PrintX Pro Printer Reviews

PrintX Pro Reviews 2021: Making sense of this Bluetooth printer in 60 seconds!

PrintX Pro Reviews

60 seconds is a lot of time. That’s enough time to make memories, relish the moments… You know- ask those pertinent questions. 60 seconds is all it takes for you to get a traffic ticket for flaunting the rules. It’s also more than enough time to finish a bowl of hot ramen if you’re damn good at using chopsticks. Printers have been around for some time. From office work to personal use, these machines are still important today. While cloud storage adoption in the smartphone sphere ensures that our digital property ( documents, photos, and the like) is quite safe and easily accessible, there’s no doubt that a physical variant can also serve. Ol’ Thompson will agree anyway.

So there’s a word about a ‘certain portable printer’ that promises a whole lot. Many call it the PrintX Pro. Well, the Trend Parlour team has been on it for some time and would love to give our thoughts on the smartphone printer device. We hope this helps you in making your purchase decisions.

What is PrintX Pro Reviews?

PrintX Pro Reviews
PrintX Pro Reviews

Simply put, the PrintX Pro is not really a colored photo printer per se. Print X Pro is a portable modest thermal label, sticker and receipt printer. Did we just burst your bubble? Well, we just have to describe the product as it is. This light thermal printer renders images, stickers, receipts in white and black colours. Not sure if the parent company rebranded but this printer looks exactly like the Munbyn Peripage Pocket Photo Printer Label maker or the Peripage Mini Printer A6. Built for personal and home use this could be the ideal black & white printer for your use.

What are the Specifications of PrintX Pro Reviews?

DevicePrintX Pro
Printer dimension (LBH)3.1 x 1.7 x3.1 inches ( 7.8 x 4.3 x7.8 cm)
Weight6.6 Ounces (187g)
Printer Resolution203 dpi dots per minute
Mobile App SupportYes. Has its unique smartphone application and is compatible with Android & iOS.
Bluetooth connectivityYes. Supports devices with Bluetooth versions of 4.0 & above
BatteryYes! Has a rechargeable inbuilt battery
Battery Capacity1000 mAH
Printer Device Colour Available in White at the moment
Ink CatridgeNo. Uses Special Thermal Paper instead
Printing Paper Dimension2.2 x 1.2 inch-core rolls of paper
Price Tag$99 Promo Price
Specifications of the PrintX Pro Reviews

What are the Features of PrintX Pro Reviews?

PrintX Pro Reviews

Handy Sized Device:

The PrintX Pro Reviews is one of the handiest monochrome devices you can find right now. Its 3.1 x 1.7 x 3.1 inch all durable plastic body is quite light. About the size of your palm, this printer has a simple look that spots a USB port for recharging the inbuilt battery and a power button. It also has a manual cutter for the printing paper by the power button side.

Modest Paper Roll Capacity:

Most printers are large to accommodate varying paper size and print area. The Print X Pro Reviews offers a modest thermal paper roll capacity. Testings showed its paper compartment took paper rolls with dimensions of up to 2.2 x 1.2 inches (5.6 x 3.0 cm) Though many say the PrintXPro can print on labels with sizes of up to 5.8cm, optimum results were gotten with paper with less dimensions upon testing.

The PrintX Pro Printer Reviews makes use of replaceable standard non-adhesive thermal paper. You can easily get this paper type from your malls or paper store.

Remarkable Print Quality:

Remember the saying, ‘A Story is always half as clear as a clear picture.’ The PrintX Pro Printer has a nice print quality when compared to industry standards or alternate brands. With a print resolution of 203 dpi dots per inch, you have great black and white images. Doesn’t matter whether it is text or textured shapes.

