Koretrak Pro Reviews

Koretrak Pro Smartwatch Hands-On Reviews 2021: Is this Any Good?

Koretrak Pro Smartwatch Reviews

Who names a dog, “Labracadabrador”? Definitely not me- Gosh this isn’t Hogwarts! This is the summer of 2031… Apologies! Meant to say 2021. Switzerland is a nice place to be. Nice weather, friendly people, and Aha! A big plus on her flag. Trust me I’ll still go with the Stars and Stripes anyday. This year has been the year of Smartwatches. From the AmazFit Trex Pro, the Garmin Venu 2, the rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, and now the Koretrak Pro Smartwatch. What is the Best Smartwatch for me this year? Well, this article is a Hands-On Review of the Koretrak Pro Smartwatch currently trending in the United States. We hope this helps. Shout out to Ava for reaching out to us on this one.

What is Koretrak Pro Smartwatch?

KoreTrak Pro Reviews
KoreTrak Pro Reviews

The Koretrak Pro is an upgrade to the Koretrak fitness tracker from last year. This is a budget smartwatch with a focus on fitness. With a slim band, the time piece comes with sensors for measuring different vitals. Prior to reviewing this smartwatch, we came across reviews saying the Koretrak Pro measures EKG. This is false and in fact misleading. While the Koretrak offers a lot for a budget fitness tracker, it doesn’t in any way have an ECG/EKG (electrocardiogram) feature. Just had to state this at the beginning of the review.

What are the Specifications of Koretrak Pro Reviews?

Product TypeFitness Band/ wearable
Display1.08 Full-Colour Display (N: B NOT Touch) Navigation is via a single button on the watch face.
Smartphone CompatibilityAndroid & iOS
Smartphone AppDayBand (on the App Store or Google Playstore)
Bluetooth SupportYes. Bluetooth 4.0
Strap MaterialSilicone
Battery120mAH Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Battery Charge Time90-120 minutes
Battery Life Per Charge5-7 days with modest use.
SensorsYes-Upgraded Sensors for better reading. Tracks Heart Rate, Body Temperature, Blood Pressure & Activity.
Water-ResistantYes. IP67
ColorNavy, White, Blue & Black options
Specifications of Koretrak Pro Smartwatch Reviews

What are the Features of Koretrak Pro Reviews?

Improved Sensors

A health tracker is only as good as its sensors. The new Koretrak Pro comes with improved sensors that monitor your vitals. From Heart Rate to Blood pressure, you get readings that are close to accurate. The Pedometer & odometer are worth checking out.

KoreTrak Pro smartwatch Reviews
Korehealth KoreTrak Pro smartwatch Reviews

No Touch Full Color 1.08′ Display

The Koretrak Pro reviews have a 1.08′ Full-Color display. We like to point out that this activity wearable does not have a 1.3′ HD AMOLED screen like the 2021 Amazfit TRex Pro. The Koretrak has a single button for navigation and a linear face. Vitals can easily be read from its display. Sunlight interference is low so you don’t have to worry about that.

Great Battery Life span

The KoreTrak Pro test sample obtained by the Trend Parlour Team performed well battery wise. With Heavy use, it lasted for about 4 days. Casual use gave us a fitness watch that lasted 6 days without charge. The charge time was about 120 minutes. Charging is even easier. Simply twist and pull the lower band to reveal a USB head attached to the watch face. Plug the USB end into a USB port to charge.

Smartphone Compatibility and mobile app support

Koretrak Pro reviews is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. It has a dedicated app called the DayBand App that can be downloaded on the Google Playstore as well as Apple Store. As of the time of reviewing this Fitness tracker, the app is about 42MB on the Google Playstore & 47.8MB on Apple Store.

You can easily link your Koretrak via Bluetooth.

Handy Build & Customizable Bands

The Koretrak feels light like smart bands from the Fitbit line. The bands are customizable plus multiple colors are offered. Your Koretrak Reviews is water-resistant, largely splash proof, dust-free, and holds even in extensive workouts.

Affordable Price Tag

Research has shown product pricing to be a major factor influencing the adoption of trends by consumers. Koretrak Pro is affordable by available standards. Going for about $49.95 excluding shipping, this could make for a good entrance into the world of fitness watches.

Additional Features of the KoreHealth Koretrak Pro Fitness Tracker?

  • Supports Flash notifications (message pop-ups, calls, and alarms)
  • Multiple Activity Modes

What do I get in a Koretrak Pro Smartwatch Order Box?

