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LiveTemp Pro Review 2020: Should I go for this smart thermometer? (Updated)

Social distancing! Touch not! Shuu! Temperature Check! 14 Days Quarantine! No Gatherings! Do these statements ring a bell? Definitely. A reminder of our present times. Fact is change is constant and some things we did before, we just have to do better. Or to some extent modify them.

Keeping tabs on your body temperature as a daily routine is a simple, quick, and free way to obtain a snapshot of your current health especially with the current trend of the Corona virus menace. This can turn out to be quite a chore when we use our traditional contact thermometers at home. Non-contact infrared portable thermometers like the LiveTemp Pro is now the go-to device for matters like these.

A reader of the Trend Parlour blog, Reece asked me to review the product. Special shout outs to our American, British and New Zealand readers.  Cuddy has been grinning ‘cos feedback has been great!

 I hope you guys make informed purchase decisions… Have a great read.

What is LiveTemp Pro?

LiveTemp Pro thermometer is a heat sensor thermometer used  for accessing body temperature of humans in general. It harnesses the technology of Infrared waves emission. This thermometer works from a safe distance. It can measure the temperature of any surface or a person.

This non-contact thermometer uses infrared waves to capture the body heat. Within seconds, it presents accurate results. This thermometer needs to be focused at the subject and then the handle must be squeezed to get the results. The Thermometer tests fever by measuring internal temperature in a human body etc  or external temperature to test objects from a distance of even 15 feet away.

LiveTemp  Pro
LiveTemp Pro

The Thermometer has been harnessed by health practitioners across the globe especially during this COVID- 19  pandemic  due to it’s speed in recording body temperature precisely. It gets the job done within the fraction of a second. The temperature you have recorded is boldly displayed on a digital LCD screen, this increases the ease with which you read the body temperature.

A good reason why you should also have this thermometer is to check your temperature within close intervals easily. You should keep this device, especially if you have babies, toddlers, and older individuals around you. You should also have it if you or other people around you battle with other diseases and conditions like asthma and diabetes.

Why do you need to check your temperature? LiveTemp Pro Review

Most illnesses present with a surge in body temperature that’s why it is always important to have a device near you that can efficiently monitor body temperature changes. But with the lightening spread of global virus COVID-19, it has never been more important to check the temperature of yourself and your children each day. High Fever remains an obvious symptom of the virus, and contracting the illness early is key.

What are the Specifications of LiveTemp Pro Thermometer?

A quick look at the specifications of the LiveTempPro Thermometer below. It will help you to understand more things about the device.

Product Name LiveTemp Pro Non-contact Electronic Thermometer
Product model GXGO1GXGO1
Measuring Distance3-5cm
Accuracy +/- 0.2 degrees
Measuring time0.5 secs
Battery RO 3AAA 1.5V 2 pieces
Dimension 95mm by 42.5mm by 156mm
Human Body Model 32-42.9 degree celsius
Weight 124g only
Object Model0-60 degree celsius
Fever Alarm Automatic alarmYes! At temperature readings >38 degrees celsius
Large Screen Display Backlight clear reading
LiveTemp Pro Reviews

What are the Parts of LiveTemp Pro? Know your Device.

The diagram below depicts  what the components of this no contact infrared thermometer are but I will shed more light on what they do.

LiveTemp Pro Review
LiveTemp Pro Review

Infrared Sensor

The temperature of the body is measured by the LiveTemp Pro using an infrared sensor at the pointing nozzle. With the help of this infrared sensor, this device not only measures human body temperature but also determines the temperature of other forms of matter- liquids, spaces and others without initiating any form of contact.

LCD Display Screen

The LCD Display screen displays your temperature readings in large dark digits. It is very visible to the eyes and can be clearly seen by everyone.

When you have taken your  temperature readings with LiveTemp Pro, it will display the outcome on the screen, and the screen will illuminate in green (if the filtered temperature is well within typical internal heat level range), yellow (if it’s disturbing) or red (if the temperature is disturbing).

