HomePolice24 Review

HomePolice24 Review 2020: The BEST Door Sensor Your Home Needs? (Updated)

Who cares about Security Anyway?

There is nothing more important than a safe abode. Simon Cowell, Kendall Jenner or Miranda Kerr can tell you more. Security is a very essential part of societal living. The world is full of all types of dangers both natural and man-made.

 Natural disasters may prove difficult to control but man made nuisance such as armed robberies, unarmed burglaries and so on has ensured we look for certain preventive measures to guarantee our safety.

As the frequencies of robberies increased, the need for a state of the art home security system has become increasingly vital. You need to know your home is secured at all times and you need to be in control of that protection.  No more worries! The HomePolice24 is here for you.

HomePolice 24  applies the latest Technology to provide Round the clock Extra Security without the need of signing up with a security company. This Technology is applied in the most simple and user-friendly ways hence you are always alerted to any changes in your home.

Safety at home is often not entirely assured, with domestic break-ins and robberies  rapidly increasing. But, there are  measures  you can take to  secure your living area, and prevent any unwanted event from happening or uninvited guests from gaining access to your home.

Home Police 24 is a device that can really produce a difference, and help you to live comfortably and with peace of mind.  A break-in can result in more than just theft of valuable items, it sometimes can lead to violence. It leaves a lasting psychological trauma  on the victims on scene.

HomePolice24 Review
HomePolice24 Review

What do you need to consider when looking for a Great Smart Home Security System?

There are several  methods used to keep uninvited guests out of your home. Most home security systems operate as alarm systems that are triggered when doors and windows are opened with or without you being aware of it. It is important you purchase the security system that will keep your living area very secure. The security system also has to keep you informed  because not all intruders will respect an alarm.

Degree of Control over the System.

It is important you have complete control over the Security system since it is your house.The difficulty involved in controlling your home security system can vary. It can be  as easy as just placing  alarms to the doors and then the control panel to your wall, or it can be way  more complicated than that. If you prefer  a security system through a Security company, a hired professional will have to enter your home to install the system and ensures it works. This is usually done directly to your home electrical system, which increases your electrical bills and add installation fees/workmanship fees. To be frank, this is not cost effective.

The installing company may permit you to control your system using various apps or home computer softwares, but this also requires constant updates and  patching. This is why you have to  make sure the home security system you choose  is simple enough for you to operate. A Home Security System like the HomePolice24 lets you take total control of your security. With HomePolice 24, you can control your home security effortlessly.

Number of alarms and sensors.

Some systems ensures you have enough alarms and motion sensors for all your doors and windows. Make sure you know the the total expense required  to completely secure all the openings in your home before you  place an order. A system  may look cheap at first until you discover that there is room for only one sensor in the system, and you must purchase more for all your home doors and windows.

HomePolice24 Review
HomePolice24 Review

Battery Life of Security System.

If the home security system does not draw power from your home electrical system then you will need to monitor your system’s battery life to prevent power loss. You will want one that does not use up the batteries very quickly, causing you to have to replace them frequently.  Each replacement comes with with an extra cost.

Ease of Installation

Setting up your home security system should be a simple procedure. You should not require a ton of tools just to protect your home, and anybody should be able to do it. Ensure you understand how to install the system before you purchase it to ensure you can make the system work for you.

 What is HomePolice24?

HomePolice24 Review goes beyond a  home security system. HomePolice 24 uses the most recent  technology in  a simple way to ensure you are well aware of any changes in your home. The system comes with home security sensors that are  mounted to the frames of your doors and windows. If in any case a door or window is  forced open, you receive an instant alert through your home WiFi directly to your mobile  phone.

What makes HomePolice 24 one of a kind  is its ability to adapt to your home rhythms and every day schedules. This allows you to  receive only real alerts , not false alerts like your daughter  leaving her window open again. The system is very easy to set up and does not stand out on your doors, windows, or walls. This way you are secure in your home without the worry of break ins happening.

What are the Main Features of HomePolice24?

Round the Clock Home Security

The aim of installing  a home security system is constant protection. Temporary security will leave you vulnerable and your home will be open to invasion. With HomePolice24, you have twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week absolute coverage.

You do not need to bother yourself about glitches in your security coverage or paying a company to take  the responsibility for you. As soon as you install the system, it remains your security agent.

System Compatibility.

HomePolice is compatible with almost every type of system you can have in your home. You can synchronize your mobile phone app and the security system to your home smart devices such as Alexa and Google Home. Being able to do this allows you to control your home security system with your voice, hence you can make little adjustments by simply speaking audibly to your device.

Smartphone Alerts.

HomePolice24 allows you to monitor your home from your mobile phones. Your entire home security system is something you control using the Smartphone app that is easy to download, install and use. The app is compatible with all Smartphones, and you receive and control your home security through it. You will receive varying forms of alerts and home status updates.

Breaking and Entering

The major reason to acquire the HomePolice24 system is to receive notifications about your home if there is any unusual occurrence outside the normal routine. You will get alerts if doors or windows are opened while you are absent or if someone forces one open. With this information, You have the ability to contact the police and inform them of  the potential break-in. The Police can act on this information and take necessary steps to neutralize the threat.

Open door and window reminders.

