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EqualPlus Reviews 2021: The Right Adjustable Glasses for you?

Equalplus reviews

A polish man was getting his eyesight tested in an American clinic. The optician brings out a card with letters C R W I N O K S T A Z and says, “Can you read the letters?” The Polish dude looking puzzled replies, ” Read? I know this guy. He’s my neighbour back home in Poznan!”

Joke overheard in Cap City, Austin, Texas

Many eye jokes like these grace our magazines. We giggle and often times cry our eyes out when reacting to jokes like these. Irony is that visual impairment is a big issue in our world today. Surprised? Well, consider the report by the CDC that states that close to 12 million people aged 40 years and over in the US have vision impairment including those with uncorrected refractive error… The WHO has this to say about vision impairment in an October, 2020 post,

“At least 1 billion people have a near or distance vision impairment that could have been prevented or has yet to be addressed”

While it is understandable that our eyes often lose function with increasing age, weak eyesight or vision problems is now becoming common in young adults and children. Blurry images, persistent headaches, multiple painkillers and glasses change… You know the drill. In extremes of cases, we even have different glasses for different activities- one for reading, another for seeing your yoga instructor while having a meditation session, another for going going out in the afternoon sun etc.

Fact is we often have more stories in the optometrist room than we can remember. Did we forget to mention the numerous tests and long wait time only to receive eyeglasses with frames that only Minerva McGonagall in Harry Potter would go abracadabra for? Definitely not. (Lols) Enough of the gloom news. At least we all agree that we have a global vision impairment challenge and we must provide creative solutions to this.

What if we had perfect vision adjustable focus glasses that are lightweight, classy and way better than regular eyeglasses. What if we had affordable but yet functional glasses like the EqualPlus Reviews? This article is about all you need to know about the Equal Focus Eyeglasses, its features and parts, merits as well as its demerits-those unexplored areas many reviews are yet to address. Sit back and enjoy the read by the Trend Parlour Team.

What is EqualPlus Reviews?

EqualPlus Reviews
EqualPlus Reviews

Equalplus reviews is simply a pair of adjustable glasses that allows the wearer to correct small defects such as mild myopia or hyperopia and regulate vision to adapt it to the activity that is being carried out at any time. This new technology high performance lens is light weight, somewhat classy design wise and efficient. The lens of the equalplus eyeglasses is made from Polycarbonate lens material not Trivex. These non-prescription glasses are comfortable and can serve as suitable backups.

The equal plus lens is shatter proof, scratch proof and does not distort images like some available brands. The frame of the equalplus adjustable glasses spots a minimalist yet classy touch. You look good while seeing better. It also has comfortable nose pads, a flexible frame (made from fibre glass) and adjustment knob at the lateral ends of the frame. The temple portion of the Equalplus spectacles frame are light and do not cause temple marks as seen in long-term wearers of glasses. The adjustment knob of the equalplus eye glasses is used to set the multiple lens for better clarity.

EqualPlus Reviews
EqualPlus Reviews

What are the Specifications of EqualPlus Eyewear?

Lens MaterialPolycarbonate
Impact ResistanceHigh
Scratch ProofYes
Weight1.27 Ounce (36 grams)
Adjustable KnobYes
UV ProtectionYes.
Price Tag$59.99 Promo Price
Specifications of Equalplus Adjustable Spectacles.

What are the Parts of EqualPlus Eyeglasses?

Regular eyeglasses have about 9 main parts- the Rims, end pieces, bridge, hinges, lenses, screws, nose pads, pad arms and temples. The Equalplus is slightly different in that some of this parts are merged and the equal plus glasses reviews has an extra part- the adjustment knob for adjusting the different lenses on your spectacles.


Provide the Form for your eye wear and hold your lens in place.


This is the central portion of your equalplus frame and connects the two rims together

Nose Pads & Pad arms:

These small lads (Nose pads) fit the equal plus review on your nose so your spec doesn’t fall off. The Pad arms in regular glasses hold the nose pads. In the Equal plus review, both are merged together to provide the right fit. They are comfortable too and fits different nose types- big or small, pointed or stomp.

End Pieces:

Small parts of your equalplus frame that connect the lens of your equal plus to the temples of your spectacles. The Trend Parlour team observes that the end piece of the equalplus is made with a hard plastic-like material.

Screws & Hinges:

Screws are tiny parts connect the end pieces of your equalplus to the glasses’ Temples. The screws of the equal plus is metal like. The Hinge lies between the End piece and the temple. Think of them as what makes it possible for you to fold your equalplus eyeglasses.


