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InHeat Mug Warmer Review 2020: The Best Mug warmer yet?

Coffee! Tea! What do these two have in common? Well! They are best taken hot. By hot we mean Piping-hot! Americans, Italians and our Scandinavian siblings never get enough of this beverage. It is to some extent an integral part of our culture. Picture yourself waking up in your pajamas. You walk past your laptop, those pizza boxes from yesterday and straight to the coffee shelf.

Ahaa! You see your coffee, get some milk and hot water from the dispenser,make your coffee, put on your music and resume typing to beat the presentation deadline 4 hours away. While working you take periodic sips from your coffee mug, relishing every moment as those drops grace your taste buds and dance down your throat. It is paradise on earth until those drops of coffee start to taste like funny ice. Sounds familiar? Well the good things of Life are often hot.

Mug warmers like the InHeat Mug Warmer Review ensure that every cup of coffee remains. This Review by the Trend Parlour Team tells you all you need to know about the InHeat Mug warmer and why this could be the best mug warmer 2020. Enjoy!

What is InHeat Mug Warmer?

InHeat Reviews
InHeat Reviews

The InHeat is a smart device that doubles as a mug warmer (by virtue of being a portable heating plate) and a charging port. This follows the need to keep your coffee warm between sips as well as the desire to save time between your work desk and trips to the refill heater.

Available in black, you can keep this sleekly designed mug warmer on your counter or at work desk without disrupting your overall motif. With the InHeat reviews, you don’t have to worry about pouring your coffee into a travel cup because it is already in one. The inheat warmer set comes with a free coffee mug with a fitting lid as well as a wirelesss smartphone charging pad for your convenience. Hot coffee for a hot mind!

What are the Specifications of the Inheat Mug Warmer?

  • Rimmed 3.5-inch plate & Noiseless Heating
  • 4 foot long cord
  • Qi Wireless Charging for Android & iOS smartphones
  • 8 Hours long Heating mode
  • Sleek Design
  • Compact InHeat specific Mug

What are the Features of the Inheat Mug Warmer?

InHeat Reviews
InHeat Reviews

Rimmed 3.5-inch plate

The InHeat mug warmer comes with a 3.5-inch hot plate that is big enough for ceramic cups. It fits its follow-come ceramic mug and comes in black color. This is unlike other brands like the Vobaga coffee mug warmer that offers many plate colour choices. The heat plate portion of the setup comes with a sensor that prevents the heat pad from getting too hot once the mug is removed from it. Cup contents are kept at constant temperatures (55 degrees Celsius)This is done for your safety. In Heat best mug warmers are noiseless in operation hence a plus when compared with other brands.

Qi Wireless Charging for Android & iOS smartphones

The In heat coffee mug warmer comes with an additional feature- the wireless charging for your smartphones using Qi technology. Qi technology allows charging over short distances without cables. All you have to do is place your target device ( your smartphone in this case) over your wireless charging pad (in this case the InHeat’s rimmed 3.5 inch plate/pad and it charges in a wireless manner. It’s as easy as that.

8 Hours long Heating mode

The In heat warmer for mugs has a heater mode that lasts 8 hours at a time. What this means is that coffee can be kept hot for about 8 hours upon testing. The inheat reviews does not come with an android/iOS temperature regulator apps as seen with the Ember smart mug however its heating mode is one of the longest-lasting and is mug sensor-based.

Sleek Design

The InHeat mug warmer is one of the best mug warmers of 2020 design wise. Being compact and visually appealing, it’s no wonder many use it. Its solid black plate and mug makes it to blend with any office space or room. Could even pass for a piece of art (on a lighter note) The In Heat Is made with high quality materials & components that are durable. Plus you don’t have to worry about getting another one as they last.

4 Foot long Cord

The Inheat reviews mug warmer comes with a 4 foot long cord for your convenience. Simply plug to the power source (socket) and you’re good to go! Better reach.

Compact InHeat specific Mug

The InHeat mug warmer works best with its unique mug. Upon testing by the Trend Parlour team, we observed the worked well with its compact ceramic mug since they fit into the heating pad. Glass cups didn’t heat as fast… Prolly because of the difference in materials.

How does InHeat mug warmer work?

On a general note, Mug warmers use heating coils in the same way electric kettles do (with minor variations) Once plugged in and switched on (most have an on/off switch on the side), electricity flows via the external cord to a small heating coil built inside the device.

A mug warmer works by using the principles of heat transfer and thermal energy. When plugged to an electric source, the molecules of the materials used in making the InHeat reviews heat pad have increased kinetic energy, collide more and transfer heat to the base of the mug warmer. The moment you place a cup onto the device, the heat from the base will get transferred to the cup and its content. When left for longer periods, the coffee or tea in the in heat mug warmer gets hotter.

Concerning its wireless charge function for smartphones, InHeat mug warmer applies the principle of Induction. The inheat pad comes with a charger-like component that uses an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field. The receiver coil in the phone converts back into electricity to be fed into the battery.

What are the Pros of the InHeat mug warmer Reviews?

  • Keeps your drink hot in the mug!
  • Saves you time.
  • Added functionality- serves as a wireless charger for your smartphones.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Silent operation-Doesn’t noise like some existing brands.
  • Affordable- Incredible value for its costs.