LiveTemp Pro Review
LiveTemp Pro Review

Handle and Measuring Switch

The handle is similar to that of a gun and the measuring switch is the trigger. You got to hold the device like a gun and pull the trigger at the back of the handle, focus on the LCD display screen for the measured temperature level. Fun right?

Control Buttons

It has four buttons beneath the display screen. The upper one to turn the backlight on or off. The side buttons for alternating on the previous and next  readings. The lower button is the sound switch button which can be used to terminate the alarm

Battery Cover

Encloses the battery space where you insert the battery of the device.

What are the Standout features of the Live Temp Pro?

The LiveTemp Pro is not just a regular thermometer. It does more…  The standout features of LiveTemp Pro include;

Quick and instant measurement

The LiveTemp Pro thermometer measures the temperature very speedily. It saves conserves time compared to that typical thermometer which takes a longer duration to achieve the same thing. No room for delay again in checking your temperature or that of your baby. LiveTemp thermometer gives you the results immediately

Use of sensors

It uses sensors to detect your body’s degrees. A specific distance is maintained while measuring the temperature. Body infections   via contact is eliminated . This reduces general harm.

Legible Readings

The temperature readings on the screen of the device is very legible unlike some other brands. In the traditional thermometers,  reading the degrees can be tedious. No need of straining your eyes again. The Live Temp Pro Thermometer  is here for you!

Ease of use

The device should be held safely and kept close to the persons face. Everybody can use it easily to measure the body’s temperature.

Portable & Handy Nature

The LiveTemp Pro is very portable and easy to handle. Wherever you go you can easily take it with you in your bag. It is really small in size and would get fit in a small spaces. You could need it anytime so its best  to carry it along with you.

How does LiveTemp Pro Thermometer work?

LiveTemp Pro Infrared light operates like visible light — it can be focused, reflected or absorbed.

A thermopile which serves as a detector receives Infrared light of an object  from a lens that focuses on it. The thermopile absorbs the infrared radiation and converts  it into heat. The higher the infrared energy, the hotter the thermopile gets.

This heat is transformed  into electrical energy. The electricity is redirected to a detector, which uses it to figure out the temperature of whatever the thermometer is pointed at. The more electrical energy, the hotter the object is.

How to use the LiveTemp Pro Infrared Thermometer?

The user  manual inside the product package gives you a complete guide on how to operate this product. Be sure to read and understand the instructions and the guide carefully. However we will drop them here to help you out.

For ease of use, this contact free infrared thermometer can be used in two different ways. It can be used by either contact or by hovering. Its not difficult. Just read through this our step-by-step process of each way below to know how

Hovering Method:

  • Switch on the thermometer
  • Place it about 1 to 2 inches away from the patients forehead
  • Press and hold the button on the thermometer in order to display two visible red circles on the forehead
  • Adjust  the device closer or farther from the forehead until the red circles combine  into one. For this step to work properly, patient must ensure not to move until the process is completed.
  • Release the button and wait until the thermometer beeps indicating temperature
  • Check the temperature reading and add 1 degree to the recorded temperature result to get the core body temperature
LiveTemp Pro Review
LiveTemp Pro Review

Contact Method:

  • Switch on the thermometer
  • Make sure forehead of the patient is not wet in any way
  • Place the thermometer on patient’s forehead
  • As soon as  the temperature is recorded, it will notify through a beep  sound or any other noise. Usually, this process takes 3 seconds or up to a minute based on the thermometer you are using
  • Now remove it and check out the temperature
  • For an actual internal body temperature reading, simply add one degree to the recorded reading. Noticed a little variation.

What are the Advantages of LiveTemp Pro Thermometer?

User Friendly

The gadget has a simple user interface that can be easily understood. It uses four buttons you can navigate with and one main button that triggers the thermometer to take the subject’s temperature.

