Dango Buds Reviews

DangoBuds Reviews 2021: Did Listening to Music just get better?

DangoBuds Reviews

 When was the last time you listened to your favorite music? When last did you listen to your favorite song with a great earbud? Can’t remember? Have you ever thought about how Avengers: EndGame would have turned out if the final battle scene with Thanos had a bad soundtrack or if you listened to that theme song with a tacky earpiece only for your 2-year-old nephew to cut the wires? Well! Your guess is as good as mine. Good music with a good listening device gives a good feeling.

Music is fast becoming the go-to thing for having sound mental health nowadays. Different songs from countless genres offer a thing or two nowadays. Good music is more important now than ever. So is listening with a good audio earpiece. Wireless earpiece like Dango Buds are fast becoming the rave of the day. They are convenient, handy and audio sound friendly or so they claim. This is a detailed review about the Dango Buds Bluetooth earbuds and why you may make your Gift list for your loved ones. Enjoy the read.

What Are Dangobuds?

Dangobuds Reviews
Dangobuds Reviews

Wireless earbuds are not new to us. Love music? Always on calls? You name it… We always need an audio device companion. Dango Buds Reviews is one of such. Dango Buds are simply premium wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They are portable, lightweight, have a firm grip, and produce incredible sounds.

The wireless nature of the dangobuds implies you will not have to worry about twisted wires and so on meaning you can comfortably pocket the Dangobuds. This is just one of the reasons cell phone users crave for Dangobuds whenever they want quality music. Their Bluetooth connectivity rate is one of the fastest on the market. Simply connect to your Bluetooth device (smartphone, tablet or laptop)and connect your Dangobuds.

The Dangobuds wireless ear device comes with an Active noise cancellation feature, is super easy to use and is classy in appearance.

Many dislike the hassles associated with wired devices and cables. The Dangobuds solves this challenge with its wireless nature. As soon as you fit them in your ears, you can continue your normal chores freely. Unlike what is experienced in some brands, Dangobuds have a firm ear grip that allows you to engage in activities without the fear of them falling off. The various ear tip silicone sizes they offer are a plus.

Good sound quality is serious business. Dangobuds has a unique Bass sound quality that is worth checking out. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a substandard earbud set which is why this Dangobud review may be for you.

What are the Specifications of DangoBuds?

TypeWireless Earpiece
Colour Variant (s)White, Black
Earbud Weight4.1 Grams each (0.145 ounces each)
Bluetooth ConnectivityBluetooth V5.0
Smartphone compatibilityYes. Supports iOS and Android
Earbud battery life7 Hours of Listening time with a single charge (based on our tests)
Earbud battery Capacity65mAh
Active Noise Cancellation TechYes
Long Range SupportYes.
Charging CaseYes! Capped Case with corresponding Dangobuds color.
Charging Case USB TypeSupports USB Type-C cord
Charging Case Battery Capacity5V/550 mAh
Price Tag$79.99 Promo Price (Traditional Price is $159.98)
Specifications of DangoBuds wireless earbuds

What are the Features of Dango Buds Earpiece?

Dango Buds Reviews
Dango Buds Reviews

Broad Compatibility:

The Dangobuds is universal and works with different operating systems. These earbuds are compatible with both IOS devices and android phones. All that is required from you is a working Bluetooth connection with your smart gadget for seamless pairing with the Dangobuds. Once connected, the Dangobuds will serve you as a loyal assistant. Users of the Dangobuds claim that its soothing sound quality is the basic reason they are now hooked on the device. Reviewing the device convinced us.

Contrary to what some reviews may say, the Dango wireless earbud ‘does not’ connect to your smart devices using WiFi, it instead connects via Bluetooth.

Stylish Design:

Aesthetics is a key factor that influences the purchase decisions of many consumers of Technology wearables according to numerous studies. Thinking about having a stylish yet functional wireless earbud? The Dangobuds got you covered!

The design of both the charging case and earbuds themselves is convincing enough for both tech enthusiasts and casual fans. Like the Apple Airpods, it is eye-catching. Think of a futuristic and vintage blend to get something modern. Dangobuds are portable, space efficient and fit into your pocket should you decide to pocket the device.

At the moment, the Dangobuds comes in 2 different colors, Black and White. While unboxing the Dangobuds set, we noticed a LED screen on the cover of the charging case that gave us an idea of the battery remaining. The earbuds also come with replaceable 6mm in-ear ear tips that offer a nice grip. Talk about some aesthetics.

Fast Charge

All electronic devices run down on battery after a while, what differentiates them is their ability to recover and how fast they do so. The Dangobuds charge in a fast manner when low. How do you charge the Dangobuds? Simply place them in their charging case and allow them to charge for a while (preferably one hour.)

The charging case of the Dangobuds is not like that of regular buds, it looks quite unique. Plus the charging case comes with a type C port for the users. Fascinating, right?

