Blaux oxi level reviews

Blaux Oxi Level Reviews 2020: The Best Pulse Oximeter for your Health checks?

Blaux Oxi Level Reviews

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Oxygen levels are important health parameters today. They form part of the vital health parameters health professionals check for in patients. A New York Times article by Dr. Richard Levitan, an ER doctor gives an idea of how important checking your oxygen saturation is especially in the present Corona pandemic. They give an idea of a patient’s state and are key in deciding on the next line of action.

Oxygen saturation is simply a measurement of your blood oxygen & is measured using a device called a Pulse Oximeter. Many variants exist today. This is a brief review of the trending Blaux Oxi Level, a handy and easy-to-use pulse oximeter. The Trend Parlour Team hopes this answers your pertinent questions. Enjoy the read.

What is Blaux Oxi Level?

Blaux oxi level reviews
Blaux oxi level reviews

Blaux Oxi Level is a one-button handy personalized pulse oximeter. This smart health device gives you information (estimated) regarding your Oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, and blood pressure. This electronic clip-like device can be placed on your fingers, toes, or earlobes.

They help check how well your heart is pumping oxygen through your body using harmless beams of light that pass through the blood in your finger. The device monitors the difference in light absorption in your blood and gives you a factual estimate of your oxygen saturation.

It displays the results on its led screen. Lightweight, portable, and easy to use, this pulse oximeter can be placed used for checking vitals from old and young people alike. Its somewhat affordable price makes it a must-have in households today.

What are the Specifications of the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter?

The following are the Specifications of the Blaux oxi level reviews,

Device TypePersonal/ Household Pulse Oximeter
DisplayYes. OLED Dual-color display
Weight (with batteries)60g (2.12 ounces)
Color Options(s)White
One Button OperationYes
MaterialThe body is made with high-grade plastic.
Power DC 2.5V-3V (2 AAA sized Alkaline batteries)
USB portNo. Does not use a USB cord for power.
Smartphone Mobile AppNo
Margin of Error+/- 2%
Result wait time45s (based on our testings)
Parameters measuredOxygen Saturation SpO2, Pulse Rate, Blood Pressure
Price$69.99 Promo Price
Specifications of Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter

What are the Features of the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Monitor?

Portable and Lightweight:

Blaux Oxy level is portable. You can place it anywhere. Weighing about 60 grams (2.12 ounces) with the 2 AAA batteries placed in it, these electronic monitors are handy.

Easy to Use:

Blaux Pulse oximeter is one of the easiest to use. Its bright OLED display offers a dual color view of parameters. Values are shown in an easy-to-read manner. You don’t have to be a Princeton University guru (winks) to use this device. No jokes. The finger/toe placement pad of this clip oximeter is large enough to accommodate varying sizes too.

Single Button Feature

The single button feature in the Blaux Oxi level pulse oximeter enables you toggle between modes. It is that long rectangular button you see on the upper half of your electronic device. Simply clip your fingers with the Pulse oximeter, press the button, and wait for your vital parameters to be displayed on the Blaux Oxi level’s OLED screen.

Upon unboxing, we observed that the Blaux pulse oximeter is not compatible with smartphones. While some brands like Wellue have an accompanying smartphone app, the Blaux oxi doesn’t.

Supports 2 AAA Batteries:

This pulse oximeter makes use of 2 removable AAA Alkaline batteries. It is important to note that the Blaux Oxi Level Review does not use electricity. It does not also use a USB cord. This device is powered by simple alkaline batteries that are easily replaceable.

Blaux oxi level reviews
Blaux oxi level reviews

Accurate Readings:

Readings obtained when testing the Blaux Oxi Level was pretty accurate. Though with a margin of error of about 2%, readings corresponded with other values obtained when comparing with other pulse oximeters (we compared readings with those from Wellue and Ankovo brands)

While it is important to remember that individuals may have different baseline sPO2 levels, having an accurate pulse oximeter like the Blaux oxy level is important. This device doesn’t replace the role of a medical personnel in your life but helps you to be health conscious in a way.

Durable Build & Sleek Design:

The Blaux Oxi Level is made with durable materials that last, are easy to clean and maintain. Hard plastic was used in making this handy pulse oximeter. Design wise, it spots a minimalistic design honestly. It however has a blend of black and white in the upper part of the clipper( surrounding the display) while the rest of the body is white. The finger sensor area is made with a sensitive yet durable plastic that does not crack like some brands.

How does Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter work?

