StealthHawk Pro Reviews

StealthHawk Pro Reviews 2021: Why is this Helicopter Drone Trending Today?

StealthHawk Pro Reviews

So there’s this techy joke we often say in Austin, Texas. It goes this way,

“Why is it that programmers often confuse Halloween with Christmas? Well, because 31 OCT = 25 DEC.”

Hilarious right? We do apologize if you don’t laugh. Halloween is around the corner and Spooky! Spooky!! We have a trending drone review for you. It’s called StealthHawk Pro. We hope this article meets your need.

What is the StealthHawk Drone Review?

StealthHawk Pro Reviews
StealthHawk Pro Reviews

The StealthHawk Pro is a portable helicopter drone. This helicopter-style drone is compact, easily maneuverable, and takes decent aerial shots. It is no news that most drones are quadcopters i.e have 4 blades. The Stealth Hawk Drone drone reviews have 2 main rotor blades and 2 small rotor blades.

Boosting a flight time of 15 minutes, different flight modes, a transmission distance of 100m, and a long-lasting battery, there’s a lot to check out in this helicopter drone.

What are the Specifications of the StealthHawk Pro Drone Reviews?

StealthHawk Pro DroneSpecification
TypeHelicopter (2 main blades)
Dimension230mm x 80mm
User LevelBeginner, Intermediate
Colour OptionsAsh
Battery3.7V 600mAH Li-Po Replaceable battery
Flight Time15 minutes (per our tests)
R/C Distance100m
Gravity SensorsYes
App modeYes
RC modeYes
Camera1080P HD camera
Price Tag$149 Halloween Price
Specifications of the StealthHawk Pro Helicopter drone

What are the Features of the Stealth Hawk Pro Helicopter drone?

Stylish Design and Smart Build:

The Stealthawk pro has a stylish look. Made to look like a helicopter, this drone is built with hard plastic. The blades are firm but light. This drone is light and handy. Definitely, the way to go.

Great Flight Time:

The stealthhawk rc drone flies for about 15 minutes with full charge upon testing by the Trend Parlour Team. Its 3.7V 600mAH Li-Po battery is a plus. Flights are next to noiseless too.

Different Flight Modes:

Upon Testing, we observed the StealthHawk Pro Helicopter drone has multiple flight modes and stable mode switches. From the hover feature to the auto-return feature, you just can’t get enough of this heli drone. You can check the User’s manual for more. This drone can withstand light rain and mild wind speeds too.

Easy Wireless Controls

The Stealth Hawk drone reviews come with a wireless control pad. Anyone can use its control knobs. Trend Parlour Team tests showed Signals could be relayed to the drone for up to 100 meters and not 200 meters as some reviews say.

StealthHawk Pro Drone Controller
StealthHawk Pro Drone Controller

Smart Sensors

The gravity sensor of the stealthhawk pro is great. Collision rates are reduced and the drone was stable in our indoor tests. It is important to note that kids shouldn’t come near the drone when in flight. The fast blades might be a source of injury to them. We highly recommend you use the Stealth hawk heli drone outdoors.

StealthHawk pro camera
StealthHawk pro camera

Reasonable Camera

The camera of the Stealth hawk can be seen at the anterior part of the heli. Resolution is fair and the camera can be toggled. Concerning camera modes, you can check the user’s manual.

What are the Parts of the Stealth Hawk RC Drone?

  1. 2 Main Rotor blades
  2. 2 Tail rotors
  3. Detachable Battery payload with led indicators for battery level.
  4. Cockpit housing the anterior HD camera

What do you get in the StealthHawkpro order box?

  • 1 Stealth Hawk Pro helicopter drone
  • 1 User’s Manual
  • 1 Control Pad
  • 1 USB Cord
  • 1 Drone Pouch
StealthHawk Pro Reviews
StealthHawk Pro Reviews

Who is the StealthHawk RC Drone for?

  • Drone Enthusiasts
  • Outdoor events
  • Drone newbies. You can get yours here

What are the PROs of the StealthHawk Pro Heli Drone?

  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • Usage is simple. Anyone can use its Radio control. Even beginners can learn how to control easily.
  • The StealthHawk pro drone review has a decent flight time. 15 minutes of nonstop fun is a big deal these days.
  • Supports multiple flight modes.
  • Efficient sensors that lower the chances of collisions.
  • Its Halloween Price tag is modest. Plus the brand is offering a 50% Discount in addition to a 30 day money-back guarantee.

What are the CONs of StealthHawk RC Drone Pro?

  • Only one colour option is available.
  • Discount lasts for a limited period of time.
  • You can only purchase this helicopter drone online at the moment. We ordered our review sample online.
Stealthhawk pro reviews
Stealth hawk Pro reviews

What are Users of the Stealth Hawk Helicopter Drone Saying?

This is my first Heli drone. Love the flight dynamics. Very easy to control. Nice.

Matt, Okhlahoma

Was searching for drones online when I saw a helicopter drone ad. I needed something for a change so I placed an order. Drone arrived in 13 days. Its worth the hype anyway.

Hala, Nevada

This drone isn’t as noisy as regular drones. Flight time is cool. Wish it came in more colors. Rating this a 4.7/5.

Yvonne, Michigan

The discount boosts it appeal. A great drone for that price tag. Highly recommend.

Mitch, Louisiana

How do I get my StealthHawk Pro Helicopter Drone?

The process is easy. You can click on the purchase button below. You can select the number of drones you intend ordering then place your order. The discounts are applied immediately. Expect to receive your drone package in 2 weeks. Not impressed? There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee in place plus your transactions are secure.

How much does the Stealth Hawk Pro Drone Cost?

The StealthHawk Pro usually goes for $298 however for $149 it can be yours this Halloween. Discounts are offered by the brand.

  • 2 StealthHawkpro Heli drones costs $297 instead of $894. You also get 1 free drone in your package.
  • 3 StealthHawkpro Heli drones costs $447 instead of $1490. You also get 2 free drones in your package.

You can purchase yours from the official site.

Final Thoughts on the StealthHawk Pro Drone?

The StealthHawk Pro runs on a nice concept. Its heli design is eye-catching too. This could be the year for drones you know… Easy controls, great air stability, near noiseless flight performance, a decent flight time, a fair price tag plus discounts… Is this the best drone this year? Well, I guess it is worth checking out. Keep watching this space for more reviews. Till next time, stay trendy.

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