reviews is quite handy. I unit is slightly bigger than the size of your palm. And Yes! You actually need more than 1 unit to illuminate areas around your home. Most modern day motion sensor lights come that way.

Durable & Water Resistant:

The Brightlight solar light has a durable body made with plastic. It is water resistant too so you don’t really have to bother about the elements of nature.

Easy to Install:

The Brightlight wall light is easy to install. Unlike some security light systems that employ complicated setup maneuvers, the brightlight motion sensor lights is prolly one of the simplest to setup on the market. Simply remove the strong adhesive latch behind its base and attach to your target surface (e.g garage walls, side fence etc) You’re good to go. No need for wires and all. Easy! Right?

What are the Benefits of the Brightlight Reviews?

  • Improves your surveillance of your home.
  • Serves as a deterrent to would be burglars or trespassers.
  • Keeps your surrounding lighted.
  • Saves you electricity costs since the BrightLight reviews is solar powered.
  • It is beginner friendly- Installation is easy. You don’t need experts to set up this simple system.
  • It is durable hence you don’t have to spend your bucks getting a replacement. The sample we’re testing have been around for weeks now without issues.
BrightLight Reviews
BrightLight Reviews

What do you get in the Brightlight Reviews Order kit?

  • 1 BrightLight solar motion light
  • Adhesive Sticker (for surfaces)
  • 1 User’s manual

How to Use the BrightLight Solar motion light Outdoor?

BrightLight Reviews
BrightLight Reviews
  • Unbox the contents.
  • Remove the protective film on the Bright Light solar panel- they were probably placed there to shield the panel from box during delivery.
  • Place the wall light in your preferred spot and fix the using the strong adhesive pad. Unlike other brands that use only bolts and nuts for attachment to walls and fences, the Brightlight reviews uses a construction grade adhesive/ sticky pads that can stick to Brick, Metal, Wood, Plastic or even glass. There’s also a single hole in case you still want to drill (an adhesive + drill combo)
  • Ensure your BrightLight device gets at least 8 hours of Sunlight before first use.
  • Testings by the Trend Parlour Team show they work best when installed at heights of 1 to 2.5 meters. If someone walks by this solar powered motion security light at night, their LED bulbs shine brightly. After 20-30 secoonds they dim in brightness when no motion is noticed or the person leaves the motion sensor zone.

What are the Pros of Using BrightLight best solar motion light?

  • Its LED bulbs are efficient.
  • Installation is very easy.
  • Its motion sensors are precise and accurate.
  • It is portable.
  • It is durable.
  • Saves you money since it uses solar power.
  • It has a pocket friendly Price tag.

What are the Cons (Problems) with the Bright Light Reviews?

  • It is yet to hit regular brick and mortar stores. Purchase can only be made online.
  • Stock is limited.
  • Colour variety is limited as it comes in only Black colour at the moment.
  • BrightLight is not compatible with Ring Security gadgets ( since it doesn’t work with wifi )
  • Shipping was delayed by a few days. Not sure if COVID-19 had a role to play.

What are Users saying about the Brightlight Wall Light?

After having used it for over 4 months, I can confidently say that this product works fantastic. It has even withstood heavy rains. Even an hour or two of good sunlight holds the light for the entire night. The sensor is flawless. This must be the best solar motion light this year.

Damian, California, US

I was worried that it would need tools and drills to install it but no, just peel and stick, and get ready to light up dark walkways, stairs etc. Brightlight emergency lights is indeed a must-have for every homeowner. Pretty decent price wise.

Alina, Tasmania, Australia

The Solar powered Brightlight works. Saw an ad and ordered out of curiosity. Turns out, the product is as advertised. Definitely recommend pals!

Ron, Cardiff, UK

How can I Purchase Brightlight Motion Sensor Lights?

At the moment, you can purchase the Brightlight Reviews from the company’s official sales page . Varying discounts are currently offered for all purchases.

  • Traditional Price of 2 units of Brightlight is $40 +$5.95 Shipping Fee= $45.95
  • Christmas Promo Deals include: 4 units of Brightlight Solar lights @ $68 + Free Shipping
  • 6 units of BrightLight Solar Lights @ $96 + Free Shipping
  • 10 units of Brightlight Solar Lights @ $140 +Free Shipping

It also comes with a 30 day hassle free money back guarantee. What do you have to loose anyway?

Final Thoughts

Like water melons in the desert, Technology is breaking barriers. Worried about intruders? The measure offered by the Solar powered Brightlight may be all you need. Its portable nature, easy setup steps, modest price tag and functional sensors are indeed reasons to consider this option. The 30 days money back guarantee and nice Christmas discount options is another cherry to the top. Whatever your purchase decision, stay safe, have a smoothie and Aha! Catch you on the next article.

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