Long Battery life

Imagine listening to that all-important podcast only for your ear pods to shut down. Guess we all can relate to this. When such happens to an earpiece, you are completely cut off from your lyrical journey. For the above reason, many people prefer to stick with the normal wired earpieces so as to enjoy their music without worrying about battery life.

With the Dango buds, you won’t have to bother about battery issues at all as they have a remarkable battery life with a one hour charge. Depending on your intensity of usage, the battery life and standby time (3 days or 72 hours) of the Dango Bluetooth earphones is surely one of the best in the earbud market.

Wide Connectivity & Far Range

Bluetooth technology requires a certain level of proximity for optimum performance. Dango wireless earbuds connect to your devices seamlessly. The manual states that the Dangobuds Reviews offers crystal clear sound production and connectivity for distances of up to 10 meters (33 feet). Results from our tests confirm their claims. Uninterrupted Audio flows? You can easily do your chores or work while enjoying quality audio from your Dango buds without you necessarily holding your smartphone or losing the signal. How many premium earbuds can do that?

Top notch Sound Quality:

Besides impromptu tests and being chased by Emus, what do you think tech consumers dread the most? Yup! Your answer is as good as mine. Paying for a product that falls short of expectations. The sound quality of the Dango Bluetooth earphones is top-notch. Doesn’t matter if you’re listening to Ruelle’s songs or a periodic rant by your fav. comedian (Mine is Ryan Renolds anyway), you hear everything clearly.

Those seemingly negligible bass beats in your rap songs are delivered in a crystal clear manner. What about receiving phone calls? You hear the speaker on the other end clearly thanks to its Anti-noise cancellation feature. Premium earbuds these days adopt the ANC.

Portable Earbuds:

Traveling is a nice thing. But for the Corona pandemic, many may have been towing Drew Binsky‘s adventurous steps. I mean luggage space is important when doing so. The Dangobuds earpiece and its charging case are portable and take up very little space. Unlike conventional headphones or neck set variants that may add to your overall luggage, you can be sure of your handy buddy. Dango wireless earbuds are light and compact.

Dango Buds Reviews
Dango Buds Reviews

How do Dango Buds Work?

Dango Buds work by connecting or pairing, with your target device using Bluetooth signals. Unlike some existing brands, the Dango wireless earbuds connect and exchange data ( in this case in audio forms) over remarkable distances using radio transmissions. This happens in split seconds too.

How to Use Dango Wireless Earbuds?

Some reviews highlighted the difficulty in using the Dangobuds but findings by the Trend Parlour Team show the opposite. Dangobuds are pretty easy to use. Oldies and young alike.Whether you are a fan of technology or not, using the Dango Buds are straight forward. Here are the steps:

  1. Unbox the pack.
  2. Open the Dango Charge Box to reveal the dangobuds. We recommend you charge them before use (takes about 40-60 mins for a full charge)
  3. Remove the earbuds from the charge box. They become automatically become activated when you do so.
  4. Switch on the Bluetooth feature of the device you intend to connect (your smartphone, tab, or system)
  5. Search for Dangobud in the Bluetooth device list. Refresh if you don’t see it.
  6. Your Dangobuds Review pairs instantly with your target device. You can now enjoy your awesome audios. Who said a piece of tech can’t be soothing? Easy right? I told you.

Want to deactivate your Dango wireless earphones? Simply place them in their charge case and bluetooth connection gets deactivated automatically. You can as well go through the manual option by disconnecting from the Bluetooth list of your intending device.

What do you get in a Dangobud Delivery Box?

Dangobuds Reviews
Dangobuds Reviews
  • 1 Pair of Dango wireless earbuds
  • 1 Charging Case of the corresponding colour (White/Black) N:B They house the earbuds and are charged using USB Type C cord since The case is not a wireless charging case.
  • Replaceable 6mm silicone ear tips of varying ear sizes (small,large & medium)
  • 1 User’s manual

What are the Pros of the Dangobuds Reviews?

Minimizes Noise:

Clear lyrics! We all love that. With the Dangobuds, be rest assured your music will be transmitted in the finest tone and you can easily read meaning into the lyrics of your songs. Audio clarity means a lot in this part of the world. (Winks) Dangobuds will help you complete your tasks on time since music serves as an extra inspiration thanks to its nice adoption of ANC tech (Active noise cancellation technology)

One-Touch Operation:

Just so you understand, the one-touch feature of the Dango Bluetooth earphones means activating the earbuds with just a single tap. Inbuilt Sensors pick this gesture even when you pull the wireless earphones from their charging case.

