Save Sealer Reviews

Save Sealer Reviews 2020: The Best Vacuum Seal Bags for Your Kitchen?

Save Sealer Reviews

Food! We love it. Dream of it, caress it, enjoy every moment of it. The moments of bonding we share over a meal, the family jokes, and aha! The funny faces we make when it’s time to wash the dishes. Guess you didn’t see that coming (winks) Man has always sought ingenious ways of preserving food. By man I mean mankind! Lots of effort just to create another piece of memory for next time. Food spoilage like it or not is a common source of financial wastage in American households.

Should you succeed in preserving your food for long periods of time, another challenge rises- Loss of quality food taste. Who wants to eat food that has lost its tasty vibes? Definitely not me. So there’s this hype going around for weeks now about a vacuum seal bag that promises to improve the quality of food when bagged properly and we decided to order some samples for reviews. We hope this Save sealer Reviews helps your food spoilage prevention efforts. Restaurant owners may find this helpful too. Think of it as a household buck-saving article. Enjoy the read.

What is Save Sealer?

Save sealer Reviews
Save sealer Reviews

Save Sealer is a handy pump & vacuum seal bag that keeps fruits, vegetables, and meat handheld fresh. The setup employs a BPA-free air-tight mechanism to keep your stored food fresh, saves you storage space in your refrigerator while also retaining the quality of your food. The savesealer vacuum sealer has diverse uses as it can be used to store leftovers, carry travel food, and even do low-temperature long time cooking (the French call this cooking technique Sous vide) The Corona pandemic has indeed changed to an extent the way we live. Could this be responsible for the increased demand for the Save sealer? Maybe!

What are the Parts of Save Sealer Reviews?

The Save Sealer is made up of 2 main parts; The Vacuum Seal Bag and the Portable Pump system.

Sealable Plastic Bag:

The first part of the Save sealer system is a vacuum seal bag. They are sealable, and come in different sizes. They look like your common Ziploc storage bags but differ from them in that they have a small valve-like space for the savesealer pump to seal. The vacuum seal bag is pretty spacious too. Your veggies, meat, and fruit enter the bag after which the pump enters the small valve like space.


The fun part of the sealer system. This pump system is portable and easy to use. Simply place it on that small valve-like hole on the sealer bag, press the button on the hand pump and watch as air is removed from the bag. This leaves an impression of the sealer bag tightly clinging to the bag content. This way your food is stored in a bag with little or no air and stays fresh for most of the time.

The Save Sealer System is convenient and is easy for beginner chefs and moms to use. Besides, the seal bags are washable and reusable too.

Save sealer Reviews
Savesealer vacuum sealer

What are the Features of Save sealer Reviews?

Easy to Use:

SaveSealer is very simple to use! Just place food inside the bag, ensure the vacuum nozzle is well connected, and press the button to extract the air. Different ranges of food from cheeses, vegetables, fruits, meats can be stored with optimal results. The thick bags also help to achieve perfect Sous Vide cooking. Life is meant to be this easy right?

An Efficient Space Saver:

You already know that Food containers consume precious fridge space and crowd the fridge. With SaveSealer’s sleek bags it’s easy to pile away food to efficiently utilize space. Now, you can locate your next meal without the stress of digging through a pile of containers, and best of all, you can store twice as much in your fridge!

EcoFriendly Build Material:

The seal bag is made with eco-friendly materials. It’s no new fact that kitchen storage bags form a substantial part of the waste that is not often detrimental to our environment.

Portable Pump:

Our opinion is that the pump makes the save sealer what it is. Regular Ziploc bags cannot suck out air from what you intend to store. Your hands can only do little to remove the air. The portable Save sealer pump system is a lot easier. They come in 2 color variants- Black and White. They are cordless too.

Save sealer Reviews
Save sealer Reviews

Rechargeable Pump System:

The Savesealer vacuum seal bags come with a handy air extraction pump. This removes the air from the food (meat, vegetables, or fruit) you intend to store. They do not use replaceable batteries. These handy pumps are cordless and take a few hours to charge (electricity). You can charge your pump system using a simple USB cord.

