FotiaLamp Flashlight Reviews

FotiaLamp Reviews 2021: Embrace Darkness with your Flashlight?

FotiaLamp Reviews

Holidays! We love them! That me-time we often have to ourselves or share with our loved ones. (winks) So how did you spend the last holidays? Backgammon With family? Playing Among us with your friends? Listening to Azerrz voice impressions with your pets? Following the Gamestop Reddit thread? Lol! Well, we sure had a big laugh while rewatching the series, Mozart in the Jungle. Talk about a grand way to start the year.

A Happy new year greeting from us at Trend Parlour to you. As always we would scout the world to bring you the best that Technology & Lifestyle has to offer (with the humor of course) To our loyal readers, we promise to continue to review products & services for what they are. We hope you enjoy the ride.

The first product we’ll be reviewing this year is the Fotia Lamp. During the holidays we came across a flashlight. Chuck had it on him while working on the Ford F150. So we thought it nice to review this torchlight. This is all you need to know about the FotiaLamp Torchlight in 60 seconds.

What is FotiaLamp?

FotiaLamp Flashlight Reviews
FotiaLamp Flashlight Reviews

FortiaLamp is a handheld light device with an aluminum build. In simple terms, this is a cordless multimodal flashlight with a military-grade aluminum build. This portable torchlight has a magnetic sticker end and a powerful head that can serve as a glass breaker or nut adjuster in case of emergencies. With bright led bulbs, a remarkable zoom, its light nature, and replaceable AAA batteries, this flashlight could be all you need.

What are the Specifications of the FotiaLamp Flashlight?

Device TypeFlashlight
Beam throw/ Optical ZoomUp to 2000x (upon testing)
Bulb TypeLed (with brightness reaching 200 Lumens)
Power Button TypeSingle Button
Body buildIndustrial-grade Aluminium Alloy
Magnetic MountYes
Battery TypeYes. 3 AAA removable batteries that fit into an adapter compartment.
Multiple modesYes. (Low, High, Strobe & Lantern modes)
Extra FeaturesA COB Lantern and an emergency glass breaker head.
Price Tag$64.99 Promo Price ($108.32 Traditional price)
Specifications of Fotialamp Reviews

What are the Features of FotiaLamp Light Device?

Powered by Removable AAA Batteries:

The FotiaLamp flashlight runs on replaceable AAA batteries. Contrary to what some reviews may say, the FotiaLamp is not solar-powered. It is important to note this. The Fotia Lamp torchlight works with 3 AAA sized batteries that fit into an adapter that slides into the battery compartment. You can replace the 3AAA batteries at your convenience.

Durable Aluminium Build

The FotiaLamp Review has an Aluminium body build. It is strong and can withstand falls from great heights. Doesn’t matter if it falls from a flight of stairs or a hiking session. The body is surprisingly durable. In terms of water resistance, the FotiaLamp gives a push however more work can still be done in that regard.

FotiaLamp Flashlight Reviews
FotiaLamp Flashlight Reviews

Single Button that supports Multiple Modes

The fortia lamp reviews supports multiple modes. Unlike traditional flashlights that have a long up & down switch that has a single mode, the Fotialamp has a single button button that supports multiple modes. All you have to do is press the button to switch between the On modes (Full, Dim, Strobe and Lantern Mode) & the Off mode. Anyone can use this flashlight.

A Teeth-like Glass Breaker Head:

Remember the last time you watched a Hollywood movie & the characters were stuck in their vehicles because their doors were jammed in an accident? Well, the Fotialamp could come in handy should your car door get stuck. Its teeth-like Head can be used in emergencies to break the glass. And Aha! This is not for you if your intention is to burgle Ol’ Thompson’s house. (winks) This may be one of the reasons why many refer to it as a survival flashlight.

Magnetic Mount:

Many find this flashlight to be practical. It is lightweight and even comes with a magnetic mount that attaches to any metal surface. You can get to decide how you want to use it- your garage, workbench etc.

Remarkable Beam Throw/ Optical Zoom

Your brand new Fotialamp torchlight lets you to adjust your light focus however you want. it has a telescope-like extension feature that many modern-day flashlights lack and most traditional battery torch enthusiasts yearn for. Its optical zoom feature came close to the 2000x mark and was quite impressive. Adjusting with the focus slider gives this nostalgic feeling as the wide light beams becomes a focal spotlight.

Bright Led Bulbs:

The Fotialamp review has one of the brightest led bulbs you can find in the market at the moment. When we compared it with the LightSafeX flashlight, the Fotia Lamp torchlight was the clear winner in that category.

Additional Features:

COB Lantern:

The shaft of the Fotia Lamp Australia has a retractable 180-degree lantern. This is bright and illuminates the target area in a wide manner.

A Miniature item storage area:

The Fotialamp torchlight comes with a small storage area within the body to keep little items like buttons lost during hitchhiking, a cold war era thread (a thread will do). This light device is surely one to consider.

Nice Grip

Unlike some brand flashlights that get slippery, the Fotia Lamp Light device offers a firm grip for the user. It also comes with a belt grip. A plus in our opinion.

How to Use the FotiaLamp Flashlight?