What are the Cons of the InHeat Review?

  • No color variety. As at the time we ordered to review the product, only black colored InHeat mug warmers were available.
  • Stock is somewhat limited. Promo price lasts only for a short while.
  • Doesn’t come with an app that regulates its temperature or sends notifications as seen in some brands.
  • In heat reviews can only be purchased online at the moment.
  • Expect a 2 day plus shipping delay when placing your order.

What do you get in the In heat warmer for mugs Delivery box?

InHeat Reviews
InHeat Reviews
  • 1 Inheat mug warmer
  • 1 4-foot long USB cord
  • 1 Extra mug with a heat lid
  • Charger head

How to Use the InHeat best mug warmer?

  • Put your coffee in the InHeat coffee mug.
  • Plug the charger head to a socket.
  • Place your Inheat coffee mug on top of the heating pad.
  • Leave for sometime. Enjoy your coffee.

How to use the Qi Wireless charge feature of the Inheat Warmer review?

InHeat mug warmer
InHeat best mug warmers -Qi Wireless Phone charge
InHeat mug heater
InHeat mug heater
  • Connect the Mug warmer to a power source.
  • Place your wireless charging enabled phone on the charging pad.
  • Your smartphone charges immediately. No hassles.

Who is the Inheat warmer for mugs recommended for?

  • Households
  • Business executives
  • Startups
  • Writers in the the Inspiration zone
  • You. Yes! Lovers of tech that make life easy and time saving mavericks.

What are Users Saying about the InHeat Reviews?

Works great with no fuss. I use mine at least 3 hours every day – I’m a notoriously slow drinker – and it shows no signs of performance issues so far. It’s a nice-looking design as well. I also like how I can charge my phone on it when I’m not warming a drink. No complaints here.

Sharon, Nebraska

Exactly what I needed at my desk at work. I was getting teased when it was delivered but now everyone wants one. Keeps my coffee the perfect temp for me. No more throwing out old coffee. I finish my cups now and really enjoy it! I think I’m even more productive because I’m not making myself a coffee constantly. Give it a try pals.

Kabuzo, Bloemfontein

Saw an ad and got one just for curiosity sake. My Inheat Mug warmer is nice. The charging cord is long enough. Besides, the price tag is still okay.

Ria, Brussels

The In heat mug warmer is simple to use. Doesn’t have smartphone apps that often complicates life. I love it this! Manufacturers should make it available at regular malls. Delivery was delivered by 2 days. Besides that, I highly recommend.

Murphy, North Dakota, US

Where can I Buy the InHeat Tea warmer?

You can easily get your InHeat directly from the official company sales page. The manufacturer is giving a 35% discount on single orders at the moment and a 50% discount on orders having 3 mug warmers or more. Shipping fee is negligible and multiple payment options are accepted (Paypal, Mastercard, Visa,Amex etc)

Your payment information is secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption plus a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on this product if you wish to return it.

How much does the Inheat coffee mug warmer cost?

  • Traditional Price for a 1 Premium Mug warmer like the Inheat is $179.98 however for $89.99 promo price you can now own your personal premium mug warmer.
  • 2 In heat Review Warmers cost $157.48
  • 3 Inheat Warmers cost $202.48
  • 4 Inheat Warmers cost $247.47

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Mug Warmers- Inheat Reviews.

Can I use any mug with the InHeat?

The InHeat works best with its specially designed mug. With its mug, heating is very fast and is achieved in short time. Upon testing, we observed that regular Ceramic mugs with similar base diameters worked with the heating pad however it took longer to heat.

Can I burn myself on the Heating Pad should a cup be absent?

No. The InHeat reviews has a sensor that shuts down the thermal system whenever a mug is not aon the heating pad. This is done for your safety.

Can all smartphones use the Qi Wireless Charge feature of this mug warmer?

No! Only smartphones that are compatible with Qi wireless tech can use this feature. When the Trend Parlour team conducted some charge compatiblity tests, we found that iOS smartphones like the iPhone 8, iPhone X, Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S6-S9,Note 5, LG G6 (US variant) and many more brands. It’s important to Find out the Qi wireless charging status of your smartphone before purchasing this mug warmer.

How much does the InHeat cost?

1 InHeat Warmer piece costs $89.99 promo price. Its traditional Price is $179.98. It’s no wonder this is the most demanded mug warmer in the past few weeks.

Is the Inheat Warmer a Scam?

The Inheat is definitely worth trying out. The fast warm time, durable build and its rising popularity in the UK,US and New Zealand make it a pretty legit. Besides our testing, User reviews are mostly positive. Our review sample was okay.

What if I forget my coffee mug and keep it warm all day?

Don’t worry, the InHeat warmer for mugs will automatically go into standby mode after 8 hours. The device has a built-in adaptive charge and temperature controller to keep items from getting too hot.

Is there any Money Back Guarantee on the InHeat Warmer?

Sure! Not satisfied with what you ordered? You can maximise the 30 day money back guarantee. Life shouldn’t be that difficult mate. (winks)

Final Thoughts.

The InHeat mug heater is nice looking look, beginner friendly and is pretty affordable relative to its value. It’s no surprised this is one of the top mug warmers of 2020. Want some steam? Consider the InHeat and make every sip of coffee a long lasting experience.

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