Buzzbgone zap reviews

BuzzBGone Zap Reviews 2021: Is this indoor insect Zapper a Scam?

BuzzBGone Zap Reviews

Remember that Thanos finger-snapping scene from the 2018 Marvel movie, Avengers: Infinity War? Half of mankind perished from that singular act. One question puzzles me though. What earth species would have been least affected if we had a hypothetical scenario extension? You guessed right- Insects! These lads have a fast regeneration time that no one would notice that they too received their fair share of purges from the villain, Thanos. Movies aside, it is a known fact that while insects are of benefit to mankind, many have also been responsible for causing death via disease transmission

From flies to ‘roaches and mosquitoes, the list is non-exhaustive. The weather too has a hand in the blame. While many of these insects thrive in hot or sometimes wet areas, the need to remain healthy has never been this important. This article by the Trend Parlour Team navigates the claims by the BuzzBGone Zap and reviews the product for what it is. We hope this piece helps you.

What is BuzzBGone Zap Reviews?

Buzz b gone zap reviews
Buzz b gone zap reviews

BuzzBGone Zap is an indoor rechargeable insect zapper that attracts and kills insects within its range. From moths to flies and mosquitoes, this portable device does the work with a decent level of accuracy. This insect zapping device does not make use of chemicals instead it works with a led light, mesh net and a spinning fan that sucks in these insects.

What are the Specifications of Buzz B Gone Zap Reviews?

Dimension (LWB)4.92 x 3.43 x 3.43 inches (12.5 x 8.7 x 8.7)
Electric Voltage5V
Power Source Lithium Rechargeable Battery
Zap Time6 hours between charges
Trap RangeUp to 40 meters
Price$39.99 (+ $8.95 shipping fee)
Specifications of Buzz-B Gone Reviews

What are the Parts of the Buzzbgone zap reviews?

  • A rotary head
  • Suction fan
  • UV light source for lure
  • Zap coils that wind around the UV light lure
  • An insect tray
  • A USB port for charging.

What are the Features of Buzz-B Gone Reviews?

  • UV LED Light Lure: The Buzz B gone zapper makes use of a Purple (violet) UV light to attract insects.
  • Suction Fan: The Buzzbgone zap has a fan that sucks in insects after which they’re zapped. The Suction fan is covered by a mesh.
  • Durable Build: Buzzbgone is made with durable plastic.
  • Long-lasting Battery: The Buzz b gone reviews comes with a Lithium rechargeable battery that lasts about 6 hours between charges.
  • USB Charge Support: Contrary to what a lot of reviews say, the buzz b gone mosquito trap does not come with a removable battery. Instead, it has a rechargeable battery that is charged with a USB Type C cord.
Buzzbgone zap reviews
Buzzbgone zap reviews

What do you get in your order box?

  • 1 Buzzbgone zapper
  • 1 scrub brush (to scrub dead insects)
  • 1 USB cord
  • 1 user’s manual.

How to use your BuzzBgone Zap Reviews?

  1. Unbox the package
  2. Charge before use. Use the USB cord in the box to do so. There will be a change in the indicator light when full.
  3. Turn the head of your buzzb zapper device in a clockwise manner to turn it on. The suction fan will turn too.
  4. Place in an insect (mosquito) dense corner of your home.
  5. Sit back and let the buzzbgone zapper zap the insects. Easy right?

  • N: B Results can be variable. While conducting our tests, we observed that parts of the zap coil didn’t seem to shock the insects. While this may be because of poor charging, it’s important you have a heads-up on this.
Buzzbgone zap reviews
Buzzbgone zap reviews

What do we like about the Buzz B Gone Zapper Reviews?

  • It has a battery that lasts.
  • The light is a good lure for insects.
  • It is very easy to use. Simply turn the rotary head in a clockwise manner to turn on.
  • It doesn’t make use of any chemicals. Think of it as an alternative for getting rid of mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Discounts are given.
  • Delivery was as scheduled when we ordered. This is an improvement looking back at our terrible order experience last time.

What do we Dislike about the BuzzBgone Zap Mosquito trap?

  1. This insect zapper is small in size. I mean, how many insects can it catch in that little insect tray?
  2. While BuzzBGone Zap seems to look like an upgrade to the original BuzzBgone, some issues from the first still persist. An example is in cleaning out dead insects caught. Doing this is still somewhat messy like in the buzzbgone.
  3. The zap (shock) that should kill insects often leaves out some insects. Accuracy-wise, this may not be the best zapper despite its fair efforts. More can still be done.
  4. Purchases can only be made online at the moment.
Buzzbgone zap reviews
Buzzbgone zap reviews

Where can I Purchase my BuzzBGone Mosquito Trap Device?

Getting your Buzzbgone zap reviews is easy. Simply visit the official site or click the link below. By using either their Debit card or PayPal account, individuals can place their orders on the manufacturer’s official website.

  • 1 Buzz b gone zap reviews costs $39.99 instead of $61.52
  • 2 Buzz b gone zap reviews costs $79.98 instead of $123.05
  • 3 Buzz b gone zap reviews costs $89.98 instead of $184.57
  • 4 Buzz b gone zap reviews costs $109.97 instead of $246.09

Shipping fees is about $8.95

Final Verdict?

To be honest, the Trend Parlour Team has mixed feelings over this product. It has an efficient light lure for insects but the zapper function plus cleaning out dead insects doesn’t impress like the other mosquito zapper brands. While the cheap nature of the BuzzBGone zap review makes it appealing to many consumers, we have to say more can still be done in improving the product.

We still recommend using protective nets on your windows and bedside as using this insect zapper may not be enough. Still, thinking of going for the BuzzBgone zap? You can purchase yours from the official site.

Catch you on the next one!

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