These are the long arms that extend from the lateral portions of your equalplus frames to sit just over your ears. Think of it as that golf club shaped part of your glasses. Unlike other brands, the Temple of the equalplus does not cause visible wear lines as it is not so thin. It is pretty comfortable.

Equal plus lens:

The lens of the equal plus is made from polycarbonate material and ‘not Trivex’ as some reviews incorrectly report. Spotting more than 1 lens type, It is also adjustable thanks to an adjustment knob at the lateral ends of the frame.

Adjustable Knob/Dial:

The equal plus glasses reviews comes with 2 knobs for making lens adjustments. Guess its called equalplus for a reason. We also noticed a similar knob in a similar brand. The knobs are small and light.

Those are the parts of the Equalplus glasses. They are light and often times indistinguishable.

EqualPlus Reviews
EqualPlus Reviews

What are the Features of Equalplus Adjustable Eyeglasses?

Durable Lightweight material:

The frame and lens are made from durable materials. They are rust proof and are lightweight. Doesn’t matter whether you’re in the rain, in the snow or in the smiling sun. The material used in making the equal plus eyewear is great. Our tests confirmed this.

Versatile & Adjustable Lens:

One thing the Trend Parlour team observed with the equalplus is this- you don’t need to change glasses with each activity. The knob on the frame as well as the adjustable lens deals with this challenge. Want to read? Adjust the lens using the knob. TV? The knob calls… The lens itself is customizable. You can even adjust the lens of each eye differently. We must state for the record that the equalplus is for minor vision issues and doesn’t replace the role of medical advice.

Scratch Resistant:

The eyewear industry is riddled with schemes that make users keep buying or replacing their glasses simply because of preventable scratches. The equalplus reviews is scratch resistant. We barely noticed scratch marks in our tests. Its polycarbonate lens are solid. Fingerprint marks don’t show on the lens too.

User Friendly:

Nothing beats simplicity. The equal plus eyeglasses is easy to use. Cleaning its lens is easier and handling is way better than what you get from using most brands. Did we forget to mention that images are clear? Surely we can’t miss this. They are super comfy (Ask Lotte!)

Minimalist yet Classy Design:

We have to be honest with you– the EqualPlus Reviews is not as stylish as your Giorgio Armani, Warby Parker or Versace eyewear brands however what it misses in conventional exaggerated looks it makes up in practicality. The EqualPlus seems to take sides with the Minimalist trend that in present fashion spaces. If you don’t consider that an issue, then you can get yourself an equalplus eyewear. Looking good while having improved vision is good business afterall (winks)

Who is the EqualPlus Adjustable Glasses Meant for?

EqualPlus Reviews
EqualPlus Eyewear

If you experience any of the following you may need the EqualPlus reviews:

  • Frequent Squints
  • Blurry or Somewhat distorted vision
  • Inability to identify clear lines
  • Double vision
  • Strained eyes
  • Vision induced headaches
  • Short sighted vision ( Myopia)
  • Long sighted vision (Hyperopia)
  • Minor Refractive eye disorders. It’s important to note that individuals with Serious Astigmatism should not use EqualPlus Glasses since they are made with Polycarbonate lens material which may cause them image distortions. They should Instead use glasses with Trivex lens material ( Trivex offers superior optical quality without distortions for individuals with Astigmatism but are often very expensive)

How to Use EqualPlus Lens?

EqualPlus Reviews
EqualPlus Reviews
  • Unbox the Delivery Pack.
  • Dab the lens of the eyeglass with clean towel
  • Open the temple of the eyeglass and wear.
  • Turn the adjustment knobs at the lateral ends of the frame to set your preferred lens magnification (positive, negative or zero mag). You can roll the knob for close or distant vision. Easy right? That’s all.

What do you get in the EqualPlus Reviews Delivery Box?

  • 1 Pair of EqualPlus Eyeglasses
  • 1 User’s Manual

What are the Pros of the EqualPlus Reviews?

  • It is made with a Durable & Lightweight material. You don’t have to worry about heavy spectacles again.
  • It is User Friendly
  • It has broad application in usage- from reading books to watching TV. Its adjustable knob makes it all the more easier.
  • It is scratch resistant.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Affordable Price Tag.
  • It is easy to maintain. No more worries about fingerprint smudges on your lens.
  • Vision is clear especially central vision. Peripheral vision is modest in our opinion. Still makes for a suitable non-prescription backup.
  • Can be worn by all sexes. The young and old can wear it too. It fits different face shapes.

What are the Cons of the Equal Plus Eyeglasses?

