TVShareMax Screen Mirror Reviews

TVShareMax Reviews 2020: Is this Screen Share Device worth your DIME?

Ever wondered the 3 things that are sure to be constant if dinosaurs were to make a return to planet earth? Weird question right? Well, grandma will always say Autobiographies, Entertainment and Televisions. Guess they would be celebrities on their return.

What if we had something that could project the videos or pictures of their grand entrance from our phone screens (iOS & Android) to a larger screen like say your TV? What if we had a smart and handy screen share hardware like the TVShareMax? Cool right? Well, Wait! This review is about the TVShareMax screen share tool and how to screen share using this portable option.

What is TVShareMax?

TV Share Max Screen Share

TVshareMax is a smart disc-like device with plug and play function that shares your device screen to a larger screen. TV Share Max makes use of an advanced but user-friendly tech. that lets users share content on larger screens. Let’s say you’re watching an episode of The Witcher or the climax of Avengers :Endgame on your smart phone and want to also stream it on your big plasma television or smart projector, simply plug the circular device to your tv set and stream whatver you want via WiFi.

The TV Share Max is compatible with Android and iOS devices and works seamlessly with services like Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Hulu and HBO. You can even mirror that your PUBG mobile game on your Television set. Yes! You heard it right. Anyone can use TVshareMax and enjoy unlimited viewing. It’s an affordable option too.

With the fast pace of technology, it’s quite obvious Online Streaming is the King of the moment. Cable TV have the option of adopting new ways or risk running out of business.

What are the Specifications of TVShare Max Reviews?

  • Multiple mode support: Airplay, DLNA, Miracast, AirMirror & Cross-system mirroring
  • Multistream service support: Netflix/YouTube/Chrome/Hulu/HBO etc.
  • H.265 Coding Support.
  • HD 1080p Playback Full-HD.
  • HDMI output with 50% faster processing speed- No setup delays.
  • WiFi Support
  • Plug and Play Spec.
  • Dimensions: 2.28 inches X 0.47 inches. Very handy.
  • Broad Compatibility: Android 4.4+, iOS 9.0+, MacOS 10+ included.
  • Diverse Uses: home cinema, games, Halloween costume drafts, office presentations and conferences

What are the Features of TVShare Max?

TVShareMax Screen Share Review
TVShareMax ScreenShare Review

Crystal Clear Video And Super Improved Audio Quality

TvShareMax Cast device can stream Full HD Content from your phone to your TV without lag up to 60fps. Mobile gaming can be enjoyed like never before. The image quality is outstanding and you don’t have worry about grainy screens.

Simple User Interface

Anyone can use TVShareMax. You just plug it to your TV, press the power button and wait for some seconds. It connects quickly to your Wifi network and allows you to stream anything from your device on your TV.

Compatible with all types of Television

The cost of a new smart tv is nothing to write home about. Then when it arrives you have to spend time connecting it and that’s if all the features work.

Smart Televisions nowadays cost a lot. Not everyone has the access to the premium features that often come with them. The TV Share Max works on all TV models no matter how old they are. Upon testing, TV models manufactured from 2006 upward worked.

Compatible with most apps and Streaming Services

The screenshare feature of the TVShareMax has wide compatibility. It works on a large range of multimedia options including Safari, streaming services like Netflix, HBO Now etc. Photos can be shared easily too. No hassles.

Convenient and very Practical

Without mincing words the TVShareMax Reviews is very portable and convenient. You can put in your bag pack, or slid it into your sleepover kit. Teenagers and families who want to spend quality time will find this Screen Share device handy. A really good reason to love tech (winks)

What do I get in the TV Share Max Screen Mirror Order Box?

TVShareMax Screen Share
TVShareMax Screen Share Review
  • TVShareMax Device
  • 1 HDMi cord set
  • AV Output cable
  • USB Cable
  • User’s manual.

