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Call for Guest Blog Posts on Trend Parlour 2022?

Call for Guests Blog Posts.

Comedy club moments are always times we look forward to. Months ago, an upcoming comedian told a joke about Duels being the most Peaceful way of settling conflict in the American Wild West if guns never existed.

…firstly, the absence of guns won’t change a lot. I mean, how do you expect 2 drunk dudes to settle their beef using either a Potato or a Yam tuber? They are drunk in the first place so they can barely stand. Only way to bring Peace is for each dueler to talk about the multiple uses of their chosen tuber. Whoever gives a longer list of what his tuber can do wins the duel. The loser gets to leave town. Premium entertainment for the towns people and a win for the duelers.

How does this relate to the call for guest posts? Well, Duels happen everyday! From the high rise offices of Wall Street, New York City, USA to the Avocado farms of Michoacán, Mexico. From Kiwirrkurra, Australia to Tokyo, Japan, business duels always happen and guess what? Many brands need visibility.

Small businesses are the bedrock of economies all over the world. While some Ideas start with a spark, many are often accidental. Starting that idea may not be the most challenging part of the journey yet. Having individuals view and connect to your story is in fact a big one. Do you have a brand you want to showcase to the world? Want your posts to feature on the Trend Parlour Blog? Do you have stories that are worth sharing with our readers? Well, this could just be that Zing moment!

The Trend Parlour Blog is open for businesses to share their stories. For as low as $62 your posts can get featured on the Trend Parlour Blog

Call for Guest Blog Posts
Call for Guest Blog Posts

Areas of Interest

  • Technology
  • Gadgets
  • Trends
  • Stories/Events
  • Domain name adverts
  • Fashion
  • Softwares
  • Lifestyle
  • Cloud-Based Services
  • Product Reviews

What do I Get for Guest Posting on the Trend Parlour Blog?

  • Your posts get featured on the Trend Parlour Blog
  • More Visibility for your Brand
  • 1 Do-Follow Backlink from Trend Parlour Blog to your website

Can Solopreneurs use Trend Parlour Guest Post services?

Sure. We understand that starting out isn’t always easy. Have a side hustle you want the world to know about? A Post on the Trend Parlour blog may be that push you need.

Can I make posts about Domain names I intend to sell?

Yes! Have you listed a domain name for sale on a domain name marketplace? You can create more awareness for the domain name by using the domain name guest post feature offered by Trend Parlour.

You can also create guest posts for websites you intend selling.

How much will it cost my post to get featured on the Trend Parlour Blog?

Your posts and stories can be shared on the www.trendparlour.com blog for as low as $62. Cryptocurrency payment options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB SmartChain, Tron and Matic are also available for your convenience.

  • One time Blog Post~ $62
  • 2 Blog Posts~$110
  • 3 Blog Posts~$160
  • Domain names~ $35 listing fees on TrendParlour
  • Website for Sale Posts~ $62

Make Your Next Move!

Ready to showcase your brand /stories to the world? You can send an email to admin@trendparlour.com to get started.

Catch you on the next one.

Yours Pandemically, The Trend Parlour Team!

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