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Peace Play Speaker Review 2021: Is this the BEST portable speaker for your money?

Peace play Review

Do you know that your chances of getting accepted into Harvard is way higher than getting into Walmart? Funny right? Well, that’s nothing compared to the fact that Hunting Unicorns is Legal in Michigan– like who makes these rules? Lol! While some things in the universe are quite bizarre, The Peace Play speaker exist to give you the shock of your life.

Music no matter the genre is something we cannot do without. Want to moonwalk? There’s Micheal Jackson’s Thriller to keep you company. Need to wreck something, metal bands and Rock songs call your name. What about floating on a psycho ball? Ooh Yeah! Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball can make your evening. Harmony, Emotions, Communication- all culminate in our being human.

Music transcends boundaries. It is for everyone. Last night Grandpops was dancing to 2Cellos’ violin rendition of Avicii’s Wake Me Up. Dude was literally Twerking. Lol! Nothing but Music can make Ol’ Tom be this lively. Guess Music is Life afterall. That’s why our hearts have ‘beats’ This brief review by the Trend Parlour team unveils the Peace Play wireless speaker for what it is and why your money is well… Still your money (winks) Enjoy the read.

What do you Look out for When Buying a Bluetooth Speaker

  • Battery Life: The longer the Battery life, the longer your music play time.
  • Sound Quality: We find this very key because this is responsible for the numerous brands that exist in the market. You don’t want to spend your bucks on a bluetooth speaker that makes cacophonous sounds every second. A bluetooth speaker like the Peace Play may be all you need.
  • Affordability: There are many brands of bluetooth speakers. Most run on the same sound production principles. Newbies in the speaker niche are always advised to explore available options. You gradually walk your way up. Contrary to what many say, the most expensive speakers aren’t necessarily the best. Sometimes branding plays a role. As we say here at Trend Parlour, there’s always a speaker for every budget (winks)
  • Water Resistance Nature: This is very dicey as not all bluetooth speakers are water resistant. It is important to do extensive research and read more reviews before purchasing a music speaker.
  • Portability and Design: Just like Pizza, Bluetooth speakers of today come in different shapes,colours and sizes. Know what you want. This is a Speaker 101 Purchase rule. Whether you need a standing speaker, hanging speaker or a bluetooth neck speaker is up to you.

What is Peace Play Device?

Peace Play Review
Peace Play Review
Peace Play Review
Peace Play Neck Set Reviews

Peace Play is simply a small Bluetooth speaker worn around your neck that supplies you with crystal clear audio sounds while keeping out the noise. This remarkable gadget is trendy, super comfy, and way affordable. Yes! These premium wireless speakers are cheaper than Sony, sharper than your Bose Bluetooth speakers, and is definitely in the running for the Best portable bluetooth speaker trophy. They can be worn on the neck, are immersive and come with a sleek design. Classy just got redefined.

The Peace Play speaker is unique in that you are kept conscious of your surroundings while listening to your fav. jam. It’s a sad thing that many have kicked the bucket from preventable headphone induced accidents. The good thing is this wireless gadget makes conscious efforts to address common headphone flaws as it is instead worn around the neck. No complaints of sore ears due to wearing headphones for long hours.

The speakers can be detached from the neckband support that you wear and is convenient for diverse activities (jogging,gym work, partying, school demonstrations etc). Easily rechargeable, the Peaceplay comes with a micro USB charge port, play command buttons, a sleek design and a wide Bluetooth connectivity range. All you have to do is to connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone or playlist to play your music.

What are the Specifications of Peace Play Neck set?

  • Wireless Portable speaker
  • Noise-canceling Feature.
  • Sleek Design & Trendy Look.
  • Super battery capacity & Smart Charge Feature.
  • Smart Pairing that have Far reaches (Up to 10m/33 feet)
  • V4.2+ EDR that ensure Crystal Clear Audio Quality
  • Bluetooth Connectivity.
Peace Play Review
Peace Play Reviews

What are the Features of Peace Play Wireless Speaker?

