Range xtd Reviews

Range XTD Review 2020: The BEST WiFi Extender for you?

Range XTD Reviews

2020 is not over yet. The coming elections, the reality of living with the Corona pandemic and Aha! Bad internet connection. Like it or not, this somewhat negligible challenge can have serious implications you know. The importance of a good internet connection cannot be overemphasized. Imagine playing Call of Duty online and resuscitating an online buddy of yours only to be knocked off not by a rival or your mama’s slippers but by a bad network. Not great for your online cred right?

Well, we came across the RangeXtd WiFi  Extender amidst its ridiculous hype and thought it nice to review the tech gadget. Sit back and enjoy the raw review by the Trend Parlour Team. Is it worth the hype? Is it affordable? How portable is it? What are the benefits and limitations? Are there any special discounts?  How efficient is it when compared to other brands?… We hope your questions are addressed in this detailed review.

What is RangeXtd Wifi Extender?

Range xtd Reviews
Range xtd Reviews

RangeXtd is simply a smart device that connects to your existing Wi-Fi signal and boosts the signal so that areas in home or office with bad connections can get a reliable signal from your router. This improves your access to fast internet anytime. This robust WiFi extender helps your smartdevices to get such signals even in areas with poor chances of connectivity.

This groundbreaking WiFi Booster loads data faster than the regular brand signal extenders efficiency wise, has a sleek design and adaptable modes. Did we forget to mention that it is pretty handy and affordable. Doesn’t matter whether you’re you want to boost the reach of signals to your basement, your garage, your green workspace… The RangeXTD may be all you need.  

What are the Specifications of Range XTd Review?

Size Small wall-charger sized device 
Weight 150g
Antenna Yes. Has 2 inbuilt antenna White only with a Black Signal Board
Colour Variant (s)White only with a Black Signal Board
VoltageUniversal (US and EU)
Frequency 2.4 GHz 
Speeds Up to 300 Mbps
Radiation levels Low radiation interference
Port 1 LAN port and 1 WAN/LAN port
SupportsSupports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption
Pricetag$99 traditional price. Promo Price is currently $49.95 only
Specifications of Range XTD

What are the Unique Features of RangeXtd Wifi Booster?

There are many key features of this wifi extender. They include:

Sleek Design & Convenient:

The Rangerxtd has a sleek design. It is very light weight at just 150g, is easy to carry around and is quite appealing. Unlike the traditional box like look that many brands spot, the rangerxtd is different from the rest. Thinking of traveling? Simply place it in your bagpack. Portability is everything nowadays you know (winks) The Rangextd comes in only 1 colour- White with a black surface signal board to see mode lights.

Range xtd Reviews
Range xtd Reviews

Powerful In-built Antennas:

 The gadget comes with powerful and efficient  inbuilt antennas that amplify radio signals to beat WiFi dead spots. Wifi dead spots are areas in your home/office where there’s no WiFi signal or a very slow or unstable connection.

Lightening-Fast WiFi:

So we tested this wifi extender in the basement. We plugged the Rangext d to the socket in the basement and recorded significant improvements in signal speeds up to 290+ Mbps at frequencies of  2.4 GHz.

We streamed the horror movie Funhouse and wow! Experience was smooth. Didn’t notice signal lag as noticed in some brand wifi extenders. The Range xtd can definitely rival the Wifi Ultraboost brand. You can click here to read the wifi ultraboost  review.

Simple Setup Steps:

 While many find some available brand wifi difficult to set up, the Range xtd review might be the simplest signal extender available on the market. So easy to set up, you no longer have to worry about complex signal boosters. Its clearly marked buttons and easy-to-understand manuals are beginner friendly.

No worries about technical jargons.  In less than 2 minutes you’re done with setup. Your xtd wifi extender also comes with a simple display screen with light indicators for the different modes.

Broad Device compatibility:

The Range XTD is compatible with your smart devices. While it amplifies signals from your router to have a far reach, it supports signal retention in your smartphones, smart tv and the like.

Range xtd Reviews
Range xtd Router Reviews

Secure Signal Connection

This rangextd does not sacrifice safe signal connection for wider reach or faster connection. With the xtd signal extender, you have a secure WPS by just pressing its wps button. While serving as mostly as a wireless extender, the range xtd still has LAN ports that allow you connect with your pc system via Ethernet cords. We haven’t experienced any security breach so far.  

Large Wireless Coverage:

The essence of having a signal extender like the Range xtd is to reach areas of your room or office with poor signals. This extender has a wide reach you can count on. Doesn’t matter if you’re in your basement or a high rise apartment, when setup properly signals to dead spots improve significantly. The reach is remarkable.

