Zippy Pet Ball reviews

Zippy Pet Ball Reviews 2022: Why is this pet fetch toy trending in Arkansas, USA?

Zippy Pet Ball Reviews

Pets! What can we do without these lovelies? Days ago, there was this debate on the best pet to have in 2022. As expected it was an intense and hilarious exchange. The next day, Matt came with his Maine Coon cat and Sophie with her Labrador Retriever. I guess the high point of the debate was when Sophie quipped, “This is Arkansas. If dogs had a yearly picnic, Arkansas will probably offer to make the picnic weekly” Fact is over 60% of households in Arkansas own dogs per dogtime.com

Man’s best friend they say. How do you build the bond between the family and your 4-footed friend? Periodic walks? Treats? Fetch Toys? This article is about Fetch Toys. What you need to consider before getting a fetch toy for your dog and what we think about the trending Zippy Pet Ball.

What are the factors to consider before picking a Fetch Toy for your dog?

Size of Fetch Toy:

Some dogs are bigger than others. When picking a fetch toy for your dog, always ensure it has a reasonable size. By reasonable I mean, big enough to be seen and small enough not to be choked upon. This is key as many new pet owners don’t see the importance of this until they have their first dog play emergency.

Teeth Friendly Fetch Toys

Get toys that are not so hard for your dog’s teeth. It should be somewhat light, easily retrievable, and not so soft. It should have a decent amount of grip but not strong enough to injure your dog while in motion. Balance is key.

The Simpler mechanisms:

Toys are meant to be as simple as possible. Fetch toys for dogs should not be so complicated. Anything that can be thrown, caught, and retrieved easily can serve. Outdoor fetch toys are also light so that they float in case they fall in the water. You don’t want a heavy fetch toy that sinks when in water for your dog’s safety. They should be visibly colored for easy retrieval too.

Ease of Cleaning:

Chaps! Let’s face it, fetch toys that are easy to clean are no-brainers. You don’t want to purchase a fetch toy that is hard to clean, difficult to maintain, or even serve as a source of infection for your four-legged companion.

Indoor or Outdoor:

While Outdoor Fetch toys for dogs differ from Indoor Fetch toys, some fetch toys are adaptable for both. Outdoor fetch toys typically have a piece of rope or a strap attached to facilitate a long-distance toss while indoor fetch toys are sturdier, bouncy, and tougher to withstand continuous chewing.

Best Pet Fetch toys
Zippy Pet Balls Reviews

What is the Zippy Pet Ball Reviews?

The Zippy Pet Ball is a simple, lightweight interactive indoor toy ball designed to keep your mobile pets engaged, and happy. There are tons of pet fetch toys to choose from, however, but the trending Zippy Pet Ball USA stands out for its durable build, somewhat light nature, and pet-friendly maintenance.

The Zippy Pet Ball is a pet toy built to keep your pet busy, even in your absence. It doesn’t require you to be around before it can be used. Dogs love playing a lot and are one of those animals that like attention from a man.

The high-grade material is made of the durable JollyFlex material; this means that this ball will not deflate even when punctured as the device is strong enough to easily withstand excess chewing from your dogs

What are the Features of the Zippy Pet Fetch Toy Ball Reviews?

Features of Zippy Pet Ball reviews Canada include:

Smart Motion Sensors in an Interactive ball:

Zippy Pet Ball comes with built-in sensors that not only make it easy for the pet toy to quickly detect the dog’s or cat’s presence, but also make it possible for the ball to be able to detect and avoid obstacles while bouncing and rolling around. The feature ensures that the ball will not be lost or get stuck in unwanted places.

It is Handy and is built with Waterproof materials:

The Zippy Fetch toy ball is handy. Handling is great and is made with waterproof materials. its reliable nontoxic plastic outer shell which makes it easy to clean and as well as prevents moisture from penetrating the inside of the ball..

Three Bounce Modes with Led lights:

The Zippy Pet ball has 3 spin modes- Gentle Play (green), Normal (blue), and Active Play (red). It ensures that the ball rolls and bounces as long as your dog keeps chasing and playing with it, but once the dog gets tired and leaves it, the ball will automatically go into rest mode as well. It will continue to rest until the dog goes for it again.

Easy to Control:

The Zippy Pet Ball is easy to control. By simply putting on the sensor box within the ball and closing in a clockwise manner, the zippy pet ball is ready to use. Its 3 activity modes offer options for your pet.