  • Noise-canceling Feature: The Peace Play Review comes with a unique noise canceling feature. This blocks external sounds just like noise canceling headphones however you are still kept conscious of your environment while it is on.
  • Long lasting Battery life: Upon testing by the Trend Parlour Team, The Peace Play Review has a battery that lasts for 8 hours with intense use. Its standby time is about 72 hours. In terms of charging, a micro USB cord is the charger of choice. It has a fast charge feature too. And you’re good to go-podcasts and all.
  • Handy & Convenient: Peace Play speakers are very portable. They are lightweight and don’t cause discomfort as seen in some existing brands. You can hang the Peace play around your neck. Convenience got better.
  • Sleek Design & Trendy Look: The Peaceplay neck sets have trendy design and fits your different activities.
  • Broad Device Compatibility: Whether you’re using an Android, iOS smartphone, the PeacePlay portable speaker connects with ease via Bluetooth. Ipods with Bluetooth share features can connect with ease. You can also answer calls to your cell phone by using the answer button by the corner of the detachable speaker.
  • Crystal Clear Audio Quality: The speakers on the Peace Play neck sets are made with durable materials. They sit in the perfect position around your neck for a focused audio experience without being disruptive to your surroundings. The Peace Play Review is prolly one of the best sounding bluetooth speakers ever. This is possible courtesy of its v4.2 + EDR tech.
  • Very Affordable: The Peace Play music speaker is super affordable and popular. This could explain why it is a highly sought after Haloween present- Halloween is just 4 weeks away.

What are the Pros of Peace Play Wireless Speaker?

  • Broad Device Compatibility: Can connect to Android, iOS and even your Windows system.
  • Is Crystal clear, High Quality audio-It gives you incredible sound whilst making sure that you’re conscious of your environment.
  • Is Super Comfy
  • Has an easy User Interface.
  • Has a Trendy design that makes you stand out from the rest.
  • Is Very Affordable.
  • Has Detachable Parts that are lightweight.
  • Built with Durable materials hence no worries about broken gadgets.
  • Has Modest Lasting Battery Capacity and reasonable Standby time.
  • An immersive Listening experience.
  • Promo Discount currently on

What are the Cons/Demerits of PeacePlay Portable Speaker?

  • It can only be bought online at the moment.
  • Is not really water friendly. While music speakers like the WaterBoom 360 perform without hitches even when submerged in water, the same cannot be said for the Peace Play neck set. Upon testing, it produced crackling sounds when left in the pool for about 23 minutes. Most reviews won’t tell you this. It’s best you keep it out of the pool.
  • Stock is quite limited
  • Shipping will take longer than stated upon order (Prolly 1 week later than the usual order time) Don’t know the reason for this however the Corona pandemic might be a factor.

How to Use Peace play Music Band?

Peace Play Wireless Speaker
Peace Play Neck Speaker

The Peace Play neck speaker is simple to use. Follow these steps;

  1. First, Put on the Bluetooth on your connecting device/playlist source e.g smartphone, smartwatch, laptop]
  2. Turn on your peace play neck set speaker. Select Bluetooth Connect feature by tapping the connect button.
  3. Pair your connecting device with the Peaceplay portable speaker.
  4. Upon successful pairing, chose your preferred volume and hang the speaker over your neck. You can jam your music all day long.
  5. You can also detach the speakers from the neck band support. It’s up to you- one of the many choices offered by the Peace Play Speaker.

Who should buy the Peace Play Review?

  • Fun Lovers
  • Hard workers
  • Mothers
  • Athletes
  • Loved ones
  • You.
Peace Play Review
Peace Play Speaker
Peace Play Reviews
Peace Play Neck Sets
Peace Play Reviews
Peace Play Reviews
Peace Play Reviews
Peace Play Reviews

Where do I buy Peace play Speaker from?

