WaterBoom 360 review

WaterBoom 360 Water Resistant Speaker Review: How REAL is this? (Updated)

So I met a guy during lunch break and we got talking. Dude is great at chess. I asked him a quick question, ‘When water gets into a table, what does it become?A pool table’ , he said. Amused by his answer, I asked him a followup question. ‘What happens when water gets into your expensive speaker?‘ He gave me a funny look and quipped ‘Just get another one.’ Lol! I’m pretty sure we can relate to this. Wait till you meet the WaterBoom 360 Speaker.

 Most of us enjoy spending quality time around water. Maybe in the poolside or the beach with family and loved ones. Being in water is often fun but it is more fun when you can listen to your favorite artists and their beautiful music. Sometimes we want to take a break from the hassles of life during the summer  and it usually means that you’ll be around water.

Going for a swim in pools, boarding a boat or yatcht in that beautiful lake, sea, or ocean – all of that gives Joy and satisfaction to each summer. Our Everyday lives involve water one way or the other. Whether it is having your bath, doing your laundry or doing the dishes, watering the garden, washing the car, or just having a lone time in the hot tub in the yard, water is still involved.

A waterproof and aqua friendly speaker like the Water Boom 360 might just be all we need.

In this review, we would be checking out the WaterBoom 360 as well as comparing what it promises to results obtained from our own tests. Do have a good time.

What is the WaterBoom 360?

WaterBoom 360 Review

This is a trending Portable, Water Resistant Premium Bluetooth speaker. Halloween is few months away and everyone is looking out for that perfect gift.

What are the Features of the Water Boom 360 Speaker?

waterboom 360 review
WaterBoom 360 review

Extraordinary Design-So unmistakable

When we first came across the WaterBoom 360 review we quickly realized that the features of the WaterBoom 360 are what make this Bluetooth speaker one  of a kind. It  currently ranks among top Bluetooth devices available on the market today. Overall, its features allow the speaker to perform optimally when exposed to water and still provide with great sound quality and audio output.

First  impression they say always matters. The WaterBoom 360 speaker boasts a sleek and ultra modern outlook. The good appearance of the speaker  instills pride and confidence in the user. The primary feature you’ll notice about this Bluetooth speaker is that it has a circular or rounded shape and it is coated in rubber for added protection. The speaker is quite large though still very portable, and its grille is located on the front side of the speaker.

On the top side of the speaker, you’ll spot a safety hook that can come in handy for hanging your speaker somewhere in case you cannot keep holding it.

The WaterBoom 360 speaker also has a port for your USB and an SD or memory card slot on its side. The USB port allows you to recharge the internal battery of your speaker in case of low battery. On the other hand, the SD card slot provides the option to insert your SD card and listen to your favorite music anywhere you are!.

Overall, the WaterBoom 360 looks quite charming and appealing to the eyes. It comes in a variety of colors- make your choice. It’s a nice speaker to have when you’re near water or when you are making use of water. Furthermore, you can always count on its portability since it doesn’t take up space. It is also long-lasting as it was built with quality materials to confer durability. In essence, transportation and longevity aren’t issues for the WaterBoom 360.

However, this speaker offers you way more than a good and sleek design. The WaterBoom 360 is a Bluetooth speaker that comes with a set of modern features that we believe you’ll find more interesting. Therefore, let us dive into the amazing features of this Bluetooth speaker, what it can do and why they’re very popular as portable speakers.

Great sound quality

How would you feel if the audio output of your recently purchased speaker keeps messing with your favorite songs? Annoying right? Well, the Water Boom 360 Speaker boasts a one of a kind and very smooth audio quality. It even makes the music sound better with its acoustic improvement features.

The most important feature of any speaker remains its ability to produce the best possible sounds and eliminate sound glitches of any kind. The WaterBoom 360 Review is a speaker with a design that enables you to hear sounds coming from 360 degrees- it equilibrates sound output along any radius. This means that no matter where you have placed the waterproof speaker, the music will have a uniform distribution to all directions.

Waterproof Nature- the Selling Point

There is usually a parallel between Water and most electronics. The WaterBoom 360 isn’t necessarily affected by this. From the angle of safety and longevity, the WaterBoom 360 is a water-resistant speaker.

This means that you can make use of the speaker  in the shower, swimming pool, or when you are around water in general. This speaker continues to blast songs even when you let it stay one meter under water  for about 33 minutes at a time. Yet to see a similar gadget that beats this one in that area.

Bluetooth connectivity

Aside from being waterproof, WaterBoom 360 also supports Bluetooth connectivity. We have gradually entered an era of wireless technology, this speaker supports the most recent trends. The WaterBoom 360 can maintain great Bluetooth connections at distances of up to 100 ft. This makes it one of the strongest Bluetooth devices. Therefore, you’ll be able to connect your devices to this speaker and listen to your favorite songs, even when those devices are not waterproof.

WaterBoom 360 Review
WaterBoom 360 Review

Wide Degree of Compatibility-Devices and all.

Some Bluetooth devices are limited to very limited operating systems and brands but the WaterBoom 360 covers a wide range of devices and operating systems its compatible with. This smart gadget is compatible with almost every device that can connect via Bluetooth!

This is mainly because the speaker has no issue connecting to devices with different operating systems. The WaterBoom 360 works with top brands like Android, iOS, Siri, and Google Assistant, and as we all know, having a flexible speaker is always helpful in case you change devices or lend the WaterBoom 360 to a friend.

Long lasting Battery

Of course, it would’ve been impossible for speakers or any other electronic to function if they aren’t powered in some way. In the case of the WaterBoom 360, the power to the speaker is delivered through a strong Lithium-ion battery.