  • Minimalist Design: Design wise, the Equalplus has a minimalist design. While this isn’t an issue for some, some may be turned off by this. It however makes up with its functionality.
  • Equal plus adjustable focus eyeglasses can only be purchased online at the moment. It would have been nice if it hits regular brick and mortar stores sooner. (Just saying)
  • Promo runs for a short while.
  • Limited Stock: Like it or not, good things can be rare. The coming Christmas holidays might explain why the stock is somewhat limited.
  • Upon testing, the Trend Parlour team observed that its Peripheral Vision lens still needs some improvement. It is modest but compared to some brands, more can be done. A bigger lens size variant bigger than the standard size could help.
  • Order arrived a few days late. The Corona pandemic may have played a role anyway.
EqualPlus Reviews
Equal Plus Glasses Reviews

Where Can I Buy EqualPlus Eyeglasses?

We recommend you purchase from the manufacturer’s official salespage. The reason is simple- there are many imitations in the market. Guess the Eyewear industry has some cleaning to do. Varying discounts are offered by the manufacturer relative to the quantity ordered.

Multiple payment options are available including PayPal, MasterCard, Stripe, Visa, Amex, etc. and your payment information is always secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption. Plus there’s a 30 day money back guarantee on all unused purchases.

About how to Return the product if you’re not satisfied (Refund Policy), simply ship the package to the return facility address given to you by its customer care representative. Once done, you must contact customer care again and provide them with the tracking number. You will get an email confirming the refund when the company receives and approves the return. Easy right?

Why is EqualPlus Eyewear Different from the Rest?

Its durable build, clear view, adaptability and broad use makes the Equal Plus stand out from the rest. It also has an affordable price tag, is easy to maintain and is scratch resistance. Lump all these features and you see why (winks)

How much does EqualPlus Eyeglasses Cost?

  • The Traditional Price of the EqualPlus Eyewear is $92.98 however a Christmas Promo is currently ongoing. For just $59.99 you can own yours.
  • 2 EqualPlus Eyeglasses costs $89.99 instead of $185.97
  • 3 EqualPlus Eyeglasses costs $109.99 instead of $278.95
  • 4 EqualPlus Eyeglasses costs $129.99 instead of $371.94

Its obvious you save more with the EqualPlus Eyewear. You can purchase your EqualPlus Spectacles here

EqualPlus Reviews
EqualPlus Reviews

What are Users Saying about the EqualPlus?

This pair of eyeglasses are pretty light. The knobs and lens work well too. Highly Recommend.

Chuck, MIchigan, US

I love its simple look. I see printed letters clearly. The knobs are quite funny but I feel this is a cool pair of eyewear.

Sophie, New York, US

Got these for Halloween. Its pretty light. Looks classy. Its price is surprisingly affordable. Recommend using their discounts though.

Maggie, Quebec, Canada

Nice backup lens. My equalplus is pretty remarkable for a non-prescription eyeglass. Got my husband one as a backup to his prescription lens. Who cares about its look? Still giving it a 5/5 rating.

Tiffany, California, US

Saw the ads and placed an order. Glasses arrived last week. Love what I’m seeing. Will get these as Christmas presents for the oldies in my neighbourhood.

Murphy, UK

Frequently Asked Questions About the EqualPlus Adjustable Review?

Can I get this smart eyeglass in my regular mall?

As at the moment No! You can however place your orders online at the official salespage

Is the EqualPlus Eyewear available for order in all countries?

Sure. Its trending in the US and Canada at the moment and is available for global orders.

What Payment Options are Allowed?

Paypal and Credit Card options are available on the official company’s sales page. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, American Express and Stripe are also accepted by them.

What about Lens Smudge and the like?

The Equalplus has Polycarbonate lens that are scratch proof. Smudge is not an issue with its lens as fingerprints don’t show on the lens.

EqualPlus Reviews
Equalplus adjustable focus eyeglasses

What is the Cost of Delivery?

Shipping is not free. We paid a small token (around $8 or so) for shipping when we placed an order. Your order might arrive a few days post delivery date. At least based on our encounter.

Does the EqualPlus come with an adjustment knob?

Yes. It comes with 2 adjustment knobs, 1 for each lens.

Is the lens made from Trivex?

No. It is made from Polycarbonate.

How much does it cost?

The Equal Plus eyeglass costs $59.99 promo price (Traditional Price is $92.98) We don’t know how long the promo would last but it sure is worth some consideration.

Final Verdict

Many glasses are in the market today. The Equal plus glasses review surely separates itself from the rest. Its light nature, adjustable lens, minimalist design and affordable price is a plus on a general note. While this may not be the most stylish eye wear out there, the massive discounts offered may make you overlook this. Thinking of the best eyeglasses for the holidays? You might start considering the EqualPlus non-prescription glasses.

Loved the review? Check out other unique reviews by the Trend Parlour Team. As always, Stay Trendy!

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