How to deal with a miserable landlord

How do you deal with a miserable Landlord?

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It’s a new year! Many look forward to the goodies that come with the season. To others, there’s the idea of moving to a new place, the certainty of meeting new people, and Aha! the chance of having a Miserable landlord. Humans are dynamic. Have you ever had your request to have a leaky roof in your rented apartment repaired fall on deaf ears or a security suggestion ignored by your landlord despite your good intentions? Here are a few things you can do…

Determine the Seriousness of the Problem:

How much of a problem does your landlord give you? Is he one that merely ignores your greeting or is he one that can’t just wait to call the police on you at the slightest instance? Does your landlord/landlady ignore your privacy? How about harassment? Does your landlord throw tantrums when you bring up a utility problem? Well, Gauging the extent of the problem is very important after all there’s a fine line between being petty and infringing on the legal rights of others.

Keep Record of Events:

Whether it is by WRITING or via VIDEO, document everything. Oftentimes than not, cases with miserable landlords get to the courts. Keep records of your rent contracts, formal complaints, relevant repair bills, and where possible dates of events. Remember that 2010 mold incident involving an Oklahoman landlord and tenants years ago? Sometimes you just have to be prepared for such events.

Stay Legit:

Stories of tenants defaulting on their payments just to get back at their landlords abound on social media. The funny thing is this can be used by that miserable landlord against you in the court of law. Ensure your rent is paid in full and that the fault is not from your side before taking your case to court. Adhere to the terms of your lease agreement and follow appropriate channels.

How to deal with a miserable landlord

The Dinner Approach:

When was the last time you invited your landlord/landlady over to dinner? Old fashioned Diplomacy still works. Sometimes the reaction may be a personality issue. Humans are not the same but a good gesture can often break the Thanos in a person. Months ago I sent a TikTok clip of Ray Williamson Johnson to a saucy landlord and Boy! The dude’s behavior became better. Always find a common ground before going nuclear with the courts.

Consider the Courts:

Many consider this an expensive option however experience has shown that it is very effective. Different states in the US have different modalities for this. Were you assaulted? Does your person feel ‘violated’? The cops and maybe an appointment at Lady Justice’s courtroom may serve.

Human interactions are sure to happen. I hope these tips help you know how to handle a bad landlord.

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