While many counterfeit speakers exist, it is recommended you buy your Peace Play Speaker directly form the official manufacturer’s sales page. They are currently offering a Halloween discount. The page is secure and your order can be placed within minutes. There’s also a 30-day Refund policy in case you’re not satisfied with the quality of products ordered. Shipping is free too.

How much does the Peace play Speaker Cost?

  • Traditional Price of the Peace Play Review is $107 however a Promo is ongoing. You can own your Peace Play for just $69.99
  • 2x Peace Play costs $139.98
  • 3x Peace Play Neck Set speakers (Most popular order) is $157.48
  • 4x Peace Play costs $192.47 

Supplier Information

  • Company Name: Quality Performance Limited
  • Company Address: 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013
  • Email: support@getpeaceplay.com
  • Phone: (United States and Canada): 855 219 4892

What are Users saying about the Peace Play Neck Set?

“Saw the TV ad for the Peace Play speaker weeks ago. I was skeptical at first, but the speaker quality is actually great. I don’t think they are appropriate for the pool but they are nice for other outdoor activities. The bass is Deep, the Boom Bigger & the Beats even better. Highly recommend.”

Tak R. Seattle

“The Peace Play Neck Set is Super convenient. Very handy and is compatible with my devices. I was particularly drawn to its affordable price. Just 55 Pounds ($70). Nice.”

Jamie. Newcastle Upon Tyne

“As a pro body builder, I go to the gym for some fitness work with my can of water, massage gun and the most important of them all- my Peace Play Wireless Speakers. Working out while playing my fav. tunes with this premium speaker makes it more fun. Initially I felt awkward putting a speaker on my neck but damn! That’s like a trend now. Lols! Cool device.

Cutler, Maryland

“Best gift ever! It’s worth the hype pals”

Emily, Ontario

“These speakers are unique. The detachable parts are cool. The design is quite minimalistic but is very practical. The sound quality is fantastic. Got one for my nephew. Love it.”

Lara, Capetown
Peace Play Speaker
Peace Play Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions about the Peace Play Review?

How do I listen to music on the Peace Play?

You can listen to music on the Peace Play by pairing the speaker through Bluetooth on your device. It is compatible with nearly all Bluetooth enabled phones and music players.

Is the Peace Play Wireless Speaker a Headphone?

Not at all. The Peace Play is a portable bluetooth speaker worn around your neck and with detachable parts. It is not a Headphone! Be careful of fake reviews.

Do the Peace Play speakers still work when you detach them from the neckpiece?

Sure! You can easily detach the speakers, to use on their own and still expect the same sound quality and performance. Enjoy the Tech life…(winks)

Is the Peace Play Neck Set expensive compared to JBL and Boom Bluetooth Speakers?

While this is a premium Bluetooth speaker, its price range is on the pocket-friendly side, unlike other regular brands. Plus there’s a Haloween discount currently on for your pleasures.

Is the Peace Play Speaker rechargeable?

Yes, Peace Play comes with a micro USB for fast, convenient charging.

Is Peace Play suitable for watersports?

Peace Play is not recommended to be worn or submerged underwater. Contrary to what many advertise, this is not suitable to be placed in water for long. We have Our Tests to back this.

Is the Peace Play Neck Speaker adjustable?

No, Peace Play is not adjustable. It is one size fits all and designed to curve around your neck to prevent it from falling or slipping while you wear it.

Is the Peace Play a Wireless Speaker?

Yes it is. The Peace Play connects to devices wirelessly, has a far reach and is definitely one of the best wireless blutooth speakers of 2020. Without mincing words.

Final Thoughts on the PeacePlay Review.

Peace Play Bluetooth speakers are cool gadgets that are definitely worth the hype. Their trendy look, lightweight nature and affordable price tag is worth considering. The bold non-conventional design steps made by the manufacturers in addition to its genuine sound quality is worth commending. Technology keeps making our musical experience an immersive one. The device is easy to connect to a smartphone over modest distances. 

Spice up your Halloween. Get your loved ones a Peace Play Neck Set today. Use responsibly! Stay safe and share the Harmony. Peace!!!

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