Smart Thermometer

 This thermometer works in a smart manner  to take the temperature at a safe distance without any physical interaction. It also keeps records of  every temperature reading it takes- a sort of digital filing system if you may.

Contact Free Temperature Measurement

Contact Free Temperature Measurement

LiveTemp Pro Review
LiveTemp Pro Review
LiveTemp Pro Review
LiveTemp Pro Review

No-Touch Technology offers trustworthy reading and safer usage  without causing any spread of infections! Several family members verify immediately without worrying. Using an infrared ray, simply bring this device closer to the other person’s forehead without touching it at all – and LiveTemp Pro will examine its temperature. No need to risk germ spread!

Superfast and Accurate

The thermometer uses an  ultrafast processing chip that takes and records someone’s temperature in the fraction of a second. This speed ensures you are not at risk of  any danger induced by physical interaction with people who you assess. No need to waste ten minutes before measuring temperature, like other  regular thermometers. A colored alert immediately signals you if your body temperature is  mild fever or fever! No more guessing!

Monitors Temperature Changes

With the side buttons, you can let ThermoSense keep the temperature of the person you are researching. You can also use it to read the history of their body temperature. This is very useful if the doctor wants to know. No need to write or save it yourself (and run the risk of giving incorrect information to your document!)

LiveTemp Pro Review
LiveTemp Pro Review

Multipurpose Functionality

The device is used to record  the temperature of fluids  and other electronic appliances and also serves as a general-purpose thermometer. You will get all these temperatures taken accurately by the digital thermometer.

Very Hygienic

Unlike other thermometers that are vulnerable to infections and contamination, this best non contact thermometer is generally  safe. It is not susceptible to infections. This means that people cannot contract infections  through it unlike what is the norm in other types of thermometers.


Another plus to this non contact hand held device is that You don’t have to make any insertions or even have any contact with whoever wants a temperature check. Mothers would really value this feature since they can easily check their baby’s temperature while they are still asleep.

Ideal for measuring the temperature of babies

You will never have to interrupt your baby’s   sleep with an uncomfortable thermometer again! The LiveTemp Pro Thermometer allows you to measure their temperature without bothering them during sleep! Hold the device over the baby’s head and the infrared sensor will automatically detect its temperature.

Conventional thermometers can carry a load bacteria for long periods, which means that you can accidentally spread germs around your family members! LiveTemp Pro never makes contact with your body, so it is 100% safe. Studies have been conducted all over the world, and an infrared thermometer is increasingly considered the best and safest way to measure temperature and keep tabs on your health.

What do we love about the LiveTemp Pro Portable Thermometer?

Here are the things that we love about this product:

  • Eliminates body contact and hence stops spread of diseases
  • Very fast,  accurate and precise
  • Affordable for the rich qualities
  • No frequent use contraindications
  • Can be used for all age groups
  • It is not difficult to use
  • It is easy to carry about

What do we dislike about the LiveTemp Pro?

Here are the disadvantages of this product:

  • It can only be ordered online at the moment
  • Few colour options.
  • Limited stock

Who is the Live Temp Pro Thermometer for?

If you are nursing a baby or plan to have a baby soon, this thermometer is a great tool. Different children are tailored to different methods and if you have difficulty sitting with your child while trying to get the correct reading on a certain thermometer, then you know how much the variation is worth.

Due to  reliability, LiveTemp Pro Thermometer  is ideal for anyone who requires a stable way of measuring temperature. Above all, people who have kids at home or a senior citizens in need of care can benefit from it. Its portable nature makes it ideal for everyone- no more complaints! Doesn’t matter whether it is young or old, a man or a woman. This No-Touch handy thermometer is compatible for everyone especially when a precise measurement without any physical contact is required.