This battery is quickly rechargeable, with an extended life of up to 6 hours, and it takes only 2.5 hours to charge. Great right?!

FM radio

Yeah, in this present era, most people do not listen to the radio but who knows where the next helpful information will come from? One more feature that’s a nice about the WaterBoom 360 is that it offers  the ability play FM radio.

In terms of audio quality, I’ll rate the WaterBoom a 7.9/10. Though tunes from WABC sounded great on the WaterBoom device I still noticed a dull Bass in some segments when placed underwater for longer than normal (more of this in the demerits portion of this review) Besides this, this is a must-have.

Receiving Calls

WaterBoom 360 provides you with the opportunity to answer calls when connected to your smartphone. The WaterBoom 360 has an  in-built microphone through which you can speak. This helps you to stay connected to people while having fun at the same time.

As you can see, the WaterBoom 360 is a Bluetooth speaker full of surprises when it comes to features. However,  we will now look at the performance rate of the device. Does it really perform or is it just a hype?. Now that we’ve explained the features, let’s continue reviewing the speaker by talking  about how well it performs.


The WaterBoom 360 outperforms its competition like a full bag of Doritos. Lol! Yet to see a full bag yet. The point is you get it. Its performance is topnotch. The sound quality is superb and the durability of the product is second to none considering the nature of quality materials used in its build.

The speaker generates a clear and stable audio output.  Generally, the WaterBoom 360 does perform well, and it won’t let you down when you’re around water.

What do I get in the Water Boom 360 Order Package

  • 1 WaterBoom 360 Speaker
  • 1 USB cord for charging
  • 1 Holder/ Clip
WaterBoom 360 review
WaterBoom 360 review

What do we love about the Water Boom 360 Speaker?

  • Superb sound quality
  • Its Waterproof nature-It really works under water.
  • Effective Bluetooth connectivity. Connects via Bluetooth with ease over long reasonable distances.
  • Very portable.
  • A wide array of colours to chose from.
  • Pocket friendly on a general note.
  • Compatible with many devices and operating systems
  • Multi functionality. You can easily receive phone calls via this.

What we dislike about the WaterBoom 360 Speaker?

  • Bass got weak at some point underwater. After about 40 minutes in the pool I noticed the device produced funny bass sounds. It was all part of the product test anyway. Based on personal observation, this bluetooth speaker works optimally underwater for about 33 mins at a time. When left underwater for longer, expect funny tunes.
  • Can only be ordered online
  • Limited stock
waterboom 360 review
WaterBoom 360 review Black Variant

Is the WaterBoom 360 speaker worth buying?

Considering its features and performance, we can see many positive aspects of buying the WaterBoom 360.

The WaterBoom 360  is waterproof and very durable. This makes it a very reliable gadget to make use of during your vacations and everyday activities. It also produces very palatable sounds and allows you to regulate the volume, which means that you’ll have the liberty to roam about and still have solid sound quality. Ever heard of a speaker that  offers  you  freedom and a great sound experience at an affordable price? Guess it is worth buying afterall.

The life of the battery is also great, and the same can be said about the charging time.  This shows that you’ll be able to use it for longer periods of time before you need to charge it and still charge it really quickly. With a speaker  like this, you’ll be able to listen to your music for longer periods of time. This means that the speaker won’t stop working in the middle of your activity.

Furthermore, its great compatibility with other devices and operating systems is nothing but an extra plus. Since it’s so flexible, you’ll probably be able to use the speaker on many devices that you currently use.

With its pocket friendly price and performance angles, the WaterBoom 360 is a sensible deal.

Where can I buy?

You can purchase your WaterBoom Speaker from the company’s official sales page here>> Ensure you see the McAfee, TRUSTe and Norton logo. The site runs on a 256 bit encryption so your transactions are safe.

A 50% discount + Free Shipping is included when you purchase from the company. A sweet deal if you ask me.

What are Users of the WaterBoom Speaker saying?

Probably this is one of the major part of the article you’ve been anticipating. Yes!, WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth speaker  is trending and all but what are the users actually saying about it? Here are their comments:

“Thank you WaterBoom 360! I’ve two which I and my brother use at home, and with my busy schedule I’ve been using them very regularly. I use it during laundry, in the shower, and even at work. It has never failed me. On the contrary, actually, it’s made my life so much comfortable! (I’m actually purchasing another one for my mama now.)” 


“I got disturbed  when my previous speaker dot damaged by water. Since then I have been in search of a standard speaker, it was tough to work without good music to listen to. My friend introduced me to WaterBoom 360 and I quickly purchased it. My life has changed for the better all thanks to WaterBoom 360


“WaterBoom 360 is surely one of the best best bluetooth at the moment. It’s the best one I’ve ever used so far, and also one of the most affordable ones. It plays your favorite songs at their best audio quality possible. I love the sleek design because it makes it more attractive. Plus it’s very portable. I just love how easy to use it is.” 


I’m prolly getting the WaterBoom 360 as a Halloween present for my son. I have been using this speaker for sometime- 3 weeks to be exact. Haven’t experienced any hitches yet. Sure would make a great Halloween gift.


Final Thoughts

The WaterBoom is a portable premium waterproof speaker. While there may be some brands promising burgers from space, it only makes sense to go for a product that is tested. Its standout features (portability, superb sound, fast charge, long-lasting batteries etc) and the affordable price tag could in fact be a major factor in making your purchase decisions. Are you already thinking of an ideal Halloween present? This could be the one.

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