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Tact Watch Review 2020: Why is Everyone chatting about this Military Smartwatch? (Updated)

Remember that  period in  History when Teddy Roosevelt told Magaret Thatcher that the only thing humans had to fear was fear itself and poor battery life too?

Ooh! That never happened!  But I’m pretty sure we can relate to the battery life portion of the joke. We seem to have resigned to using classy gadgets with great features and a poor battery life.

Smartwatches are even the most hit. They’re so useful and feature-rich, allowing you to do everything from answering phone calls to monitoring  your body systems and fitness,  keeping up with social media and even work. The sad fact is we all know how easy they are to break or scratch. A random fall on the slab and we’re already searching for a replacement. My experience with my former smartwatch within this Corona break was awful. Really awlful! (Enters the Tact Watch Review)

So I’ve been using this smartwatch for some weeks now. Tara gave it to me as a birthday gift. Thought of letting you guys know more about the Tact Watch and how it is different in relation to other smartwatches. Enjoy the detailed review. And ooh! There’s something for you at the end of the article.

What is the Tact Watch?

Tact Watch Reviews
Tact Watch Reviews
Tact Watch Reviews
Tact Watch Reviews

The T-Watch, Tactical Watch or Tact Watch is simply a premium tactical watch. This smartwatch is one with a rugged and resilient appearance- something that is pretty rare in the smartwatch tech space. It prides itself for being the go-to gadget for extreme or rugged physical activity. Want to get dirty in the mud? The Tact Watch got you covered. This is of course in addition to providing you with premium features like basic health vitals monitoring, message notifications, and of course time updates whenever you need it.

History wise, the Tact watch draws its root from a military background. Originally designed by a group of former military engineers who wanted an elite watch with advanced features for the military to wear during active duty, civilians today can not only catch a glimpse of what a military watch looks like but also own one in a trending smartwatch form. The Tactical watch tells a story of Practicality, Style, and Class in a truly rare mix. Think of this as a smart rival to the G-Shock.

What are the Specifications of the Tact Watch Review?

his watch is very nice and simply good for everyone as you can see from the Specifications of this tactical smartwatch below.

Quartz MovementPC21
Battery lifespan before change33 months
ProgramBW03 S1
Screen glass4th generation Gorilla glass
SensorBMA222E (3D)
Available languageEnglish, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese
DisplayFSTN/Full View
LightEL Cold Light Panel
Bluetooth versionBT 4.0
SoundCeramic buzzing
Watch DataSaves Data for past 15 days
Bluetooth Coverage Distance>8m (Open Space)
Water Proof LevelLevel 5 IPV67
Strap SizeInternational Standard
Button life100K times
Tact Watch Specifications
Tact Watch Reviews
Tact Watch Reviews

What are the Features of the Tact Watch?

Water-Resistant, Dust and Scratch Proof:

Tact Watch Reviews
Tact Watch Reviews

Built to be rugged, this military-grade smartwatch is 100% waterproof. Rated IP67, you don’t have to bother about getting it to the swimming up to 50m deep . Get into the water, roll in the sands or mud, ski with it. The weather elements seem to be pals with the Tactical watch.

Scratch tests done by the Trend Parlour Team produced stunning results. Its dial screen didn’t show scratch marks. Under heavy lighting, we didn’t significant scratch marks. Wish such material could be used to make more gadgets. On the flip side, the Tact watch screen cracked when we drove the Team car over it. A point worth noting anyway.

Step Tracker Feature/All Day Activity Tracker

A great feature of the Tact watch, the degree of accuracy and precision is so real. Whether you’re too hyperactive or just a slow comb, the T-Watch’s step tracker keeps accurate record . It also comes with a Burn Calories Feature. When you get this smartwatch, I recommend you try out this mode. Nice Pedometer.

Heart rate Monitor & Mobile Compatiblity

This is now a necessary feature of smartwatches today. No matter your activity, your T-watch gives you instant heart rate reports as you demand. Your health stats are automatically synced to your app and you can later share these data with your doctor. Checking your dynamic and resting heart rates just got easier.

Sleep Monitor

In an article by a group of doctors on the WebMD online platform, the benefits of sleep to the human body is quite numerous. From Keeping you in Elevated moods to Ensuring Properly pumped heart, it is only important to get adequate hours of sleep. 7-8 hours can do wonders you know (winks) The Tact Watch helps you monitor your sleep patterns and body movements.

This info is synced with your smart device and you can study them. While this does not entirely take the role of your physician or sleep professional, this smart watch helps in the overall improvement of the quality of life.

Ease of Use

Contrary to what people may think, this military grade smartwatch is pretty easy to use. It’s dial is a subtle blend of intentionally ambiguous features and a simple user interface. Guess it’s a military thing afterall. Want to stand out from your group of hikers or yoga buddies? Get yourself a Tact Watch.


No military watch is complete without a compass. The Tactical watch comes with a built-in compass and GPS. This feature gives you a hold on where you are and your current direction. Its no wonder adventurers, hikers, terrain explorers etc love this watch.

I’m pretty sure if Dora the Explorer or Christopher Columbus had a Tactical watch like the T-watch, they won’t have gotten lost… Lols!


If you need to have the right measure of time to be able to execute your objective with precision. Then, chronometer would be your surest bet.