It is very easy to use, so that even older individuals can understand it easily. Younger people can easily take a fever reading without disturbing children while they sleep. It is also the appropriate choice for all those who are hygiene conscious while measuring temperature and do not want to use other unsafe older methods. All in all, the target group of LiveTemp Pro Thermometer is very vast and therefore difficult to narrow down.

Business owners who care about their customers can get this thermometer for their businesses. Raising awareness about the little things we can do to be safe this period is important.

Why Is LiveTemp Pro Thermometer Better the rest?

The best thing about LiveTemp Pro Thermometer is that it needs no direct body contact. Parents can take advantage of this device. LiveTemp Pro Review says adults can estimate their body heat through the regular thermometer. But, kids may pose a challenge.

They can be occasionally shaky and irritable once they see a regular pin-like thermometer. Trust me, no one loves needles. So, parents can easily check for  high temperature (often indicative of a fever) when their kid is asleep.

Due to the pandemic, health centers are gradually opening up. Small business owners can get their LiveTemp Pro for use in the workplace. Remember the customer is always King (winks) Thermometer is the perfect option that guarantees proper hygiene.

What are users of Live Temp Pro Thermometer saying?

Probably this is one of the major part of the article you’ve been anticipating. Yes!,  the LiveTemp Pro Thermometer is trending and all but what are the users actually saying about it? Here are their comments:

“Thank you LiveTemp Pro! I’ve two which I use at home, and with this whole virus outbreak I’ve been using them very regularly. I use it to check my daughters’ temperature levels whenever I see something fishy happening. It’s never failed me. On the contrary, actually, it’s made my life so much easier! (I’m actually purchasing another one for my sister now.)” 

Daria R.

“I got perturbed  when my baby got fever. Since, it was tough to carry him to the hospital immediately, my friend brought his LiveTemp Pro and quickly checked my son’s body temperature from a distance, following which we could consult our family doctor and get medicines.”


“LiveTemp Pro is surely one of the best thermometers at the moment. It’s the fastest one I’ve ever used so far, and also one of the most precise ones. It reads the temperature perfectly in less than a second. I love the semaphore display because it makes it easy to read. Plus it’s very portable when you need to memorize a person’s temperature and you don’t want to write it down in your notebook. I just love how easy to use it is.” 

Matthew K.

LiveTemp Pro guarantees easy and speedy application. The handling is very convenient for parents and guardians. Still have one in my dorm… The new procedure is  much easier to use and provide accurate results within a very short period unlike the  classic thermometer . Definitely recommend.


I currently run a small grocery store. The Live Temp Pro is a great product. Handed my employees 4 LiveTemp thermometers for their families. Caring is what matters. Sometimes the little things of life can be lifting.

LiveTemp Pro Review
LiveTemp Pro Review

What benefits do customers get?

  • The company promises customers to get up to 50% off on the product.
  • The company gives a satisfaction guarantee to customers and promises a full refund if the product is unsatisfying.
  • The company is so confident about their product that any defect in the product or any reason to be unsatisfied with it is dealt by a very cooperative and friendly  Public Relation Network and responsive customer care executives who give 30-day Money Back guarantee.
  • Customers get offers that help them buy more products for the family by offers like “Buy 2 get 1 free” and “Buy 3 get 2 free” which can be a big boost this period.

How can I get a LiveTemp Pro?

The LiveTemp Pro is selling massively in United States, Canada, Uk and other countries across the globe. You can place an  order for  LiveTemp Pro Thermometer in the comfort of your home through the official website. Simply click the button below;

Enjoy all the features that comes with this smart infrared thermometer and remember to get one for your friends.

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 reality is one we must always adapt to. We humans are a resilient bunch. The least we can do is to observe simple health guidelines- sanitizers and all. Be health conscious and above all love Nature. Get yourself a LiveTemp Pro today. Have a TV show to catch up with. Catch you on the rebound.

Check out other great reviews by the Trend Palour team here>> Feel free to comment and share. Sweet Potatoes!

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