Adopts Thermal Printing Technology:

Traditional printers use ink cartridges to yield images and the Print X Pro Printer doesn’t. What then does the PrintX use? Well, the answer is a special thermal printing paper technology. This uses a special kind of (thermal) paper that turns black (or gives shades of black) when heated. The tech. is pretty cheap with nice results. The downside is the tendency of images on it to fade (due to its general sensitivity to pressure and heat)

Engaging mobile app

The PrintX Pro also uses the Peripage mobile app (Remember we said this device looks like a rebranded Peripage A6 Mini printer earlier in this review.) The monochrome printer mobile app has diverse uses, supports multiple modes, and can be downloaded from your Google Play Store/ Apple Store. The last time we checked, the printer app had a file size of about 87MB. While it claims to support multiple languages we found the English language pretty easy. The Chinese option in the app is somewhat challenging for non-Chinese speakers (Just a heads-up anyway)

Concerning modes, the PrintX Pro app (Peripage) supports Image & Text modes, Label mode, Web print, AR (less than average on testing), Text Recognition & To-do-List print modes. There is a sticker/clip art section within the app that you can customize before printing. A draft area is also present within the Peripage app should you decide to continue your projects some other time.

Noiseless Operation & Fast connectivity:

The PrintX Pro is quite quiet in operation. Besides its silent hums, you barely hear irritating printer sounds. This could be one big reason behind its hype anyway. In terms of connectivity, the PrintX connects in a fast manner to your smartphone device via Bluetooth. N: B Only Bluetooth versions of 4.0 and above are supported.

Inbuilt rechargeable Battery

While most printers work with electricity, the PrintX can work without direct power thanks to its inbuilt rechargeable Lithium batteries. This also makes it an ideal gadget when going on family camps or chasing a unicorn (winks)

Modest Printer Speed:

The PrintX pro printer can print about 6 (1.25×2.2 inch) text-based labels in a minute based on testing. Photos in stripes took longer. Compared to available brands this is quite modest. More work can be done by the manufacturers to boost print speed. Time is everything you know.

What do you get in a PrintX Pro Printer Reviews Order box?

  • 1 PrintX Pro Mini Printer
  • 1 roll of Thermal print paper (since the printer doesn’t use an ink cartridge)
  • A user’s manual
  • 1 Charging cable
  • A Sticker set (optional)
PrintX Pro Reviews

How does PrintX Pro Printer work?

The Print X Pro Reviews employs Thermal paper printing is reproducing images. It does not make use of ink cartridges like traditional printers instead, it makes use of a special thermal paper that turns black ( or gives shades of black) when subjected to heat and pressure by the printer. The technique is generally cost-effective as you only have to spend money on affordable special paper instead of ink cartridge and paper. Its accompanying smartphone app offers an improved user experience.

How do you use the PrintX Pro Printer?

  • Unbox the package
  • Charge the PrintX Pro Printer before use.
  • Download the printer app (Peripage) from Google/ Apple play store.
  • Launch the app and Push the power button of the PrintX Pro Reviews, the printer automatically prints a QR code.
  • Scan the QR code using the scan feature of the PrintX Pro app and watch as the two devices pair automatically via Bluetooth. This works only on devices that support Bluetooth versions of 4.0 and above.
  • You can use the User’s manual for further guidance. (A follow-up article about Printer modes will be published soon by the Trend Parlour team)

What are the PROs of PrintX Pro Printer Reviews?

  • One of the best portable monochrome printers out there.
  • Image quality though rendered in Black (and different shades of Black) are quite clear.
  • Handy and convenient
  • Saves you more in the long term
  • Doesn’t make much noise like traditional printers.
  • It is pretty easy to use.
  • Has an inbuilt rechargeable battery hence you can use it in areas without stable electricity or camp hikes.

What are the CONs of PrintX Pro Printer Reviews?

