ShowerTime Max Water resistant pouch

ShowerTime Max Reviews 2021: Rethinking your water-resistant Phone Pouch?

ShowerTime Max Reviews

Three things are said to be constant in life: Death, Taxes and Change. How about we add 2 more items to the ‘universal’ list: Rising costs of Mobile phone maintenance due to water/fluid spills and Aha! Oklahoma City Thunder never winning the NBA Championship this year (winks) This Trend Parlour article is about the trending ShowerTime Max and what we think about this smartphone accessory.

What is ShowerTime Max?

Showertime max reviews
Showertime max reviews

The ShowerTime Max is a waterproof smartphone accessory. Think of it as a pouch built for wet conditions. The shower time max houses your mobile device and shields your ports from water or other fluids. Thinking of a spring break devoid of ‘unnecessary’ water-induced phone repairs? How about working in the kitchen/ pool side without worrying about spills on your mobile phone? The ShowerTime Max waterproof pouch might be all you need. Its light weight nature as well as size compatiblity for smartphones less than 6.8 inches (< 17cm) in length might be a legit reason for its hype anyway.

What are the Specifications of the ShowerTime Max Waterproof Pouch?

Material BuildPlastic
Dimension7.55 x 4.72 x1 inches (19.2 x 12 x 2.5 cm)
Adhesive BackYes
Phone Size SupportSuitable for multiple Phone sizes <6.8 inches
Transparent View areaYes. Antifog Clear view window.
Colour OptionsBlack, Blue, White
Specifications of ShowerTime Waterproof pouch

What are the Features of the ShowerTime Max Anti-Fluid Pouch?

Best water resistant phone pouch
ShowerTime Max Fluid resistant pouch

Waterproof Build:

The ShowerTime is built with water-resistant plastic. The clear view area while being transparent is fog resistant too. While running our tests, the inner compartment of the sample showertime pouch bearing the test smartphone was dry. We deliberately placed fluids on this waterproof pouch and its performance was remarkable- hot fluids didn’t create the foggy feel common in common waterproof pouches.


The ShowerTime Max reviews is like a book with a lid. You just have to open it as if you were opening a book before attaching your smartphone of supported size to its adhesive part. You can close afterward. The good thing about the ShowerTime Max’s flip form is that you don’t have to worry about screen scratches common in waterproof pouches that come in the ‘slide-in format. Besides, you can always remove your smartphone from the shower time max whenever you want.

Anti-Fog Reactive Clear view:

This waterproof pouch has a display area that is fog-resistant, large enough, and yet reactive to touch. You can control your encased phones via this area as it is reactive to touch.

Compatible with most phones sizes:

The Shower Time Max reviews is compatible with phones of varying sizes. The adhesive holder on the inner portion the pouch has a nice grip for different phone types (<6.8 inches)

Its external grip is great hence you don’t have to worry about slips or falls.

What do you get in the order box?

  • 1 ShowerTime waterproof Pouch
  • Contrary to what some reviews say, there is no manual on usage in the order box.
Showertime max reviews
Showertime max reviews

How to Use your ShowerTime Max Reviews?

  • Open the package. Open your ShowerTime Max Pouch as if it were a book.
  • Place your smartphone (with dimensions 6.8 inches or less) on the adhesive part within the inner compartment.
  • Close the pouch.
  • You can use the clear view area to select your phone modes. This area is sensitive to touch.
  • You can hang your Shower Time Max wherever you like. Easy right?

What are the PROs of using ShowerTime Max Waterproof Pouch?

  • Protects your mobile device from fluids/moisture plus the clear view touch screen portion is not foggy like regular smartphone pouches.
  • Uses the Flip-form system for inserting your phone.
  • This waterproof pouch is handy and has a durable build.
  • It can easily be removed.
  • It is compatible with phones with sizes of 6.8 inches or less
  • One of the few water-resistant pouches with a nice grip.
  • Price-wise the showertimemax is quite affordable.

What are the CONs of using the Showertime Max Smartphone Pouch?

  • Orders can only be placed online at the moment. We haven’t see the ShowerTime Max in brick and mortar stores as at the time of writing this.
  • We noticed a 2-day delay in delivery time upon order.
  • More colour variety should be added.

How to protect your smartphone from water the right way?

  • Get a phone case for your smartphone.
  • Should your mobile device pick some moisture, wipe with soft cloth.
  • Avoid placing in water &/or extremes of temperature. If you must do so, get a waterproof smartphone pouch like the ShowerTime Max Reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions about the ShowerTime Max Water-resistant smartphone pouch?

Is the ShowerTime Max a Phone case?

It is not a phone case per se. It is instead a case for a case in wet scenarios. You simply place your phone in its big holder compartment and relish using your phone while the splash comes.

What material is the Showertime max smartphone pouch made from?

This waterproof pouch is made from plastic.

How much is the ShowerTime Max Smartphone Pouch?

As of the time of writing this review, the shower time Max costs $45 only. You can get yours from the official sales page.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

When we placed an order for the review sample, delivery took about 9 days instead of 7 days. There was a 2-day delay.

Best water resistant phone pouch
Best water resistant phone pouch?

What is the best Waterproof Smartphone pouch for me?

While brands like the JOTO, Calicase, Hiearcool, and Vansky offer varying degrees of protection from the elements (water, snow, or dirt), it all depends on personal preference and phone size. ShowerTime Max’s stable adhesion gives it an edge over the aforementioned brands.

Secondly, while most of the JOTO, Calicase pouches are phone specific, the ShowerTime Max fits a wider range of smartphones. Not sure if that counts as a point but to some that may be enough.

How do I get my ShowerTime Max Smartphone Pouch?

You can purchase yours online from the official site. 1 unit goes for $49. Discounts are given for different quantities bought plus there’s a 30-day refund policy should you change your mind.

  • 2 ShowerTime Max water-resistant pouch costs $69
  • 3 ShowerTime Max water-resistant pouch (+2 free) costs $135
  • 4 ShowerTime Max water-resistant pouch costs $123

What are Users of the ShowerTime Max water-resistant smartphone pouch saying?

The ShowerTime is a decent smartphone accessory. Still no issues after 1 month of usage.

Sophina, Vermont

The price tag is pretty steep for a waterproof pouch but its flip form makes it understandable. Good stuff.

Abdai, Calgary

Saw an ad online and decided to give it a try. The showerTime works guys. I currently use a Samsung Galaxy Quantum (quite large for a smartphone) and it fits into the waterproof pouch perfectly. Highly recommend.

Anitra, Stockholm

Final Thoughts

Rising repair costs these days posit a challenge to every phone user today. Is there need for a waterproof pouch? Well, especially when it’s certain you’ll be hanging around wet places. Does the ShowerTime give a convincing argument? Well, it depends on what you want. The handy nature of the smartphone pouch, durable build and support for multiple phone sizes is a plus in our opinion. While the $49 price tag might not be much of an issue to some, it is worth considering when you factor in other cheap brands.

Need a durable waterproof pouch option? The ShowerTime Max Reviews may be all you need.

Enjoyed the review? Check out other articles by the Trend Parlour Team. Catch you on the next one.

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