Blaux pulse oximeter works by transmitting a wavelength of light through your finger, earlobe, or toe. Many prefer using their fingers. This light finds hemoglobin (the protein in your blood that carries oxygen)—and the amount absorbed by the protein varies based on how much oxygen is already saturating it. A sensor on the other side of your extremity then calculates your blood oxygen levels based on the light wavelengths received, along with your blood pressure and pulse rate. All these happen in seconds.

What do you Get in the Blaux Oxi Levels Review Delivery Box?

  • 1 Blaux Oxi Level Pulse oximeter
  • 1 User’s manual

What are the PROs of Using Blaux Oxi level Reviews?

  • Easiest Pulse Oximeter to use
  • Bold & Bright display
  • Is Portable
  • Has an appealing design
  • Is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Values shown are one of the most accurate today (has a +/- 2% margin of error)

What are the CONs of Blaux Pulse Oximeter?

  • No color variety. Only white is offered
  • Does not have an accompanying mobile app like some brands (e.g Wellue)
  • Result display time takes a bit longer. Some oximeters display results in about 30 seconds or less. Blaux does that in about 45-57 seconds. Guess more can still be done.
  • Can only be purchased online at the moment.
  • Stock is limited.

How to Use your Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter Reviews?

Blaux oxi level reviews
Blaux oxi level reviews
  1. Place your finger (usually Index finger or thumb) on the finger portion of the oximeter clip.
  2. Clip the oximeter in a steady manner. The oximeter should tightly hold the finger. You may use your other had for support.
  3. Press the Single Button of the Blaux Oxy Level
  4. Wait for your vitals to be displayed on its OLED screen. This takes about 45 seconds. Easy right?

Who is Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter for?

  • Households
  • Personal use
  • The Elderly
  • Children
  • Individuals with respiratory challenges like Asthma and the like.
  • Hospitals
  • You
Blaux oxi level reviews
Blaux oxi level reviews

What are Users of Blaux Oxi Level Review saying?

Very light pulse oximeter. Nice visual interface. I’m giving a 5/5

Phoebe, Canada

More can be done in the area of result wait time. 45s is pretty long. Excluding this, this is a nice product. Definitely recommend.

Charles, UK

Easy to use and very convenient. Love this

Volge, US

Demand for pulse oximeters during the heat of Corona pandemic was pretty high in South Africa. Blaux Oxi Level is a decent gadget. Been using mine since April. Haven’t had any challenge yet.

Imka, South Africa

My order arrived 13 days ago. The Blaux pulse oximeter is Durable and easy to maintain. Cleaning is easy. Nice!

Oliver, Australia

How much does Blaux Oxi Level cost?

A single unit of Blaux pulse oximeter costs $69.99 promo price. Before now, it costs about $107.68 traditional price. You can place your order on the manufacturer’s official sales page. Special discounts are also given depending on the quantity bought.

  • 2 Units of Blaux Oxi level pulse oximeter costs $139.98
  • 3 Units of Blaux Oxy level pulse oximeter costs $157.48
  • 4 Units of Blaux Oxy level pulse oximeter costs $192.47

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product. About shipping costs, we paid a little fee for shipping when we ordered the product for testing (about $8)

Where can I Buy Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter?

Blaux Pulse oximeters aren’t available at physical stores yet. They can only be purchased online at the moment. Visit the official sales page of the manufacturer’s or click the button below. Transactions are secure and delivery doesn’t waste time.

Frequently Asked Questions on Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter?

What does Blaux Oxi Level do?

It measures the quantity of Oxygen in your blood in percentage. (Also called Oxygen Saturation.) Normal values for adults is 94-99%. Anything below 90% may need some investigations.

Does Blaux Oxi level need my blood samples?

Not at all. Blaux Oxy uses light of a certain wavelength to get values. It uses a non-invasive method.

Who is Blaux Oxy Level meant for?

It is meant for household and personal use. Children and the elderly can equally use it.

How much does Blaux Pulse oximeter cost?

A single unit of Blaux pulse oximeter costs $69.99 promo price. Before now, it costs about $107.68 traditional price. You can place your order on the manufacturer’s official sales page. Special discounts are also given depending on the quantity bought

Is Shipping Free for Blaux Oxi Level Review?

No. Shipping costs about $8.

Final Thoughts?

No one likes the feeling of falling sick. We always try to eat right, keep fit and take necessary steps to remain healthy. Having a pulse oximeter is one of such steps. Blaux oxi level pulse monitor is easy to use, simple to maintain, portable and above all provides accurate readings. Price tag relative to other pulse oximeters is somewhat on the high side but we feel it is definitely worth the bargain. Not sure of the next thing to add to your gift list? You might as well include the Blaux Oxi Level Review.

Hope this review answered your questions. Check out other quality reviews by the Trend Parlour Team. Cheers.

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