  • It is somewhat expensive. Compared to some monochrome printers, the PrintX Pro has a pretty steep price tag of $99 promo price and $199 dollars traditional price.
  • Speed-wise the print x pro monochrome printer is not the fastest but it sure needs more work if your concern is speed.
  • The app is quite decent but with a preinstall size of 87MB, many may look elsewhere.
  • As with other thermal monochrome printers, photos from the PrintX Pro Reviews gradually fade with time. Takes years but heat and pressure could hasten the process. We recommend you adopt thermal picture protection measures in the long run.
  • Some users complained about language complexity in the app. However, the recent update did some justice to the issue. You could check out the new Peripage update.

Who is PrintX Pro Printer Reviews for?

  • Old school photo lovers
  • Local store owners (because of its label feature)
  • Monochrome photo tutors
  • Individuals
  • Vintage hikers
  • Office interns
  • You.

What are Users of PrintX Pro Monochrome Printer Saying?

My PrintX Pro printer arrived a week ago. The order process was quite straightforward. Delivery was on schedule. The device is decent. Had issues figuring the mobile application initially. Usage is smooth now.

Oliver, Ottawa, Canada

This is a monochrome printer guys. I like its handy nature. Battery life is modest. Labels are clear. More improvements can be made in its printer speed. Giving this a 4.5/5

Lindsey, Lewes, Delaware, US

The PrintX Pro is my second ever Thermal monochrome printer. The P-Touch cube was my first one. I’m impressed with the image quality. Printing photos in shades of black is a nice experience. You can use different colors of the thermal paper too. Nice stuff. In my opinion, the price tag is worth it.

Mae, Bath, UK

What is the Price of PrintX Pro Printer?

At the moment, 1 PrintX Pro Printer costs $99 promo price. The traditional price is $199. Special discounts are offered by the brand based on quantities ordered.

  • 2 PrintX Pro monochrome printer costs $159 (You get 1 Extra printer)
  • 3 PrintX Pro Review costs $297 (You get 2 Extra printers)
  • 4 PrintX Pro Printer costs $249

Where do I buy PrintX Pro Reviews Bluetooth Printer?

They can only be purchased online at the moment. Visit the official sales page of the manufacturer’s or click the button below. Transactions are secure and delivery is prompt. As of the time of doing this review, shipping is free.

Frequently Asked Questions about the PrintX Pro Reviews?

Is the PrintX Pro a Colored Printer?

No! The PrintX Pro is a monochromatic printer. By this we mean it renders photos/ images in black and white/color of the printing paper. Intense images are rendered in shades of black too.

Do I need to purchase Ink catridges for the Print X Pro monochromatic printer?

The answer is no. Printxpro uses a special thermal paper hence you only need the special paper to enjoy your PrintX printer.

Does the Print x pro come with a mobile application?

Yes. It comes with a downloadable app. You can download the Peripage app from your Google Play Store or iOS app store.

Is the PrintX Pro the best Monochrome Printer available?

Many brands exist in the monochromatic printer industry. The specifications and portable nature of the PrintX Pro places in contention for the crown. While many consumers consider many things before picking a monochromatic device let alone a thermal monochromatic printer, the hype following the PrintX Pro may prove to be an indication anyway.

How much is Printxpro Printer?

At the moment, 1 PrintX Pro Printer costs $99 promo price. The traditional price is $199. Special discounts are offered by the brand based on quantities ordered.

  • 2 PrintX Pro monochrome printer costs $159 (You get 1 Extra printer)
  • 3 PrintX Pro Review costs $297 (You get 2 Extra printers)
  • 4 PrintX Pro Printer costs $249

You can get yours here.

Final Thoughts

The year has seen many products. Some are improvements, others are simply ripoffs. The PrintX Pro thermal printer may be worth the hype. Its specification and diverse uses are a plus to the brand. Its $99 price tag may be a let down for some considering the fact that some $60 monochromatic brands offer features that are a little close. Are you a fan of black and white photos? Do you see the retro in everything? This may be the portable printer you need.

Found the review helpful? Check out other engaging reviews from the Trend Parlour Team. Cheers mate!

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