  • 1 Korehealth Koretrak Pro Fitness Tracker head
  • 1 User’s Manual
  • The watch’s bands (either White, blue, black or orange)

How to Use the KoreTrak Pro Reviews?

  • Unbox the package
  • Charge before use. The Charge port is on the lower part of the watch head.
  • Power on. Switch between modes using the single navigation button.
  • Download the DayBand app. You can sync your activity with that of your smartphone after pairing via Bluetooth. Devices with Bluetooth versions v4.0 are supported. For more information, check the User’s guide in the order box.
Koretrak Pro manual
Koretrak Pro manual

What are the PROs so far?

  • Has a durable build.
  • Gives accurate and timely fitness readings thanks to its improved sensors.
  • Supports flash notifications.
  • The user interface is straightforward plus there’s a user’s manual to guide you.
  • The Korehealth Koretrak pro fitness tracker comes is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • The Price tag is on the low side. As of the time of writing this piece, discounts were offered.

What are the CONs associated with the Koretrak Pro fitness band?

  • Doesn’t come with the ECG/EKG feature. Many reviews wrongly advertised the Korehealth Koretrak smartwatch as having an EKG/ECG feature. We didn’t see such features in our review sample. Be careful of such reviews before spending those precious bucks.
  • Lacks a GPS or compass feature. This is pretty common in brand smartwatches these days.
  • Is only available online.
  • Limited stock.

Where can I Purchase the KoreHealth Koretrak Pro Fitness Smartwatch?

You can get yours from the official sales page. As of the time of writing this review, discounts are offered.

  • 1 Koretrak Pro smartwatch costs $49.95
  • 2 Koretrak Pro Smartwatches costs $99.99
  • 3 Koretrak Pro Smartwatches costs $111.99

Purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee should you change your mind.

Who is the KoreTrak Pro Fitness watch for?

  • Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Athletes
  • Physical Health instructors
  • Individuals looking to monitor their weight loss progress.

What can the KoreTrak Pro do?

  • The Koretrak Pro can monitor and give real-time information about your vital signs. Vital signs that can be monitored by the Koretrak Pro include Temperature, Blood Pressure, Heartbeat.
  • Gives time and date updates.
  • Monitor Steps/ distance covered throughout the day.
  • Calories tracking feature
  • Supports flash notifications for messages and calls.

Together with the DayBand app,

  • You can monitor the temperature and heart rate for previous days via the history tab of the app.
  • You can set reminders and activity targets.
Koretrak Pro Smartwatch Reviews
Koretrak Pro Smartwatch Reviews

What the KoreTrak Pro smartwatch cannot do?

  • The KoreTrak Pro cannot take your ECG/EKG as it is not even compatible with it.
  • Cannot give you a medical diagnosis as wrongly stated on some online reviews. This device is a tracking device for your vitals and shouldn’t replace the role of your health care provider.

KoreTrak Smartwatch vs KoreTrak Pro Smartwatch?

The key difference between the 2020 KoreTrak smartwatch and the 2021 KoreTrak Pro smartwatch launched by KoreHealth lies in the accuracy of the sensors. The KoreTrak Pro has sensors with better response times.

Contrary to what many say, the KoreTrak and the KoreTrak Pro are physically alike. Both are budget options and have similar charge patterns.

Koretrak Pro fitness watch
Koretrak Pro fitness watch

How much does the KoreTrak Pro cost?

As of the time of reviewing this trending fitness watch, 1 unit costs about $49.95 (plus an $8.95 shipping fee). Discounts are offered plus a 30-day money-back option is available. You can click here to check the present price.

KoreHealth KoreTrak Pro Smartwatch vs the FitBit line of Health watches?

KoreHealth Koretrak Pro is relatively cheaper compared with smartwatches from the FitBit line however the FitBit Brand has been around for a while. The features offered by the KoreTrak Pro are quite basic when you consider brand fitness watches available. The FitBit line offers better sleep monitor functions.

Other Alternatives to the KoreHealth KoreTrak Pro?

Looking for an alternative with better features? You may consider the Umidigi Uwatch3 (has a similar price point) or the more expensive 2021 Amazfit TRex Pro .

Final Thoughts?

The high point of the KoreHealth KoreTrak Pro is its affordable price tag and accurate sensors. It doesn’t have ‘all’ most features seen in Brand fitness trackers however it sure makes a decent push. Is it worth having? Well, if you need something minimalistic yet functional, you might consider this. We hope this review answers your questions.

Check out other articles by the Trend Parlour Team. We appreciate your sharing this review for others to see.

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