Does Save Sealer Really work or is it a Scam?

Here is Natasha’s experience with the Save Sealer. It follows a chronological order that spans 1 week.

  • Day 1:  I love meat! All types of meat. Guess you do too? (winks) Yesterday, I brought home a juicy steak. Ate some at the restaurant, brought the rest home. I marinated it overnight with my marinade inside a SaveSealer bag. I used the big Save Sealer variant. It’s quite thick and is devoid of regular plastic/chemical smell. I sealed the bag, plugged the vacuum pump to the air valve hole, and extracted the air in less than a minute before placing it in my refrigerator.
  • Day 2: I just checked the steak from the previous night and everything checks out! Meat is very fresh and tasty too. And yes! Ate some today. I just placed some vegetables in the refrigerator using safesealer bags. Let’s see how they fare.
  • Day 4 : The last 3 days have been pretty hectic. Work and all. Just checked those veggies in the refrigerator. They are still fresh for salad prep. No discoloration and they still retain that crunchy feel. This is way different from the results I get using regular NYLON bags. The fruits turned out nice too. Though 4 days is pretty short to decide on the fruits but they are still super fresh. Would check them again on Day 7.
  • Day 7: I don’t know how to say this but these fruits and veggies are damn fresh. Looks like what I got from the grocery yesterday. They are quite cold but that’s all. Can’t see the water from them veggies like when I used regular nylon bags. The savesealer vacuum sealer might indeed be legit. At least based on my findings from the past 7 days. Just removed those fruits and washed the bags. A Durable alternative anyway. Guess this is my go-to vacuum bag now.

How to Use SaveSealer Vacuum Sealer?

Save sealer Reviews
Save sealer Reviews
  1. Open the Save Sealer Bag.
  2. Place the food (meat, veggies, or fruit) you intend to store in the Save Sealer vacuum bag.
  3. Seal the Savesealer review using your hands.
  4. Using the pump component, place the pump on the small circle valve you see on the bag. The pump extracts the air and moisture leaving the bag to cling onto its content. This is an automatic process.
  5. Place your savesealer vacuum sealer and its content in your refrigerator. So easy.

What do you get in the Save Sealer Order Box?

  • 1 Save sealer Air extraction pump
  • A Mix of Small and Large Savesealer vacuum seal bags. ( The quantity you get is dependent on your order)
  • 1 USB cord for charging your Save sealer pump.
Save sealer Reviews
Save sealer Reviews

What are the Benefits of SaveSealer Reviews?

Easy to Use:

Life in the kitchen is all about efficiency. The savesealer reviews are easy to use and are beginner-friendly. Your kids can also learn how to use it too. Mama has to pass down some knowledge you know…

Saves Space:

Tightly sealed bags allow you to stack and file away food in your fridge, freezer or pantry while maximizing space. The Savesealer offers more Control. You decide how to efficiently utilize to free space it offers you. 2020 may be a good kitchen year after all.

Has Broad Application:

The good thing about the Save Sealer Seal Bag is that it can be used to store a variety of foods. From Cheese to meat to fruits and vegetables, your list of goodies to keep fresh without spoilage keeps increasing. Want to preserve your cut avocado? Use your savesealer. Your cut banana? Your save sealer beckons. Your salads? This is better-experienced fam! Simply use your Safesealer reviews and place them in your refrigerator. You can even use it for Sous Vide cooking.

Is Affordable:

For a few bucks, you can have yourself a piece of the kitchen good life. Price is healthy. So much value for your money.

Saves You some Household Expenses:

With this vacuum bag, you stand to save some bucks that would have been spent on bags that encourage food wastage. You can buy your grocery in bulk from the supermarket and still avoid spoilage thanks to this novel vacuum bag. You tend to save money in the long run with one easy product switch. Worth trying if you ask me…

Portable Nature:

Since the SaveSealer is light and compact, you can bring it anywhere, including camping trips, picnics, or backyard parties. You can also use SaveSealer for sous vide cooking, saving space in your freezer, traveling, or camping.

