Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews

Stable Cam Pro Gimbal 2020 Review: Is this the best stabilizer for cell phones?

Remember the first time you tried making something in the kitchen? What was it? Well, I tried frying them eggs and potatoes. Potatoes came out fine but the eggs- A lovely disaster I must say. I put so much salt and bell peppers into the pan containing the whisked egg that any rabbit eating a pepper in the hotel lobby would literally do the bell-hops. No jokes. Yup! That was when I was aged six 6. You really need to try out my recipe these days. A big improvement.

Beginner tales like this are more common when it comes to taking lovely photos with your smart devices. Gimbals help a lot-offers great flexibility to leisure photo takers and even professionals. Stable Cam Pro Gimbal is one hell of a stabilizer we find fascinating to review. Grab a Tacos, relax and enjoy the read.

What is a Gimbal?

Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews
Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews

Our pals at Wikipedia say a Gimbal is a pivoted support that allows the rotation of an object about a
single axis. They can be used to mount everything from small camera lenses to large
photographic telescopes. Gimbals make it unbelievably easy to capture smooth-as-silk photos & videos.

In simple terms, think of a stable stand that holds your phone or camera in a firm manner so as to get that perfect shot. It doesn’t matter whether you’re walking, running, or stuff- you still get clear stable images from your photo device.

How do Gimbals work?

Gimbals work by countering external movements with rotations in the axes. They do so with the help of motors, sensors, and other electronic parts. You tilt your phone to the right (for instance), the gimbal detects intentional movements & adjusts your phone cam to align with your position as well as cancel out unwanted jolt or movements (that shaky/wiggle motion). The role of gimbals and camera stabilizers keep increasing with each passing day-stable photos, nice videos, you name it.

What are the qualities of a Good Gimbal?

Light weight

No one enjoys stress. A Good gimbal is one that is lightweight and has a practical size. Handheld gimbals so light that they can’t bear your phone or camera. They shouldn’t also be so heavy enough to weaken your arms during photo or video shots.

Proper Balancing

If you plan on removing and reattaching your camera often, it is best you choose a
gimbal with either a quick-release setup or other features that make it easy to get your camera or smartphone properly balanced on the gimbal. The Stable Cam Pro Gimbal is one of the best stabilizers that explores this feature to great extents.

Long-lasting Batteries

Some gimbals use batteries while others don’t. The batteries usually power brushless motors. The standard alkaline or Lithium-ion battery variants are the most used. Gimbals nowadays are easily charged. In getting yourself a quality photo/ video stabilizer, always go for gimbals with long lasting battery life- one that can last long between charges. Cell phone stabilizers like the Stable Cam meet this criteria.

Ease of Use

When choosing a gimbal reviews, consider your proficiency levels. As a beginner, go for a stabilizer that is pretty easy to use. Sometimes it pays to consider functionality over complexity. You can progress to complex stabilizers with practice. You don’t want to go on a mountain hike in say, the Cirque de Gavarnie in France only to fumble with your complex gimbal- no stable shots, no memories. Trust me, that’s a bad experience.


This is one key factor to consider when purchasing gimbals. Not all expensive gimbals meet video or photo needs contrary to what many reviews may say. It’s also worth noting that very cheap gimbals might also underperform than what they offer.

So how do I get a great smartphone stabilizer? Well, in all honesty, experience, and witty picks. Since gimbals run on the same basic principles, a few ‘advanced’ features are often responsible for such ridiculous prices. (especially for a beginner) My advice, start with something affordable and try out advanced (expensive) camera gimbals with time.

What is StableCam Pro?

Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews
Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews

Stable Cam Pro is simply a smartphone gimbal that provides expertly-shot, vibrant footage that make for good memories. You don’t have to be an experienced photography or videography to master a photo device like this. This little piece of handheld technology provides photography and videography features that will leave you in admiration of the gadget. The device provides you with the exact balance you need to produce professional images and videos.

