Bit watch reviews

BiT Watch Reviews 2020: The BEST Christmas Gift for your Loved ones?

BiT Watch Reviews

Family! That weird gathering of funny personalities we’re born into. Loved ones we share moments with, make history with and most times throw subtle shades at. For some a ladder to convince, to others a chance to face society. Fact is History has shown that the family unit has served as a springboard for facing our fears. Sometimes in our bid to prove naysayers wrong we often edge closer to our dreams and guess what? There’s always Family. 2020 has been a year filled with intrigues and many holidays too.

So the question arises! What is the Best Gift to get for your Loved ones this Christmas? A ticket to the spa? Aha! There’s lady Corona. Premium access to Netflix? A premium earbud? A Swamp cooler? A PS5 console or a dual timekeeping analog watch like the BiT watch? The tradition of gifting timepieces to loved ones is one that is indeed unexplained. Are you doing so to remind the receiver of the great memories of the past or are you like my twin? The funny dude gifts me timepieces in anticipation of the crazy moments we’re to have in the future.

This Trend Parlour article is about the trending BiTwatch and if this could be the best Christmas gift to get your loved ones. Enjoy the read folks!

What is BiT Watch?

Bit watch reviews
Bitwatch smartwatch reviews

Bit Watch is simply a Dual Timekeeping sports watch. Personally, I would describe this watch as an analog watch that claims to offer smartwatch features to an extent. Trust me, figuring out how to describe This watch wasn’t easy. The timepiece has a digital and manual face on its dial. Think of it as a smartwatch within a regular watch.

The Bitwatch spots smartwatch features like Heart rate monitoring, Pedometer sensors, blood pressure tracking & calorie burn estimations. The BiT watch Reviews also supports notifications and is compatible with your iOS & Android. The Trend Parlour team is particularly interested in its catchy look. You just can’t miss having a second look when someone wears one which is why we had to order one to review.

What are the Specifications of Bit watch Review?

Product TypeAnalog watch with smartwatch features.
Analog FeatureYes. Quartz movements.
Screen Display IPS LCD Display 160×80 dpi & Circular manual dial
ChargingUSB Charging
CompatibilityiOS >9 & Android
Strap material typeSilicone (Black)
Colour AvailabilityBlack
Battery Capacity100mAH
BluetoothYes! Supports Bluetooth V4.0 upwards
SensorsYes. G – sensor, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure and Steps counter.
Water resistantYes. IP68 Water resistant rated. Can withstand splash & sweat.
Price Tag<$99 Promo Price
Specifications of Bit Watch Reviews

What are the Features of Bit Watch Reviews?

Segmented Dial:

Bit watch reviews
Bit watch reviews

The first thing you notice when you see the Bit watch is its segmented dial. To the right of the dial is a regular Analog hand feature- the kind you see in traditional watches. It also has a crown which is used in setting the traditional hours and minute hands.

To the left of the Black watch dial is a digital interface similar to what you see in common smartwatches. The digital segment of the Bit watch’s dial is shaped like a standing rectangle with curved sides. They show some values.

At the uppermost and lowermost parts of the Bit watch’s dial are small segments that show heart rate and activity symbols. These are more like artifacts since heart rate values show up in the digital segment of the dial by the left.

Catchy Design

Suffice to say that the BitWatch has a captivating look but that is the height of it. Its dial has a great appeal from a distance. The watch head is made of Metal and the straps of the Bit watch smartwatch are made from Silicone. It comes with an IPS LCD display (which is pretty weird by today’s standards)

The biT watch has 3 control knobs that give off a unique look.

Vitals Tracking:

The BiTwatch smartwatch comes with Heart, Oxygen saturation, and Blood pressure monitoring sensors. Upon testing, the values obtained were pretty decent. The results were displayed on the digital segment of the watch’s dial. The BiT watch also has a step counting and calories monitoring feature. Contrary to what some reviews say, the BiT watch does not have any EEG features.

Compatible with Android & iOS:

It is compatible with your iOS and Android devices. The bitwatch Reviews also connects with devices that run on Bluetooth versions of 4.0 upwards just like the Xwatch, Tact watch & Gx Smartwatch. It also supports a mobile app downloadable from the Google Play store or the Apple app store. It also supports receiving notifications too when synced with your smartphone. Plus It doesn’t come with the compass feature of the Tact military watch though.


The Bit watch comes in an IP68 rated waterproof material. It is waterproof, is not hindered by sweat. It is also dustproof but that is the much this goes. Your Bitwatch has loud alarms that can be heard at great distances.

How does the BiT watch work?

Honestly, the Bit watch works like your traditional watch. The analog portion ticks like regular watches with moving minutes and hour hands. The middle central knob is used to adjust them. The smartwatch portion of the watch is not so different from premium smartwatches. Sensors underneath the dial with mode and command knobs above and below the manual knobs. Many say this isn’t a watch that you should go heads over heels for- although it can still serve as an ideal gift if you ask me.

Bit watch reviews
Bit watch smartwatch reviews

What do I get in the BiT Smartwatch Order Box?

  • 1 BiT watch
  • 1 USB Charging Cord
  • 1 small Charging plate/ adapter (The back of the watch should be placed on the plate and charging cord connected)
  • 1 User’s Manual.

How to Use your BiT Watch?

