EllaPen Review

EllaPen Review 2020: The Best Eyebrowliner to Buy or Not?

What happens when an eyebrow pencil uses microdetailing technology? Simple, you get the EllaPen Eyebrowliner. Ladies, this  article is for you. Aha!! Guys that want to get something special for the “chosen” one, this could be all you need. I’m pretty sure mom would oblige.

 Finding that ideal eyebrow pencil perfect for spot-filling those corners of your face can be a like winning the lottery. The emphasis is on ‘ideal’ eyebrow liner. Yup! We ladies know how it feels going on dates with eyebrow linings that look amateurish. Bernadette in The Big Bang Theory can tell you more about that.  Tired of those spaces between your brows? Looking for a DIY alternative with results matching those of the professionals? Prefer spending your bucks on a techy alternative? Well, this  EllaPen review is for you.

What is EllaPen?

EllaPen Review
EllaPen Review

In simple terms, the EllaPen is a tinted contouring pencil used to line your eyebrows. And Yes! It is a pencil. Looking good is serious business. I mean colleagues enjoy the company of those with nice personalities or an air of mystery. Looking good takes the whole scenario to greater heights.

This eyebrow liner comes handy for those with brow hair issues or regular individuals trying to fill out those spaces thst nature has made obvious thanks to thinning. The fact that it makes use of microdetailing technology is something that really fascinates the reviewer. Even beginners and novice makeup artists should be thrilled at this. It is easy to use and the steps to being a pro makeup artist just got friendlier. Is this the best Eyebrow liner in the world? Maybe (Winks)

EllaPen Review
EllaPen Review

What are the Features of the Ella Pen?

Here are the features of the EllaPen Review…

  • Water Proof and Sweat-proof High quality Tint Pens
  • Remarkable Indistinguishable Delicate Lines
  •  Long-lasting Contour Tints of at least 12 hours.
  • Four-Forked Hint For Efficient Application
  • Water Proof as well as Sweat-proof High-quality Tint Pens
  • Perfect for thick lines and lively Particulars
  • 4 Four exceptional tint shades choices i.eDark brown, Medium brown, Beige and Orange-brown
EllaPen Review
EllaPen Review

How does MicroDetailing Technology work?

Microdetailing Technology have been around for sometime. It is relatively new in the world of cosmetics. Here technology is applied to those miniature parts that deliver loads.

Precision is of great importance here. The relationship between tips and flow rates is synergistic. The EllaPen Eyebrowliner has precise tips that deliver liners in a near symetrical manner. With Microdetailing tech adopted in the EllaPen Eyebrow Master, you save time, avoid making a mess and get fantastic contour results.

What are the benefits of the EllaPen EyebrowLiner?

Lean and un-filled eyebrows can often times be a challenge. Many attempts at addressing this issue are occasionally counterproductive and in some cases harmful. Take microblading for instance. People often use this permanent method to work on their eyebrows but what if you need to change them? What about the pain they cause? You see what I mean?

On the flip side, Ellapen Eyebrowliner is just really a techy healthy alternative for ladies with eyebrow issues. It is durable, doesn’t hurt in any way, is easily customizable, and yields fantastic results.

  • Natural-looking Hairlike strokes
  • Long durable and Water Proof Formula
  • Affordable alternative
  • Highly customizable
  • A reasonable range of colour variety
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Magnificent outlines
  • Totally secure for your eyes
  • Hassle-free program
  • Supreme Quality soft yet accurate tip
EllaPen Review
EllaPen Review

How much does the EllaPen cost?

The EllaPen is an affordable option when compared to available brands.

Promo Offer Prices range from $47 to $127. It all depends on the quantity placed in the order. The company offers free shipping and a 50% Discount at the moment.

Additionally, for users who regularly use products such as Ella Pen Eyebrowliner, a seven-year guarantee can be bought for an additional price of 12. Most of all is going to be endorsed by a guarantee. A refund will be issued in case the Ella Pen is returned in precisely exactly the exact identical state as received.

How to Use the Ella Pen to line your Eyebrows?

EllaPen Review
EllaPen Review
  • Unbox your Ella Pen eye-brow threading tool.
  • Draw your prefered Eye contour design. (whether you prefer drawing from your medial eyebrows or not is up to you-I PREFER drawing outwards.)
  • Tilt the 4 forked tip to get varying thickness.
  • The EllaPen Eyebrowliner fills those spaces. So easy.

What are Users of EllaPen Eyebrow Master Saying?

I love how the kinds of results I get with the Ella Pen. My daughter’s been trying out her hands on a thing or two. She’s gradually getting better with practise.


This is pretty harmless. Contours are great and last long. Some brand eyeliners I used in the past have been messy. Highly recommend the Ella Pen.


Hmm! The EllaPen or should I say pencil is the bomb! No much talk. Love the color variety. Definitely getting one for mama.

EllaPen Review
EllaPen Review

Final Thoughts

While this might be a relatively new product, it is definitely worth the try since it is harmless, beginner friendly, affordable and super easy to use.

It is a great deal afterall.

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