This uniquely designed smartphone gimbal is perfect for any occasion or terrain- hiking, adventures, your graduations, haloween shots, you name it. Doesn’t matter if you’re in motion, images and videos from your smartphones are always crystal clear and stable!

Why Do I Need Stable CAM PRO Gimbal Reviews?

Whether you are a professional photographer or just someone that enjoys the art as a hobby, it is quite beneficial to obtain the device because of the stress it takes off your shoulders. As a photographer, it is quite common to get worn out due to the heavy apparatus that comes with the job. Gimbals always come handy. In that way you can fit your smartphone into the StableCam Pro frame while going hiking. It saves space, compact, and lightweight, meaning you can carry it to wherever you want.

If you are a photo freak like myself (and yes! I love group selfies and videos) you improve your art with the StableCAM PRO. You really need to see how stable videos are even when you are running. No unnecessary jolts like what many brand gimbals and selfie sticks provide.

N:B Gimbals are NOT selfie sticks. Gimbals are more stable than selfie sticks. When running with your smartphone attached to a gimbal like the Stable Cam Pro, the video is very stable– no jolts. With your smartphone attached to a selfie stick, the videos shake.

This amazing piece of handheld tech will make all your videos non-shaky, stable, and gives them a cinematic touch. It comes with features that will lead to amazing videos and images, with minimal effort. The device will help you capture images and shoot videos with the quality of a professional camera.

Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews
Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews

What are the Features of Stable Cam PRO?

3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

The Stable CamPro comes with a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer mode. A 3 axis gimbal ensures that the motion of the smartphone camera is stabilized even when you are holding it and going up and down, left and right, front and back. In videographer/ selfie circles we call this pan, tilt, and roll stabilization. This feature is what allows you to hold the device with one hand and still get that perfect shot. The Stable Cam Pro might just be the best camera gimbal yet.

Tracking Feature

The intelligent and predictive tracking feature records movements to the slightest details. Upon testing the Trend Parlour Team found the StableCam Pro to be be highly reactive to the slightest of tilts. Its adjustments were done in split seconds and weren’t obvious but for paying keen attention. Its sensors are smart- real smart. This is extremely important when you are taking photos of nature like animals, birds or insects.

Remember the viral video of an ostrich chasing a cyclist in the Northwestern Province, South Africa? I bet the scene would have been much more insane if a gimbal like the Stable Cam Pro was used to capture the event. Imagine screen sharing that funny video with a screen share device like the TVShareMax? A double combo.

Long Battery Life

Built with durable components, the battery lasts about 15hours on a single charge, this product
offers you more filming time and picture time than most similar products. It also comes with a
beautify mode that will keep you looking sharp and camera-ready all the time.

Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews
Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews
Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews
Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews


StableCAM PRO is small and compact. It does not eat up space. Weighing just about 485 grams (.48kilograms) or 1.06 Pounds, the device fits neatly in a small backpack, making it less convenient to carry around. This feature makes StableCAM PRO ideal for those particularly long photographing and filming sessions.

Beginner Friendly Controls

Stable Cam gimbal reviews have beginner friendly photo/video controls. Doesn’t matter if you’re a grandparent looking to have a swell time like Robert De Niro in Dirty Grandpa or a young chap looking to capture those moves on the ice rink. We humans often need that rush of adrenaline once in a while (winks)

Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews
Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews

Stable CAM PRO Tests and Performance Results.

So Mia and Jared from the Trend Parlour Team went on a light jog by the rocks and tried covering their brief voyage using the Stable Cam PRO Gimbal. The rocky path was chosen to serve as a physical distortion to smooth video recording. They also used a selfie stick to serve as a control. Pals the results were very polar.

While jogging with her (Mia) smartphone attached to the Stable Cam Pro Gimbal, the video was very stable– no jolts. Jared who attached his smartphone to a selfie stick, came back with shaky jog videos-same phones ( Samsung S9s), same paths, different results. The StableCam Pro Stabilizer was the difference maker.