How Does the TVShare Max Device work? (TVShareMax Screen Share)

Online screen sharing by the TVShareMax works by breaking down the information depicted on your device screen(e.g your Android phone or IPhone 11) into encoded packets of information and sending them across the internet (or WiFi connection in this case) to another device (e.g your television or smart projector)

The recipient device rebuilds the image received from the primary screen. The TVShare Max comes with compatible software that compress the data to minimize bandwidth requirements as well as carefully monitor activity on the screen. The software will only transmit information when a change or movement occurs. This makes the TVShareMax the best screen share gadget in terms of connection stability and image quality.

What are the Benefits of TvShareMax Screen Share?

  • TvShareMax is so easy to connect. You simply plug it in your HDMI port, make a few selections on your mobile device and your TV settings, and screen videos from your phone to your TV in less than a minute. This device comes with a user’s manual to guide you with its simple setup.
  • You can stream Full HD content. Projected images and videos are ultra clear. this is in stark contrast to existing screen mirror options that provide grainy/blurry content on the TV screen.
  • There’s no Signal Delay/Lag with the TVShare unlike some existing brands. You get to enjoy uninterrupted shows on your TV. This is great news especially when you have your fair share of signal disappointments. I remember screen sharing an episode of the series Siren in one of the popular screen share brands and Tv just stopped relaying signals. Funny thing is video was still playing in my phone yet nothing was showing on my screen. Was really perturbed because I spent a ton of cash purchasing what I saw on a Tv Ad.
  • Very Affordable– The TV Share Max offers great premium value at an affordable price. Its fast connectivity and infinitesimal lag time means you spend less data overall. This is not a subscription based device. Once bought, you own it for life. No extra bills.
  • It supports diverse videos, audios, and picture formats. Plus the experience is something to always relish.
TVShareMax Screen Mirror Reviews
TVShareMax Screen Mirror Reviews
TVShareMax Reviews
TVShareMax Reviews

How to Use your TVShareMax Screen Mirror Device?

  • Plug TVShareMax into your TV (Different TV cord options are available)
  • Connect your Smartphone to the TVShareMax device via WiFi.
  • Tap on the ScreenShare option and enjoy your favourite shows.

So Easy. Should you need help, simply read the detailed Users manual.

What are the Pros of TvShareMax Review?

  • It is easy to use.
  • It’s a handy device.
  • It is very affordable.
  • Supports Android, iOS and other smart devices.
  • Compatible with many streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, HBO etc
  • Produces Ultra clear quality images/ videos on target screen.
  • Sleek design.

What are the Cons of TvShareMax Screen Share?

  • TVShare Can only be ordered online. Sadly enough this screen mirror device cannot be gotten in your regular brick and mortar store at the moment.
  • Promo is on for a limited time.

What are Users saying about TvShare Max Review

“The set up process is extremely easy. Nice picture quality. Also love its functionality despite connectivity range variations. No signal lag like that atrocity of a service I used last year. It’s a must have pals. It connects to the WiFi so that you can use any device to cast onto your tv.”


“My eyes literally were literally heavy after hours of binge-watching HTGAWM Now I can screen mirror shows to my TV or even my games. Love it.


“TvShareMax is very easy to install ( Takes <5mins). I can enjoy favorite with the whole family”

TVShareMax Screen Share Review
TVShareMax Screen Mirroring Review

Where can I Purchase the TVShareMax ScreenShare Device?

You can order your TVShareMax on the official website. For Review purposes, we ordered via their official sales page or the button below. They give exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is pretty fast and easy.

Promo offers include

  • 1 TVShareMax costs about $59.
  • 2 TVShareMax costs about $102 + 1 Free Screen Share Device
  • 3 TVShareMax costs about $140 + 2 Free Screen Share Device
  • Non-promo price for 1 TVShareMax is $111

Final Thoughts

Technology exists to make life better. The Screen Share feature has changed the way we live our movie lives. Want to watch a video from your mobile phone on a bigger screen without stress? Use the TVShareMax Screen Share Device. This portable device offers premium value and comes at a decent price too. You have nothing to loose by maximising thePromos by the company. We feel this screenshare device could be a great deal afterall. See you on the next one.

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