Different Size Varieties:

Save Sealer Reviews comes in different sizes for your different needs. They all carry pump hole for air extraction. They are also reusable too. Talk about a plus.

What are the Pros of Save Sealer Reviews?

  • Maintains food quality: Unlike regular nylon or vacuum bags, the stored food is doesn’t lose its taste.
  • Easy to Use: Anyone can use the SaveSealer Place food inside the bag, connect the vacuum nozzle to the bag valve, and push the button to seal. It’s really that simple.
  • Portable: Since the SaveSealer is light and compact, you can use them to package your camping food and the like.
  • Saves Space
  • Broad Uses: The good thing about the Save Sealer Seal Bag is that it can be used to store a variety of foods. From Cheese to meat to fruits and vegetables, your list of goodies to keep fresh without spoilage keeps increasing.
  • Is affordable .

The Vacuum Food Sealer could pass as one of the money saving hacks in households this year. You can enjoy fresh food anytime without the hassle of plastic wraps and containers. You can store a variety of foods using this seal bag and still not worry about storage space because it is space-efficient.

Save sealer Reviews
Save sealer Reviews

What are the Cons of Save Sealer?      

  • A double packaging may be needed for optimal results. Testings showed that the seal bags can be somewhat fragile and may tear. Any hole in the bag apart from the air suction hole in the bag may compromise seal quality.  Recall that oxygen is the frenemy one to avoid when storing foods for the long term. You don’t want microorganisms spoiling your food hence the reason we recommend using double Savesealer bags. ·        
  • Orders can only be placed online at the moment since the product is yet to hit regular brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Store in containers when not in use. Rodents and pets may bore holes in them because of their appeal.

What are Users of the Savesealer Vacuum Sealer Saying?

With the SaveSealer you can taste the difference immediately. I’ve gotten rid of my Tupperware and plastic wrap, because I was completely blown away at how the freshness of my food improved just by sucking out all of the oxygen. Brilliant and effective.”

Emily, Michigan, US

“Didn’t know something like this existed till I saw an ad. Cool stuff. Guys you need to use a double for optimum results. Just saying. Giving this a 4.3/5”

Chef C. Maldives

“I really love this brand. So efficient and easy to use. The bags are produced from thickly layered plastic that can easily be washed in the dishwasher. I am also impressed that the materials haven’t stretched out after months of constant use. Highly recommend the Savesealer”

Sofia ,Belgium

I am a very busy mom and mother of 3 kids-always on the move. The save sealer reviews is very convenient for my family. Just pack your grocery properly and let the savesealer do the rest. Nice. Definitely a 5/5 for me.

Nina, Saskatchewan, Canada

After months of use, it’s amazing how much money this has saved my family. If you’re on a tight food budget or have picky eaters who leave a lot of leftovers, I highly recommend this to make your life easier.”

Yvonne, Maine, US

I finally decided to give SaveSealer a try after going through a lot of 5 star reviews, and I have to admit, the reviews were correct. My veggies retained their fresh form. Today marks the 3rd month I’m using the Savesealer vacuum sealer.

Fenna, Leiden, The Netherlands.

How much does Save Sealer Vacuum Seal bags Cost?

The Save sealer bag is family budget-friendly.

  • A set of 5 savesealer bags (2 large & 3 small) and a Seal pump costs about $38.19 promo price. (45% Discount)
  • A set of 15 savesealer bags (6 large & 9 small) and a Seal pump costs about $47.73 promo price. (55% Discount)
  • A set of 25 savesealer bags (10 large & 15 small) and a Seal pump costs about $57.29 promo price. (65% Discount)

You can purchase yours from the official store. You can check if the Savesealer is available by clicking the button below. Many have raised issues of stock finishing in the past. Guess, the demand is pretty high anyway.

