Huusk Handmade knives reviews

Huusk Knife Reviews 2021: Should you go for this special kitchen knife?

Huusk Knife Reviews

What do the Katana, Nodachi, Wakizashi swords and Huusk knife have in common? Well, they are super sharp metal pieces made by the Japanese. Swords, knives, and blades have been around for a long time. Many civilizations have been known to place importance on these metal pieces. Starting from the Bronze age (around 3300BC) through the Minoan Crete era in 1700BC, the middle ages, and up to modern times, blades have undergone different transformations, been told in tales, and indeed been used for different purposes. This article by the Trend Parlour Team addresses the trending Huusk Handmade Knife and what you need to know about this- a user’s perspective.

What is Huusk Handmade Knife?

Huusk Handmade knives reviews
Huusk Handmade knives reviews

The Huusk Knife is a short curved Japanese-made multipurpose knife that has been around for a while. A manual cutting tool, this knife is used by professional chefs, is super sharp, and gets the cutting job done. While special knives are used to mince, slice or chop certain meat or vegetables, the blade of the Huusk can do these and more.

While it is common knowledge that the Japanese Knife culture often values Sharpness over Durable Handles, the Huusk knives review lays emphasis on both. After all, good knives should be extra sharp with a good grip. It’s no wonder french chefs and (of recent) chefs in the United States now use this.

What are the Parts of the Huusk Handmade Knife Reviews?

The Huusk Japanese Chef knife has two partsa Curved Blade and a Pakka wood grip/handle with 3 attachment notches.

  • The Blade of the Huusk knife is made with high-quality stainless steel (the high carbon 7CR17MOV variant) and is resistant to rust/corrosion. The part of the Huusk blade closer to the wooden handle has a finger opening (for your index finger) for extra grip. Care should be taken while handling the Huusk knife as many have been accidentally injured by its sharp blade.
  • The Grip/Handle of the Huusk chef knives is made from wood impregnated with Pakkawood veneer. This is heat and moisture-resistant. Unlike other brand knives, the Handle of the Huusk is light so you don’t have to worry about fatigue while working.
Huusk Handmade knives reviews
Huusk knives reviews

What are the Specifications of Huusk Hand-made Knives?

TypeJapanese Curved Knife
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Handle MaterialWood (impregnated with Pakkawood veneer)
Weight252g (8.88 oz)
Knife Length (Blade+Handle)28cm (11 inches)
Blade Length15.5cm (6 inches)
Width5cm (2 inches)
Price$29.95 Promo Price
Specifications of H

What are the Features of Huusk Knife Reviews?

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Sharp Curved blades.
  • Remarkable Grip
  • Light build
  • Corrosion-resistant handles
Huusk Handmade knives reviews
Huusk Handmade knives reviews

How to Use your Huusk Knife?

  • Unbox the package.
  • Rinse before use.
  • Hold your huusk knife reviews with your index finger in the metal finger hole and your other fingers on the wooden part.
  • You can now cut, chop or mince your vegetable, meat with its metal blade. Easy right? N: B Handle the blade with care because it is very sharp and is known to cause accidental injuries. 

Who needs the Huusk Knives?

 While the Huust knife is a professional chef knife, it sure can be used by households. It is important to keep it away from children to avoid injuries from its sharp blade. Anyone who wants to enjoy the kitchen chopping experience can use the Huusk handmade knife. Many keep the Huusk knife as collectibles (because of its Japanese origin)

Thinking of a gift option? This could make your list.

What do you get in when you order your Huusk Chef Knives?

  • 1 Huusk Handmade knife
  • 1 Gift box
  • A cleaning towel.
Huusk Handmade knives reviews
Huusk Handmade knives reviews

How to take care of your Huusk Knives?

  1. Wash and dry your Huusk Knife after use.
  2. Do not use abrasive materials like metal sponges on the blade. This could leave indentations by the sides of the blade. N: B Do not place near kids. Store properly.
  3. Your Huusk comes with sharp blades, there is very little need to sharpen again. You can try the paper test to see if your knife is sharp. If you must sharpen your Huusk knife, face the knife away from you and place the wooden handle end on your whetstone at a 15-degree angle (for pros) while the blade rests on the sharp steel. Newbies can simply use an electric/ manual sharpener. Numerous online guides cover this angle.

Where can I purchase my Huusk knife?

Getting your Huusk Knives is pretty easy. Simply visit the official site or click the link below. By using either their Debit card or PayPal account, individuals can place their orders on the manufacturer’s official website.

  • 1x HUUSK Knife now costs $29.95 instead of $59.90
  • 2x HUUSK Knives now cost $49.94 instead of $99.88
  • 3x HUUSK Knives now cost $65.94 instead of $131.88
  • 4x HUUSK Knives now cost $79.92 instead of $159.84

Discounts are offered by the brand plus there’s a money-back guarantee if you change your mind.

Company Details

  • Huusk Blades
  • Email: support@huusk.com
  • Number: +1 (914) 559-9997

What do we like about the Huusk hand-made knife?

  •  It saves time. Its blade is sharp so you can cut through vegetables/meat with ease.
  • The Grip is remarkable.
  • Since the Huusk Japanese knife has a Pakkawood handle, you get a good feel of the kitchen knife. Its blade doesn’t get rusty once properly taken care of.

What we Dislike about the Huusk Handmade Knives Review?

  • It doesn’t come with a knife sheath despite having sharp blades. Care should be taken when handling.

Final Thoughts?

The hype might be worth it after all. Could the Huusk handmade knife pass for one of the best chef knives 2021? Well, it seems we have a competitor in our hands. The nice grip, sharp stainless steel blades, and light nature make this Japanese kitchen knife a chef’s delight. While the sharp blade is commendable, care should be taken when handling it.

Catch you on the next review.

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