Inbuilt Cooling Vents:

For most people, the fear of a wifi extender that overheats tops the list in making purchase decisions for durable wifi extenders. The range xtd review is different from many premium signal extenders in that it comes with inbuilt cooling vents that check overheating tendencies.

You don’t have to worry about burnt sockets or rising costs associated with changing wifi wall extenders. We’ve used the rangextd signal extender for weeks now (testing and all) and we haven’t witnessed any overheating issue that currently plague many premium brands.

Works with Electricity and not Replaceable batteries:

The Rangextd works with electricity. Simply plug it to your power source and select your preferred mode. It does not come with replaceable batteries though its inbuilt batteries are rechargeable in the event that there’s a power outage. While many reviews miss this, it is important you know this. Looking for an extender with replaceable batteries? The Range xtd is not for you.  

Signal strength indicators:

With this signal extender, you can at a glance see indicator representations of signal strength. With the rangextdreview, you see for yourself the signal strength readings. It will clearly indicate at a glance whether it is strong, normal or weak. This is a particularly strong benefit if you will be connecting multiple units, because it can be a huge time-saver.

Simple power button:

Unlike many premium signal boosters that come with long cords, the rangextd reviews is pretty simple. It comes with a single power slide botton that adds to its beginner friendly appeal Like cabbages, little things like this matter.

How does Range Xtd Work?

The RangeXtd works in a straight forward manner. It connects with your local internet network and then uses its own set of built-in antennas to transmit an amplified signal that it uses to increase the range and the speed of your internet. By doing this, you get improved signals with remarkable reach in your home or office..

Developers of the device say it can even reach speeds of up to 300 Mbps which rivals any high-quality service provider. While our testings show values close to 290Mbps, this wifi extender is definitely at the top of the perking order. With wifi signals from 280 upwards you can download 3GB high definition animations in 11 seconds or less. Quite remarkable lads. Developers say having a system like this Range xtd wifi extender addresses questions like slow signals, poor connections and download lag. Guess we agree with their angle.

What are the Benefits of RangeXTD Signal extender?

  • RangeXTD WiFi extender strengthens your WiFi signal.
  • It is easy to setup.
  • It is compact and portable.
  • The RangeXTd amplifies signals over wide distances.
  • It is compatible with most routers and smart devices.
  • It has no external antennas, or external cables thus you need not worry about any messy cables connections
  • It amplifies and extends signals up to 300mbps. (290mbps on testing)
  • Has inbuilt cooling vents that prevents overheating.

Who is the RangeXtd recommended for?

Range xtd Review can be used by everyone- young and old. The categories of people that can use it because of the nature of their internet activities include Students, Businesses (big and small), online gamers, areas with signal dead zones, and you! Yes! You!

Range xtd Reviews
Range xtd Reviews

Dead zones:

Dead zones are areas in your home/office where there’s no WiFi signal or a very slow or unstable connection. Adding this device to a spot in your home or office where you have almost always had issues getting service ensures you’re able to connect whenever you want. 

Online Gamers & Streaming Gurus

Range xtd Reviews
Range xtd Reviews

Professional gamers & movie geeks have one thing in common. They do not like signal interruptions when engaging in their activities online. Their efficiency is improved with a reliable network signal. Fall into that category? Well, you may need the range xtd wifi booster as a backup. It keeps getting better


The economy is a vital part of our lives. I mean what is the American, Korean or the EU Dream without meeting the needs of your clients? Customer is always king. And you don’t want to delay your customer when they make time dependent orders. No matter the scale of  business you run, all entrepreneurs know the importance of staying connected to the internet.  

Range xtd Reviews
Range xtd Reviews

Some people even have their entire businesses on the internet! Therefore having a high-quality internet connection at all times is a necessity. Whether you’re in the office or at home, staying online to manage your business is simply not possible with using a bad WiFi connection can be risky.

Large Property owners:

If you own a large property, there’s a likelihood that signals may vary in certain places. By having the Range Xtd plugged at certain portions of your property, be rest assured of improved Wifi signal connections.


Learning is a continuous process. We grow as we read. Doesn’t matter about our diverse interests, access to information is key. so is having your Rangextd handy. Doing some assignments in your dorm and still grappling with poor network reception, use your rangextd signal booster. Besides it is affordable and very light. Class teachers can find this gadget useful especially when signal stability is your concern.

What are the Cons associated with the Range XTD?