Where Can I buy the Save Sealer Reviews?

Since this vacuum storage sealer is yet to hit regular brick and mortar store, you can place your order online via the online store or click the button above. The discount is worth it. This could be the year you know (winks)

Frequently Asked Questions about the Save Sealer Reviews?

Are the Seal bags reusable?

Sure! The bags are manufactured using thick, durable BPA plastic so Yes, they can be washed and reused multiple times.

Does SaveSealer Pump require Replaceable batteries?

No, the SaveSealer does not run on replaceable batteries. It comes with its own USB cable for easy plug-in charging. It uses an electric source or power bank charging.

Can you Use Save Sealer Reviews for Sous Vide cooking?

Sure. This seal bag has broad uses. You can use it for low-temperature long time cooking (sous vide cooking) The bags are BPA-free and has several layers hence convenient for health and very durable. Also, you’ll receive clips with which you seal the bags, especially for Sous Vide cooking.

What types of food can i save Using savesealer vacuum seal bags?

The savesealer vacuum sealer can be used for wet, dry, and raw foods. Your fruits, vegetables, your dry nuts, or even your cheese. The list is endless. Your meat and leftovers included.

What Sizes can I get the Savesealer Reviews?

The savesealer seal bag comes in big and small sizes at the moment. They all have air suction circles.

Does Save Sealer prevent freezer Burn?

Yes! The vacuum sealer efficiently extracts all oxygen and fluids so food stays fresh longer, even in your freezer.

How does the Manual Pump work?

 It works in an easy manner. Place your food in the seal bag. Then place the Save sealer pump over the small suction circle you see on the bag. Press the button and watch as the pump sucks in the air from the bag. The whole process happens fast.

Save sealer Reviews
Save sealer Reviews

Can vacuum sealer bags be put in the microwave?

Sure. Though It is recommended you heat up your cooked foods in vacuum sealer bags than to directly use the microwave on your food. Before heating, Cut open one corner of the Savesealer bag bearing the food so that the steam can leave that way. It is not recommended to microwave foods with much oil content in the savesealer bag as extreme heat can damage the bag. You don’t want to make a microwave mess. Trust me.

How to fix your broken Save sealer Vacuum Seal bags?

Kitchen accidents may happen you know. If you notice that your Savesealer seal bag is defective you can do the following;

  • Note the puncture points. Place the defective bag inside another savesealer and seal up using the pump.
  • Get another savesealer vacuum seal bag.

How safe is the Save Sealer bags?

The save sealer is a safe and efficient alternative to the many vacuum sealer bags. They have broad uses, are handy, and above all reusable. They are BPA free too. Once used properly you have nothing to worry about.

How much does the Save Sealer Cost?

Depending on the order quantity, the price varies. A set of 5 savesealer bags (2 large & 3 small) and a Seal pump costs about $38.19 promo price. (45% Discount). A set of 15 savesealer bags (6 large & 9 small) and a Seal pump costs about $47.73 promo price. (55% Discount)

A set of 25 savesealer bags (10 large & 15 small) and a Seal pump costs about $57.29 promo price. (65% Discount) The website is 256-bit encrypted so your transaction is secure.

Where Can I Purchase the SaveSealer?

The SaveSealer is NOT available in physical stores yet. You can however purchase it from the official sales page here. Discounts are offered for different order quantities too.

Final Thoughts on the Savesealer Vacuum Sealer?

Good Household economics is dependent on your ability to cut unnecessary expenses while keeping the rate of food spoilage in check. Running a good country starts with running your household budget in an efficient manner. Tired of rising household costs due to food wastage and spoilage? Consider the Savesealer bag. It is pretty cheap, is efficient, has broad use, and above all is easy to use. The discounts offered are worth trying out this Christmas. The food economy just got better. Our verdict? Give it a try. You have nothing to lose.

Enjoyed this article by the Trend Parlour Team? Check out our other extraordinary reviews and our thoughts on those products. Stay Trendy! Catch you on the next one.

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