Besides navigational purposes, the Tact watch gives precise time readings. Unlike some brands that loose time because of magnetic lag or the cliche jargon of Time Physics, the Tact watch is precise- very precise. Its anti-magnetic styled parts coupled with the adjustment knobs, make this possible.

Resilient Battery

It lasts 33 months on a single Charge. Prolly the most Thrilling feature yet. Unlike other smart watches like the Apple watch, Gx Smartwatch or the X Watch that require charging every 1 or 2 days, this monster of a smartwatch requires 1 smart charge to last for 14-33 months. First thought it was a publicity stunt by the manufacturer however as at the time of writing this article, I recall charging it just once (been using mine for 1 month and 24 days now)

Dear reader, you just have to check this smartwatch out. Guess some things are better experienced after all.

Message Notifications and Alerts.

This is a nice feature. You can connect this tactical smartwatch to your mobile device, this essentially allows you to sync your notifications such that you get notified from your watch when you have a message or phone call. The tactical smartwatch is compatible with iOS 8.0, Android 4.4 and above, Bluetooth 4.0

No more missed phone calls. It also comes with a support app that aids users. The alarm/ call or ring tune is in a beep like manner- no vibrations. This is not like other smart watches. Take note of this too.


This is an overlooked feature, but very important to have. Night time missions are common, so you’ll need a watch with the ability to display information in the dark. Look for a back light or luminescent hands to read the time when the lights are out.

Practical Straps

The Tact watch comes with Silicon straps with special pore markings that ensure your don’t sweat much around your wrist. It does not long sleeve shirts like some existing brands. The overall frame is also lightweight. This is the most practical watch you can see in the watch space right now. The G-Shock has a real competitor I must say.

Tact Watch Reviews
Tact Watch Reviews

What does the Tact Watch offer to Users?

  • A Reliable and Easy to use Military Grade Smartwatch. You need to witness the Strap test done on the Tact watch. The straps are anti-corrosive, anti-allergenic, and stretch proof.
  • Premium features at affordable price levels
  • Unrivalled Durability and a smartwatch with a high performance battery. We can engage in Activities as we like since the Tact watch’s battery is the best in the world in the smartwatch catergory. The 4th generation Gorilla Glass used by tactwatch ensures fewer breakages, and scratches too.
  • User satisfaction. You know you’re wearing a part of history and cherish the efforts of our fallen soldiers.

What Colors does the Tact Watch come in?

  • Black
  • Black with Red Trims
  • Silver with Blue Trims

Who is the Tact Watch meant for?

This smartwatch is meant for every earthling. Do you love Life? Do you love challenges? Howabout adventure? Unleash the child in your pals cos this watch is for you. Looking for a military grade smartwatch to match your gym attire or military halloween costume? Get yourself the Tact watch.

Target audiences include Adventurers, Hikers, Students, Active people…

What are the Pros of the Tactical Watch?

  • Extraordinary Durability & Resilience.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • Easy to Use
  • Solidness & Reliability
  • Innovative & Professional Design

What are the Cons?

  • Stock is limited
  • Poor publicity. Many don’t even know a trending product like the T-watch exists.
Tact Watch Reviews
Tact Watch Reviews

What do I get in the Order BOX?

  • 1 Tact Watch
  • 2 Screwdrivers to Remove the bands.
  • Fancy Packaging.

What are Users of the Tact Military grade Smartwatch Saying?

Amazing product! Nice look and feel. Hiking just got better. Def. Recommend.


 The Tact Watch Package arrived today. I’m still studying it. Mehn! Its Quality is just on another level. It truly has the feel of the military. It’s a nice thing I saw this Trend Parlour review before buying. At least I know what to Expect now I have the watch.


I love the way the T-watch syncs seemlessly with my smartphone. Very light but robust frame. Nice. I have an issue with the limited colour options. Guess its a military thing afterall. Definitely recommend. Reminds me of my active years in the military though. Fond Memories.

Blake O’Connor

Frequently Ask Questions

Is the T-Watch worth the hype?

This tactical watch is a marvel to behold. The range of features and its broad use is second to none. Its frame is built to last for a long time. Its pocket-friendly price is worth considering when compared to the big-name brands. It also comes in a stylish box, making it a nice gift option for a loved one.

Is this the Best Tactical Watch?

As at the time of writing this review, our response is YES. Extensive test results support our response.If you want great features and unmatched durability at an affordable price, this is the ideal smartwatch for you.

How much does the Tactical smartwatch cost?

Tactical smartwatch is really affordable. Most brand smartwatches will cost you around $500. The average price of the Tact Watch is $180.00! However, there is currently a limited-time offer of a 50% discount – if you place an order today, you can get the T1 Tact Watch for just $89.95! You also get Free Shipping of the product to your door step.

Simply click this link or any of the blue rectangular buttons in this article to start your purchase.

Tact Watch Reviews
Tact Watch Reviews

How can I buy the Tactical Watch?

For you to purchase the Tactical Watch, follow the 3 simple steps below

  • Visit the official website through this link
  • Place your order and provide the required purchase info. Ensure you see the McAfee, Norton and TRUSTe logos in the official site before purchasing.
  • Expect your product in no time.

Final Thoughts

Imagine what you can do with a smartwatch that requires a single charge in 33 months. ADD its numerous features and you have yourself a great deal. Given the ongoing 50% Discount + Free Shipping offered by the company, the T-Watch/ Tactical watch/ Tact Watch may qualify for the best Halloween gift yet.

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