To make things work, you simply tap on the surface of the bud. This means you don’t have to worry about cliche wired earphone issues like confusing buttons or tangled wires. We all deserve a royal treatment you know (winks)

Easy to Use & Durable

Dango Buds wireless earphones are easy to use. They have this nice grip on your ears and comfortable while also being straightforward in application. This means, even if you have not used the Dangobuds before, you don’t need any video tutorials on how to use them. All you need to do is follow the aforementioned baby steps and you’re good to go.

Your Dangobuds Bluetooth earphones are made with durable lightweight materials that make them stand out from the rest. Thinking of the best wireless earphones 2021? The Trend Parlour Team feels we have a strong contender.

Pocket Friendly Price Tag:

Having a premium wireless earbud that is affordable is like having the Super Bowl on a Friday. Quite rare. The Dango bud brand might in fact be changing the narrative. When we placed an order for the earbuds we reviewed, we were pretty much surprised at its reasonable price tag. Remember most premium earbuds go for about $163 to $300. But for as little as <$90 bucks you can own your classy Dangobud wireless earbuds.

Reasonable Battery Life:

Your Dangobuds Reviews have a reliable battery system. They offer remarkable standby times in addition to great battery life. Depending on the intensity of your usage, the Dangobud can give the Apple Airpods a worthy challenge. No jokes.

Other Pros include:

  • Having a stylish design with wide appeal.
  • Having a great range for Bluetooth connectivity.

What are the Cons of DangoBuds Reviews?

  • Stock is somewhat limited. Not sure whether the high demand following its rising popularity is responsible. You can get make use of the Christmas discounts currently offered.
  • Popular mortar and brick stores don’t have the Dangobud wireless earphones yet. Hence you can only purchase online at the moment.
  • Shipping is not free. Though shipping costs a negligible $8.95 for a unit & $11.95 for 4 units, we were hoping for free shipping in the Christmas discounts. Not an issue for your, well, the DangoBuds might be your lucky charm.
  • Limited colour varieties. Like it or not, wireless earbuds are fast becoming fashion items. We hope the brand give users more colour options besides White and Black. Just saying! You know! For the culture.
Dango Buds Reviews
Dango Buds Reviews

Who Is DangoBuds For?

As stated earlier, the Dangobuds has wide appeal. It is suited for individuals from all works of life including:

  • Tech enthusiasts
  • People that try to keep fit in the gym, go out for an evening walk or morning jogs while still craving music, Indeed the Dangobuds is a major stress reliever.
  • Leisure Music listeners.
  • Fashion enthusiasts
  • People who work in the music industry.
  • Corporate workers (People who work with human resources and must communicate with clients frequently, the Dangobuds will relieve you of the stress of constantly holding the phone)
  • You

Who Is DangoBuds Not Suited For?

  • We are yet to come across individuals that dislike the Dango wireless earphones. Do you prefer an earphone with wires? The DangoBuds may not be suited for you. You can however go for available wired alternatives.
  • Individuals with a preference for Neck sets or Large headsets. You sure can have Dangobuds Bluetooth earphones for a change (winks)

What Makes The Dangobuds So Special?

There are many reasons why Dangobuds are special and will keep influencing millions of users across the globe.

As mentioned earlier, music is good Medicine. It has proven effective in stabilizing mental health. Most people prefer to bottle their problems which should not be so. However, with music, such people can express themselves and find inner peace. This is where Dangobuds come in because of their state of the art high-quality sound output. Unlike a normal earbud, the Dangobuds offer crystal clear audio. It’s no wonder it is this popular. The affordable nature of these earbuds, portability and long battery life are a plus to their uniqueness.

What are Users of DangoBuds saying?

“Been looking for a decent pair of earbuds, and I stumbled on the Dangobuds. They’re best for me. They fit well and very comfortable to use”

Rachel O, Denver,Colorado,US

My Dangobuds are light and deliver clear sounds. They look nice too. Received mine as a gift. Great earbuds I must say.

Sam, Ohio, US

“These earbuds are cool. Their sound quality is fantastic and price is okay. Highly recommend these lovelies.

Nicole, New York, US

I’m impressed. Its the pocket friendly pricetag for me.

Mitch, Anthony Lagoon, NT, Australia.

What is the Price of Dango Buds Wireless Earpiece?

Dango buds are being offered for a standard price of $159.98, However, you can benefit from the ongoing Christmas discounts and get your single unit for a $79.99 promo price. Simply place your order on their official sales page. Special discounts are also given depending on the quantity bought on the official website

  • 2 pairs of Dango Buds cost $122.48 (56% Discount)
  • 3 pairs of Dango Buds cost $178.98 (63% Discount)
  • 4 pairs of Dango Buds Reviews cost $219.47 (65% Discount)

The offers also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can always request a refund if the package doesn’t meet your expectations. This way, customers can be confident about spending their money on such a product for the first time.

It’s important to note that shipping is not free. Guess you won’t see that on many reviews. They require you to pay a negligible sum for shipping (around $8 or so)when placing your orders online. Just a heads up anyway.