The android/iOs smartphone best camera gimbal combines practicality and professional film-making and photography so that you can create videos, home movies, or images with the touch of a professional. When recording a meeting at the office, we noticed that the stabilizer detected movement when other people around waved their hands. Panorama, time-lapse features, and adjustment are top-notch.

What are the Pros of using the StableCam Pro Smartphone Stabilizer?

  • 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer creates a smart balance to capture crystal clear pictures.
  • Beginner Friendly Controls-Simple User Interface.
  • Portable
  • Long Battery Life- this gimbal lasts for long periods between charges
  • Smart movement sensors/ trackers for optimum results.

What are the Cons of using the StableCam Pro Gimbal?

  • Stable cam can only be purchased online
  • Limited stock.
  • Promo lasts for a short while.

What are Users Saying about the Stable Cam PRO Reviews?

Probably this is one of the major parts of the article you’ve been anticipating. Yes! Stable CAM PRO is trending especially as Haloween and other photos/video making activity draw closer.

“Thank you StableCAM PRO! I’ve two which I use at home and at work and with this whole
virus outbreak I’ve been able to comfortably stay at home and create my youtube videos. I intend to use it at work to record the birthdays of my wonderful colleagues. StableCAM PRO has not failed me so far. On the contrary, actually, it’s made my life much more fun! This must be the best camera gimbal this lockdown period”


“I get uncomfortable whenever my pictures turn out bad and ugly due to shaky hands or abrupt movements. Since, it was pretty tough to deal with the comments I get due to distorted pictures. I finally got the StableCAM PRO upon recommendation by my bestie. You need to see my photos now– squeaky clear, no distortions.


“StableCAM PRO is surely one of the best stabilizers 2020. For real- It’s is one of the most efficient gadgets if not the most efficient gimbal I have used this year. It holds my smartphone at great angles to capture great photos and sleek videos. I love its portable size plus it is surprisingly affordable. Plus the battery life is good enough. I just love its beginner-friendly interface. Best camera gimbal ever!


It appears people from across the world have things to say about the StableCamPro. You decide. The Stable Cam PRO might be the perfect gift to get a friend or family. Think of the best Haloween gift or the best present to celebrate a national holiday. Going by the reviews and comments available online, customers are mostly happy with the product.

Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews
Stable Cam Pro Gimbal Reviews

Where Can I Buy Stable Cam PRO?

You can get the Stable Cam PRO Gimbal without hitches. Simply place an order via the official sales page or click on the button below. Ensure you see the TRUSTe,McAfee and Norton logos before purchase. The sales page is 256-bit encrypted so your transactions are safe.

All orders are made through this website. New customers get a 50% discount on every order
placed plus free shipping. So take advantage of this limited offer. You can also contact the company through +44 20 3808 9234 or send them an email via support@techxsv.com. Their customer service is excellent. The attendants answered all our questions promptly.
One of the reasons that Stable Cam PRO is bought and is highly in demand is Customer Satisfaction
Guarantee that is provided by the company. So no need to be afraid of anything.

How much does the Stable Cam Stabilizer cost?

  • 1 unit of the Stable Cam Pro costs $250. However a Promo is ongoing. You can now get yourself a Premium Smartphone gimbal like the Stable Cam Pro for just $125. That’s a whole 50% Discount off normal price .
  • Purchase 2 StableCams at $250 and get 1 extra gimbals (67% Discountoff normal price )
  • Purchase 3 StableCams at $369 and get 2 extra gimbals (70% Discount off normal price)

2020 just got better.

Final Thoughts

Technology like potatoes only get better. A premium but affordable gimbal like the Stable Cam Pro gives a lot of people access to gimbal tech. Its portable nature, long lasting batteries, smart sensors, 3-axis stabilizers as well as beginner friendly controls are worth considering. Unlike other premium brands that cost as much as $500, you can finally own a premium gimbal for as low as $125. Smart deal I must say. We hope this review helps you in your purchase decisions.

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