  • This device is yet to hit regular brick and mortar stores hence it can only be bought online at the moment.
  • Upon order delivery time was delayed by 1 day.
  • Stock is limited as promo lasts for a short while.
  • 1 Range xtd booster may not be enough for 1 big building. 2 worked well upon testing.

What do you expect in the RangeXTD Wifi booster delivery box?

  • 1 Range xtd wifi extender with detachable plug head.
  • 1 user’s manual
Range xtd Reviews
Range xtd Reviews

How to Use the Range Xtd Wifi Extender?

  • Unbox the Package.
  • Press the button written WPS to simply enable the safe encryption.
  • Connect the Range XTD device to a wall socket, and set up a connection using the WiFi router setting. N:B It’s best to plug the Range xtd midway between the router source and the deadzone e.g the hallway linking two rooms.
  • The installation is complete. Enjoy your improved signals the way you like. Still confused? The user friendly manual is there to help.

What are Users Saying about the Range xtd Signal Booster?

“My friend in LA told me about this device she makes uses to help keep her active and up-to-date on the internet and while also performing her work. I decided to give it a try and honestly, it was worth it. This is a Wonderful device.

Kaur, Arkansas,US

This stuff works like crazy. Can’t believe something like the Range xtd has been around for weeks now. Big thumbs guys. The clash of clans battle just got better. No more disconnection in gameplay lads…

Owen, Tampa, Florida, US

“I’ve tried other Wi-Fi boosters before, but unless I was standing right next to them, they barely made a difference. This is totally different!! I put one in my upstairs hallway and now the entire floor has a crazy-fast connection.”

Joe, Utah, US

Who is the supplier of the Range xtd wifi extender?

The following information about the manufacturer/supplier of the product can be found on the official website:

  • The Company behind the RangeXtd Wifi extender is Quality Performance Limited
  • Address: 377 Valley Rd # 1123, Clifton, NJ 07013 (Gotten from their contact page)
  • Email: support@buyrangextd.com 
  • United States and Canada (Toll Free): 855 741 9257 United Kingdom: 033081 80843 Australia: (02) 5133 5671

How much does it Cost and Where can I place my order?

The Traditional Price of the Range xtd wifi booster is $99.90 however for just $49.95 promo price you can finally get yourself a premium signal device.

  • 2 Range Xtd Review costs $99.90 promo price instead of $199.80
  • 3 Range Xtd Review costs $112.39 promo price instead of $299.70

The promo price could explain why stock is limited as the demand for this wifi extender has been on the increase for weeks now. ABOUT WHERE to purchase you can place your orders via the official sales page or click the button below. Your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption.

According to the salespage, The Range XTD 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to request a full refund within 30 days of delivery of your product.   Your 30 days will start on the date the product is delivered to your home. The company asks that the product be in good and like-new condition and have the original packaging.

Range xtd Reviews
Range xtd Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions.

What devices is RangeXTD compatible with?

RangeXTD works with most models/brands of computers, laptops, phones and smart TVs.

Does the RangeXTD work?

Yes! It sure passed our signal tests. If you’re looking for an efficient way to extend your coverage and boost your signal, this is the perfect device. It’s great for homes with multiple users, offices, and multi-level houses.

What should I do if I reset the router?

Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds or until the wifi indicator turns off. Unplug it and leave for 10 seconds before plugging it back in. Turn the router back on and check the connection again. Simple right?

Does RangeXTD have a money back guarantee?

Sure! If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your booster, simply return it back within 30 days. Your cash will be duly refunded. Ensure you return with the delivery package.

How much does the Rangerxtd cost?

For as little as $49.95 you can own your own wifi booster. Stocks are limited by the way. Place your order here

How long will the Promo last?

The Trend Parlour team can’t say for sure. We review trending Tech. products and you make the informed purchase decisions. (winks)

Why do people prefer the Range xtd booster to other Premium Brands?

Its ease of use, modest price tag and support for WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption ( for your privacy protection) may be reasons behind the the preference by users. While it sure has strong rivals like the Wifi Ultraboost, its handy nature and beginner friendly interface sure pushes for the crown of best wifi extender.

Final Thoughts

The good things of life never finish. Tomorrow’s innovations make today’s attempts a worthy step. The Range xtd booster is one hell of a signal extender device worth considering. Its affordable pricetag, healthy range of delivery, sleek design and handy nature is more than just a teaser. This could infact be the next big thing.

2020 could infact still have some goodies for us. The no-risk 30-day return policy means this product is probably flying off the shelves right now. A 45 bucks Signal booster with a 30-day return policy? Definitely worth the bargain.

Loved the review? Check out other unique articles by the Trend Parlour Team. As always, stay trendy!

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