  1. Unbox the package.
  2. Long press the upper button 2-3 times to power on. Notice the different symbols showing on the digital portion of its dial.
  3. Press the Topmost knob to change between modes.
  4. To change the digital dial appearance simply long-press the topmost knob.
  5. To connect your phone to the “smartwatch” use the Bluetooth sync feature. You can also go to the Google play store (for android users) to download its DualTime mobile app on your smartphone.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompt and watch as your phone gets connected. Prepare your mind because this may not be the best of experiences you may have with a watch let alone a smartwatch.

What are the PROs of the BiT watch?

  • They have a nice look- From a distance, they have an appealing look. This is prolly its high point.
  • Made with Durable and waterproof materials.
  • Good Analog feel
  • Heart Rate, Steps monitoring sensors are quite precise.

What are the CONs of the BiT watch Reviews?

  • The smartwatch interface is close to premium. On screen images are normal. This should pass as a regular gift anyway.
  • Watch is expensive for a dual watch ($180 traditional price, $99 promo price.)
  • Smartwatch features are quite basic. Besides, it looks like a MiFree or Colmi T3 in appearance.
  • Colour options are limited since it only comes in one color- Black
  • On screen Lights flickered initially. Turns out the watch needed a charge.
  • Watch is surprisingly heavy. The metal head doesn’t feel as light as the Amazfit TRex Pro, Tact military watch, Gx smart watch, or even the xwatch smartwatch. No jokes.
  • There’s a few days delay in delivery time.

What are Users Saying about the BiT Watch Reviews?

This is an above-average watch type. Love its classy look but more improvement can be done in the digital dial portion. Giving this a 4.3/5

Jamie, Coventry, UK

Many reviews misrepresented this watch for what it is. A regular watch trying to make inroads in the smartwatch industry. While there are many premium watches, you sure can have this for a change. This is more of a reliable back up.

Meunier, Quebec, Canada

When I placed an order, I didn’t expect much given my past experience with dual time watches. Would still recommend the BiTwatch if you already have a full smartwatch like the Gx Smartwatch, or Koretrak Reviews. Still great value for your bucks. My Bit watch is more of a chill watch- wear it on an off day for its nice looks.

Stacey, Tampa, Florida, US

Best prank gift ever. The Bit watch has a bold look but for the smartwatch aspect? I feel there’s room for improvement. Got one for my pops anyway just to see his reaction weeks ago. Hilarious moment I must say!

Bill, Houston, Texas, US

I have been using my Bitwatch review for a few weeks now. Watch is quite cool. It cannot be compared to my apple smartwatch or my mom’s Fitbit but it is pretty decent. I guess many bought theirs without necessarily doing their research. The standby time is modest too. Have some cash to spare? You can get this for a backup anyway. Still recommend.

Reece, Salt Lake City, Utah, US

The BiT watch is a Nice time piece. I don’t have any issues yet. Been using it for some time now. The overall appearance is its greatest point. People always ask me about the brand whenever I wear it. Papa will definitely love this.

Isla, Seville, Spain.
Bit watch reviews
Bit watch Dual watch reviews

How much does the Bit Smartwatch cost?

The Traditional Price of the Bitwatch watch is $186.6 however the brand is running currently running a promo sale. The Bit watch costs about $99 promo price. While it is nice to know what you are paying for, the demand for the Bit watch has been on a steady rise for some time.

  • 1Bit watch costs $99 promo price (50% Discount)
  • 2 Bitwatch (+ 1 free) costs $185.67
  • 3 Bit watch reviews (+ 2 free) cost $279.9

Shipping is Free too! You can purchase yours from the official salespage here

Why should I buy Bit Watch Reviews?

Many people buy things for many reasons. The good looks of the Bit Watch might be a good start for one. For others, the appeal of having a Dual Screen watch as a backup is enough for reasons. The 50% Discount might also serve as enough motivation for many too. Whatever your reason, we all agree our curious sides wants to try out this smartwatch. Lols!

Frequently Asked Questions about the BitWatch Smartwatch Reviews?

Is the Bit watch an analog watch or a smartwatch?

The Bitwatch is an analog watch with smartwatch features in it. Think of it as an analog-digital hybrid.

Does the Bitwatch analog watch come with sensors?

Sure. It has Heart rate sensors, a pedometer feature, and basic smartwatch sensors.

What is the battery capacity of the Bit watch reviews?

The Bit watch reviews has a battery capacity of 100mAH. Quite modest.

Does it support mobile notifications?

Yes! Though notifications are at its barest forms on display.

How much does the BiT Watch Dual Display Sport Smartwatch cost?

It costs about $99 to own your own BiT watch smartwatch.

How much is Shipping?

Shipping is free.

Are there any Christmas Discounts for the Bit watch hybrid watch?

Yes! 50% discount and more is offered for purchases made.

Can I get the Bit watch Dual Display watch in my local mall?

Unfortunately No. Perhaps it could hit your local malls with time but you can only place your orders online at the moment. You can purchase from the official salespage.

Is the Bit watch reviews water resistant?

The Bit watch smartwatch is made with IP67 resistant materials.

Final Thoughts?

The Bit watch review is a hyped-up Dual function watch. Are we impressed with it design wise? Yes. What about its smartwatch features? Well, more can be done. The price tag is pretty steep for a Dual function watch but for the 50% Discount currently offered. Appearance-wise, I still don’t get the difference between the Bit watch Smartwatch and the MiFRee/ Colmi T3. Though the BiT watch is way better based on function. Still want something different for your loved ones? You can go ahead to make a purchase.

For me? This definitely feels more like one of the many gift options for family. There are just too many watch options to gift this year (e.g a GX Smartwatch, an XWatch, a Tact military watch, or even a Koretrak, etc)- I mean their price tags, specs, and functions are pretty obvious.

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