Where Do I Buy Dangobuds Bluetooth earphones?

Dango Buds aren’t available at physical stores yet. They can only be purchased online at the moment. Visit the official sales page of the manufacturer or click the button below. Transactions are secure and delivery doesn’t waste time (based on our encounter anyway!)

Dangobuds Reviews
Dangobuds Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions about Dangobuds Wireless Earbuds?

How long does it take Dangobuds to attain Full Charge status?

When placed in its charging case, your Dangobuds take about 40 to 55 minutes (based on our tests) to attain full charge. We recommend charging before using for the first time.

What kind of Audio Device are Dango Buds?

Dangobuds are wireless Bluetooth earbuds. It is not a Neckset or a Bass headset. It is important to note these to avoid disappointments.

What about shipping costs when you place orders for Dango Buds Earphones?

Based on our experience with the order process, we only paid a small token as shipping costs (around $8 for a single unit) are Pretty negligible when you realize you’re getting a premium earbud for under $90.

Sony, Bose, Jabra, Apple or Dango Buds?

Audio device Preference is often dependent on many factors- for some, it’s about Brand credibility, to others it’s about sound quality or audio device sizes, and to a vast majority, their preference is based on the aforementioned reasons plus an affordable price tag. Dango Buds are premium earbuds with a pocket-friendly price tag.

Sound quality definitely rivals Apple Airpods (in our opinion) and this could explain the recent surge in its popularity. Beats, Bose, and Sony are big names in Audio Technology however their somewhat steep prices can be a turn-off for many. Dango Buds fills that void by bringing HD sounds closer to users in an earbud manner.

Do DangoBuds work with Cords?

Not at all. Dango Buds earphones review work with Bluetooth. They are also cordless. They support Bluetooth version 5.0 too.

Does Dangobuds Wireless earbud come with Active Noise Cancellation feature?

Sure. It is also one of the best we’ve seen in a while.

What Effects do Dango Buds wireless Earbuds have on my Smartphone Battery?

Bluetooth devices typically utilize little to no battery power on connected devices. The demand isn’t so obvious. As with Apple Airpods, the DangoBuds doesn’t cause a massive drain on your smart device. Our testings on varying iOS and Android devices (we used Samsung phones for Android testing) didn’t show anything alarming

Why are my DangoBuds Wireless earbuds Quiet?

You may have stepped out of the 10 meters (33 feet) Bluetooth range required for adequate connection. We had a similar experience when we carried out our range tests. Simply adjust the distance between the two devices (at most 10 meters/33 feet) and watch as the sound returns.

How about its Grip?

DangoBuds earpiece fits into your ears in a firm manner and doesn’t fall out like some earbuds in the market do. You can choose between its different silicone ear tips for better grip too.

Where Can I purchase my own DangoBuds?

They can only be purchased online at the moment. Visit the official sales page of the manufacturer or click the button below. Transactions are secure and delivery doesn’t waste time.

How much do DangoBuds cost?

Dango buds are being offered for a standard price of $159.98, However, you can benefit from the ongoing Christmas discounts and get your single unit for a $79.99 promo price. Simply place your order on their official sales page. Special discounts are also given depending on the quantity bought on the official website. They include:

  • 2 pairs of Dango Buds cost $122.48 (56% Discount)
  • 3 pairs of Dango Buds cost $178.98 (63% Discount)
  • 4 pairs of Dango Buds Reviews cost $219.47 (65% Discount)

Not satisfied with the product? The brand offers a 30 day money-back refund too.

Check out the Blx Buds Review here.

2nd Generation Apple Airpods vs Dango Buds Earbuds?

The battle for supremacy in the Earbud realm is a raging one. 2nd Gen Apple Airpods are pretty popular-brandwise and all. Besides they (Apple Airpods 2nd Gen) come with a Wireless charging case but have a steep price tag.

DangoBuds lays a claim to the top too. They are an affordable premium alternative but have charging cases that are charged using a USB Type C cord.

Both have charging cases that wirelessly power their earbud content. Both have superb Audio Quality, are stylish, and come in portable sizes. It all depends on your preference. Thinking of an affordable option, DangoBuds is your clear winner.

Final Thoughts

Having gone through this in-depth review, we hope your questions are answered. Do we recommend going to this earbud option? Well, the Dango Buds Reviews’ features and specifications speak for themselves. Getting a premium product with such an affordable price tag sounds convincing enough. Besides the 30-day money-back guarantee ensures you’ve nothing to lose. Durable build, superb Audio delivery, and reasonable battery life is an enticing argument. These could be the best earbuds for 2020 to be honest.

Loved the In-depth review? Well, the Trend Parlour Team has you covered. We study and give our honest opinions on New Trends. The Tech. life is indeed an exhilarating one. Looking forward to your feedback. Catch you on the next one!

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