  1. Unbox the package.
  2. Open the battery knob at the back of the flashlight.
  3. Tilt slightly to remove the 3-in-1 battery adapter.
  4. Put 3 AAA batteries into the adapter and close the battery zone. Ensure the flat edge of the battery adapter is in contact with the spring of the flashlight’s tail cap.
  5. Press the Power button to turn it on. Keep pressing to change between modes (i.e full, dim, strobe, and Lantern modes) N: B Strobes are often irritating. Be careful how you use it as it can trigger individuals with flicker vertigo to experience symptoms. To use the lantern mode, extend the retractable shaft while the lantern is set from the power button.
  6. You can mount your torchlight on your preferred metal surface. Easy right?
FotiaLamp Flashlight Reviews
FotiaLamp Flashlight Reviews

What do you get in the Order Box?

  • 1 FotiaLamp Flashlight
  • 1 AAA battery adapter with 3 AAA battery slots. (Check the battery compartment of the flashlight for it)

FotiaLamp Flashlight modes and meaning?

On (Dim) Mode:

The Led Bulbs of your FotiaLamp Review illuminates at half its capacity. Press the Power button once.

On (Full) Mode:

The Led bulbs of your FotiaLamp illuminates in full. Press the Power Button Twice to use this mode.

Lantern mode:

The third mode you get after pressing the Power button thrice, this mode activates the lantern portion of your Fotia Lamp torch. Simply extend your flashlight shaft to reveal the 180-degree lantern bulbs. It’s a mode worth checking out.

Strobe mode:

In this mode, your FotiaLamp flashlight produces regular flashes of blinding light in short intervals in an irritating manner. This mode is useful in scenarios like buying time while running from assailants or wading adversaries. Care should be taken when using this mode as people often find it annoying. Flicker vertigo prone individuals often show symptoms when exposed to a strobe light.

What do we like about the FotiaLamp Light device? (Pros/ Advantages)

  • It is easy to use. The Trend Parlour Team finds the single power button appealing for beginners.
  • It has a durable build.
  • The Fotia Flashlight is lightweight and handy.
  • We find the telescopic light focus feature to be geeky yet funny. Not sure how to explain this point but you just have to try this out on your own.
  • It uses replaceable AAA batteries. Climbing the hills? No worries! Just carry extra AAA batteries while hiking.
  • Light beams from the Fotia Light reviews have far beam ranges.
  • Broad use.
  • Multiple modes
  • Has a magnetic top for hanging on metal surfaces.

What we dislike about the FotiaLamp Torchlight? (Cons/Disadvantages)

  • As at the time of reviewing the FotiaLamp torchlight, this flashlight is yet to be available in regular stores. Hence you can only order online at the moment. We hope the manufacturers do the needful.
  • We don’t recommend leaving the Fotia Lamp flashlight in water for long. Though many reviews hype its water-proof nature, more can still be done waterproof wise.
  • For individuals looking for solar hand torch alternatives, this torchlight is not for you. FotiaLamp does not run on solar power.

Who can use the FotiaLamp Flashlight Reviews?

  • Miners
  • Hikers
  • Campers
  • Households
  • Long-distance drivers
  • Plumbers
  • Oldies and the young-at-heart.
FotiaLamp Flashlight Reviews
FotiaLamp Flashlight Reviews

How much does FotiaLamp Flashlight cost?

The traditional price of the FotiaLamp reviews is $108.20. For just a $64.99 promo price (+ $8.95 shipping fee) you can own yours.

  • 2 FotiaLamp flashlights costs $120.00 (+free shipping)
  • 3 FotiaLamp Flashlights costs $162.99 (+ free shipping)

What are Users saying about the Fotia Lamp Flashlight?

I saw a flashlight ad weeks ago. Placed an order. A nice flashlight I must say. It is handy and has a durable build. Quite small in size but totally worth it.

Mae, San Francisco, California

I love the magnetic hold and telescopic light focus feature. It’s fun seeing my grandchildren argue over the best way to focus its light beam. Highly recommend.

Clara, Charlton

My Fotia Lamp is very bright. The experience so far is great. The price tag is pretty steep for a flashlight but it’s worth it.

Vin, Quebec

I was skeptical about the Fotia Lamp torch. I mean few reviews explained its usage. It is okay. The waterproof feature needs some improvement hence the reason for the 4.5/5 rating.

Bilha, Luxemborg

Frequently Asked Questions about the FotiaLamp?

Is the FotiaLamp Solar powered?

No! FotiaLamp uses 3 replaceable AAA batteries. It is not solar powered.

Does the Fotia Lamp reviews have a magnetic metal attachment?

Yes it does. With its magnetic tail, your FotiaLamp can attach to any metal surface.

Is the Fotia Lamp Torchlight strobe free?

No. FotiaLamp flash light comes with a strobe feature. While there are side effects to strobe lights, they often come handy in the face of danger.

How much does FotiaLamp Torch cost?

The traditional price of the FotiaLamp reviews is $108.20. For just a $64.99 promo price (+ $8.95 shipping fee) you can own yours.

  • 2 FotiaLamp flashlights costs $120.00 (+free shipping)
  • 3 FotiaLamp Flashlights costs $162.99 (+ free shipping)

There’s also a 30-day money back warranty.

How do I get my FotiaLamp Flashlight?

You can get yours by placing your order from the official sales page. Discounts are given based on order quantity. A heads up- There may be a 2-day delay in arrival. (Based on our order experience though).

Final Thoughts

A torchlight is only as good as the quality of light it gives, the user experience, and the extra factor. The Fotialamp flashlight beats many brands in this regard. Its aluminum body, nice grip, and sturdy build make it a must-have this year. Its price tag is fair for a torchlight. Thinking of an extra camp addition? The Fotia Lamp reviews may be your go-to buddy.

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