Your HomePolice24 system starts working even before you leave your house. It is very easy to check your installed Smartphone app before you leave home to make sure no windows or doors are still left unclosed. You can close them thereby  ensuring your home’s complete security  before you leave. The notifications informs you if your home is secure or not. This way you are aware of everything that is happening in your home so you can prevent future incidents  before they even occur.

Low battery reminders.

The major control panel for your new security system  are powered by batteries. Batteries surely wont  last forever, and when the batteries start to die, you will receive notifications to inform you  that your battery is running low. It makes it easy to change the batteries  before they die completely, keeping your home secure without a blip in services.

It is very easy to Install.

Installing HomePolice24 is not difficult. Your new system comes with home security sensors you can easily attach to the insides of your doors and windows. The line of action is to  download, install and use the app so  to monitor you’re your security system from wherever you are. Distance is not a barrier. Anyone can install the system without it taking spending so much time.

What makes the system more convenient is the limited number of tools to place your system monitor in your house, and the sensors are made with double-sided tape so that  they can be attached to the inside frames of your doors and window.

These can be readily installed on your wall and doors in about just ten minutes. The Home Police 24system mobile app takes only 1 minute to be downloaded and it comes with the easy-to-understand instructions so you can immediately start benefitting from your home security.

Very Reliable Door and window motion sensors

The motion sensors that come with HomePolice encompasses the door sensor setups. They are very reliable and  are also tight enough. They attach effortlessly to the inside of your doors and windows and are ready to start securing your home.

Your door sensor systems are too sensitive to any ‘forced’ entry. They remain firmly attached to the inner frames of your doors and windows, and immediately the door alarm senses unauthorized entry, you receive an alert about the sudden change in your home security system.

Independent Nature-No Monthly Fees/ No Subscription Model

Due to the fact that  HomePolice is an independent system, you control your home security remotely. You will not incur any monthly fees or startup costs after you have purchased and installed the security system. It is a one-time purchase fee, and after that, you will not need to pay for anything.

What are the Merits and Demerits of HomePolice24?

Here are the Merits:

  • You can control your new security system using your Smartphone.
  • The system is easy to install without needing extra tools to add it to your home.
  • You will receive alerts when your home is insecure before you leave your home every day.
  • The HomePolice24 system enables you to be on top of your home’s security

What about the Demerits?

  • The Security Device can only be purchased from the company’s website online. Check Purchase Button below. You can’t get this product at your regular malls yet.
  • Promo stock is limited.
HomePolice24 Review
HomePolice24 Review

How does the HomePolice 24 Work?

HomePolice24 Review
HomePolice24 Review

In simple terms, The HomePolice 24 works via the Sensor and Control Panel mechanism. These Sensors are linked to a control panel (more like a security circuit)

When there is forced entry or sudden intrusion in areas with sensors ( e.g doors/windows/passages), these sensors send signals to the HomePolice 24 control panel which interprets this as a breach and gives off a very high pitched alarm.

Instant Notifications are also sent to your smart device. No stalling!

HomePolice24 Review
HomePolice24 Review

What are Users of HomePolice24 saying?

While this is one of the most anticipated parts of reviews of this nature, let’s take a quick look at what some users are saying about the Home Police 24 Security system. Here are their comments:

“Thank you HomePolice! I have a fully functioning system at home, and with the increasing crime rate I’ve been using it very regularly. I make sure it is working before leaving home. It has never failed me. On the contrary, actually, it’s made my life so much secure! (I’m actually purchasing another one for my sister’s home now.)” 


“I got perturbed  when my home got burgled a few months ago. Since then I have been living in fear and anxiety until my close friend recommended the system. I have used it already to nab 4 burglers. I am so grateful. Thank you HomePolice, You rock!.”


“HomePolice  is surely one of the best security systems at the moment. It is the most reliable one I’ve ever used so far, and also one of the most cost effective ones. It precisely differentiates a forced entry from a normal movement. I love the instant notifications I receive because it gives me a sense of control over home. Plus it’s very easy to install. I just love how easy to use it is.” 

HomePolice24 Review
HomePolice24 Review

Where do I Buy HomePolice 24 Review?

Unfortunately, The HomePolice24 is yet to hit regular stores. At the moment you can purchase online. It’s best to Buy directly from the company’s Why do most people prefer the HomePolice24 to other Home Security Systems?

People love HomePolice24 because of how user friendly it is. Compared to other existing brands, It is so easy to install and operate. This security offers users flexibility and the Freedom to monitor and control the status of their home security no matter how far away they are from home and that after the purchase, there is no additional cost required to keep the system running.

The system is a one-time set up and afterwards, it is totally secure and will run as long as you want it to run. It’s very affordable nature gives it an edge over other systems in the market.It’s rare to see a brand that offers that.

Final Thoughts

The right security system can help keep you and your family and your valuables safe from harm or theft. You need to do your homework to find the security  system that will keep your home secure and will not cost you a lot of money to install and maintain. The HomePolice24 system gives you complete home security without a contract with a security company.

The HomePolice24 system comes ready to install and lets you set it up in the way that works best for your home. You can change the settings of  the system with your home security app and monitor it from work, school, and the bus. For more information about the HomePolice24 security system, please follow the link

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