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Why we love the WiFi UltraBoost.

Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones or the Witcher? Choose one! Okay, let’s try something different. McDonald’s, Burger King or Wendy’s?

Why these questions you ask? Well, what do you use to boost your signals when you’re in your deadzone basement binge-watching your fav show? Ever heard of the WiFi UltraBoost yet? Well, this concise article is about what we love about the Wifi ultra boost.

What is Wifi UltraBoost?

The Wifi UltraBoost is a portable device specially designed with the primary purpose of significantly improving the quality of the WiFi signal transmitted by your router.

By improving the quality of the signal, I mean extending the range of signal to reach portions of your home/office with weak or no signals otherwise called dead zones.

 Available in black and white colour variants, this gadget captures your router signals, amplifies and spreads them to those portions of your home with weak signals. While a single WiFi UltraBoost signal booster can greatly re-transmit signals to far distances, having more than one device can extend the signal to even farther areas.

Appearance-wise, the WiFi Ultra Boost resembles a small charger and is plugged into the wall socket of rooms with weak signals.

Wifi Ultraboost

What are the WiFi UltraBoost Features?

  1. Portable Size.
  2. Cordless
  3. Single WPS button for easy installation- unlike other available devices, the WiFi UltraBoost is beginner-friendly.
  4. Smart Design and 2 colour options.
  5. Powerful inbuilt antenna
  6. Lightning-fast WiFi (up to speeds of 300Mbps/frequencies of 2.4GHz)
  7. All-round compatibility for different router types and signal services.
  8. Simple screen display with indicator lights for different modes/settings
  9. Large Wireless Coverage
  10. Plug for power from the socket- this device does not work with batteries; instead, they are powered when they are plugged to a wall socket/source of current.
WiFi UltraBoost reviews features
Portable WiFi UltraBoost Review

Why we love the WiFi UltraBoost?

Portable Size

this gadget is handy. About the size of a smartphone charger, it’s a powerful machine on the go.


the WiFi UltraBoost doesn’t need pesky internet cords to function. With this wifi range extender, there’s no need for network cables crisscrossing the room/office. It is wireless in every way.

No Extra Subscription required

Unlike some existing brands, the device is yours for life. No extra costs in the name of subscription models.

Single WPS button for easy installation

the device has a sleek and practical design that provides just one button for installation.

This makes it easy to use for young individuals or even the elderly to use. Because of this feature, installation can be done in less than 60 seconds. For a fact, Technology of the future indeed comes in simple forms. This amplifying tool is beginner-friendly.

WiFi UltraBoost reviews 2020
WiFi UltraBoost Review 2020
WiFi Ultraboost review black variant
WiFi Ultra boost review black variant

Smart Design and a 2 colour option

the device comes in white and black colours. There’s a reason for that. This is to provide contrasting backgrounds for easy viewing of the display.

Its unique design is a key element that separates it from other elements.  More colour choices are to be made available in the future.

Powerful inbuilt antenna

this handy device has an inbuilt antenna that is powerful and is able to amplify radio signals to beat WiFi dead spots (WiFi Dead Spots are areas in the home/office where there’s no WiFi signal or a place with very slow and unstable connection.)

A Wide Range of Compatibility

this gadget is compatible with many router types and internet service providers

Lightning-Fast WiFi- this works

So my basement is actually a WiFi dead zone. Hardly get reasonable signals there.

On plugging this device to the socket in the basement, signals from my router improved greatly in the basement area. It may interest you to know that this Superboost device can reach speeds of up to 300Mbps and frequencies of 2.4 Ghz while amplifying signals.

At this rate the issues like buffering or cracked video calls are rare. There’s no way I’m not sharing this with you pals. Someone may need this info. Stuff works.

Does not emit harmful waves or make unhealthy sounds

the last signal booster I used made a random clicking sound that I found irritating. For the period of time, I have had this device I have not heard such click sounds.

The WiFi UltraBoost is serene friendly. We love our Peace after all! Don’t we?

Simple display screen

this gadget comes with a led display screen with 4 visible icon panels. These icons represent different modes and even provide comfortable views for all.

Large Wireless Coverage

this signal booster has a wider range of transmission when compared to other available devices in the market. It, therefore, improves loading times, video buffering, as well as overall internal connection even in the remotest of places.

Non –battery use

The WiFi UltraBoost Review uses electric current not battery. It’s important to note this.

Very Affordable

Contrary to what many think, you don’t need to sell the Trump Tower or the whole of Disney Land before you can get yourself a working functional signal booster. The Wifi ultraboost signal booster offers premium features at a very affordable price. Talk about cutting yourself some value. The 50% Discount + Free Shipping is really a big source of attraction- I mean winter isn’t so far away. You know how signals and the weather can be (winks)

Final Verdict.

Great deals often lie in plain sight. Many products are in the market but how many can offer you premium value at a happy price? I’m sure your answer is as good as mine. The Wifi UltraBoost offer is one worthy for consideration. Read up our detailed review of the Wifi Ultraboost here>>

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