Is Rechargeable:

The innovative pet toy comes with a rechargeable battery that can be recharged using any standard USB charging gadget. The device charges completely in about an hour and lasts at least 6 hours per our testing.

How do Zippy Interactive Pet Balls Work?

Zippy Pet ball has 2 key parts-the external hard plastic shell and a sensor box/core that is housed within the plastic shell. When the box is put on, Vibrations are sent outwards to the shell and mimic the rolling/spinning nature of regular pet fetch balls. Sensors pick movements when there’s contact with the ball and react in kind. The bounce rates depend on the mode selected. The active play mode is more intense than the normal or gentle play mode.

Zippy Pet ball reviews
Zippy Pet ball reviews

What do you get in the Order Box?

  • 1 Zippy Pet ball
  • 1 sensor box
  • 1 User’s manual
  • 1 USB Cord

How to Use the Zippy Pet Ball?

  1. Unbox the package. Open the ball by holding one half and spinning the other (like a screw motion)
  2. Take out the ball core/control mechanism. Charge before use. There’s a USB cable in the delivery pack. This is very important!
  3. After charge. Long press and hold the power button on the core.
  4. Once on, you can switch between modes. Different modes have their corresponding LED lights. It is advised to start with the less active modes when introducing the device to your pets.
  5. Close the ball by turning in a clockwise manner. Your pet can now have a swell time with the Zippy ball reviews.

What are the PROs of the Zippy Pet Ball?

  • Suitable for most pets. Different pets react in different ways. Some are better than others.
  • It is waterproof
  • Made with durable materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Is rechargeable
  • Has a 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Has multiple activity modes to choose from
  • Pet friendly

What are the CONs of the Zippy Pet Toy fetch?

  • Stock is limited. Discount is time-dependent.

Where can I buy Zippy Pet Ball Reviews?

The Zippy Pet Ball can be purchased online, from the brand’s product page. Discounts are also offered.

  • 1 Zippy Pet Ball goes for $43.
  • 2 Zippy Pet Balls units go for $70
  • 4 sets of Zippy Pet Balls go for $130

What are Users Saying about the Zippy Pet Toy Fetch?

I purchased a Zippy Pet Ball for Max to be able to play while I’m working and I don’t have to break his precious little heart every time I am busy. My sister left her cat with me while she was on a trip and she absolutely loved it too! Must-have pet toy!

Andrea, Arizona

It rolls. The concept is a nice one. I mean my dog can play fetch even when i’m not around. I must point out that some breads don’t seem to have issues with the plastic case if you know what i mean… Giving this a 4.6/5.0

Greg, Arkansas

Zippy pet ball looks like the Cheerbie ball. Its stronger though. I got one for my retriever. The battery span is decent and usage is straightforward too.

Maya, Idaho

Frequently Asked Questions about the Zippy Fetch Toy ball?

Is Zippy Pet Ball Any Good?

Sure. The list of ideal pet fetch toys is never-ending. Looking for something different for your pet? the Zippy ball could be an option. Its high-quality tech builds make it stand out. The LED glow is an extra for night play sessions with your pet.

How long does the Zippy Pet Toy Fetch last between Use?

Zippy Balls last for at least 6 hours before they are charged again. The charge time is about 1 hour.

Zippy Pet ball reviews
Zippy Pet fetch toys ball reviews

What happens if the outer Shell breaks?

You can easily replace it. While this is not common, it’s important to prepare for this scenario especially when the pet involved is a big one.

How long much does the Zippy Pet Ball Reviews cost?

A unit of the Zippy Pet Ball Fetch goes for around $43. Discounts are available.

How does the Zippy Fetch Toy Ball function?

Zippy Pet ball has 2 key parts-the external hard plastic shell and a sensor box/core that is housed within the plastic shell. When the box is put on, Vibrations are sent outwards to the shell and mimic the rolling/spinning nature of regular pet fetch balls. Sensors pick movements when there’s contact with the ball and react in kind. The bounce rates depend on the mode selected. The active play mode is more intense than the normal or gentle play mode.

Final Thoughts

There are many pet fetch toy balls in the market. The Zippy ball is different in that it is pet-friendly, easy to use, and quite affordable. It doesn’t necessarily bounce like traditional tennis balls used in playing catch outdoors but makes up for this with its seemingly unpredictable roll. Your pet can play with them in your absence and its parts are large enough not to choke your pet. The shells are also easy to clean and maintain. Concerning extra shells, you can always replace them if you wish. Need something less techy, you might consider going for pet rope balls too.

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