LightSafeX Review

LightSafeX Review 2020: What you DON’T know yet!!! (Updated)

Owning a  working flashlight especially when going camping or lighting up the dark is as  important as a 4 year old boy holding on to his Regular Lego Box or Lisa playing with her American Girl WellieWishers Ashlyn Doll.

Just as Swiss knives may be the best for the outdoors and the phone to dial 911 is always handy, it is equally important to have a flashlight around- I mean how do you see those items when your phone is down and you’re stuck in broken car in the middle of a raining night on your way back home? Some things are better imagined than experienced…

Accidents happen! Some things can be beyond our control. However, having a portable reliable smart Flashlight like the LightSafeX is the least we can do. You don’t want to be lost in the dark. Trust me! A friend of mine, Nicole had a similar experience. Her story was slightly different! She had a non-functional torchlight on her.

On her request, she asked the www.trendparlour.com team to review a Flashlight she now uses- the LightSafeX Flashlight. She says it is the only flashlight you’ll ever need! Well, sit back and enjoy the detailed LightSafeX Review… There’s a package waiting for you at the end of the article. Cheers!

What is the LightSafeX? (Review)

In simple terms, LightSafeX  is a multifunctional flashlight. This device can be used for various purposes.

It can be used as a traditional flashlight for emergencies, as a red SOS and even  as a strobe. By having many interchangeable modes, this gadget offers users the freedom few flashlights can achieve. Users can easily access the mode settings from the side of the LightSafeX flashlight.

 Besides having features like seat belt slicer or a cutter like the Swiss Knife, in case you have any roadside emergencies, the LightSafeX flashlight can also be used as a power bank whenever the battery of your smartphone is low-a common occurence in camping.

The LightSafeX is not only great at illuminating your surroundings, it also has a SOS feature that can be used to alert people when you’re stranded. Did I forget to say this flashlight doesn’t use dry cell batteries! It is instead solar-powered. No need to constantly spend money buying batteries in the name of cell replacements.

It is therefore an economic and ecofriendly flashlight alternative. Talk about a green environment! It comes with a magnetic mount which enables you to stick the flashlight to metal surfaces as you will.

What makes the Light SafeX unique is that it puts all these different features in one portable light structure.

LightSafeX Review
LightSafeX Review

What are the Specifications of the LightSafeX Flashlight?

  • LightSafeX – the only flashlight you’ll ever need which prepares you for any emergency with your solar-charged multi-functional flashlight
  • Solar powered – never runs out of batteries
  • Special modes-Red SOS and strobe modes
  • Bright light with flash and emergency modes
  • Extraordinary Beam Distance.
  • Great Run Time
  • Power bank for charging phones
  • Magnet mount – always handy
  • Seat belt cutter/slicer for roadside emergencies

What are the Features of LightSafeX Flashlight?

Solar Powered.

Going green is the way forward. It is our responsibilities as earthlings to reduce waste as much as possible to preserve our planet. The Light Safe X  flashlight is solar-powered. It doesn’t use dry cell batteries. It is great for our environment by as  the waste we would normally generate by disposing those batteries are greatly reduced.

This cannot be said for regular flashlights. It is also cost-effective for users as they only need  recharge it under the sun. It also lasts for a very long time after charge.

Various light modes.

Another interesting feature that makes it a nice tool for emergencies and outdoor activities is the diverse light modes. Instead of the regular ones with only the ON and OFF switch, this smart device has four modes. Wow Depending on what you need, you can switch between strobe, flash, emergency  or red SOS modes. Your need? Your choice! I keep one in my car and another at home. You just can’t be too prepared for emergencies (winks)

Bright Bulbs with light that reach shocking distances.

With Sniper styled beam distances, you have more than just a flashlight in your hands.

Power bank for charging phones:

This is a key feature that I never thought I would need in a flashlight! I always either forget to charge my power bank or forget entirely to bring it with me. With a power bank built into this multi-purpose flashlight, I won’t have to lug around two separate gadgets. It also lower electricity costs since the power bank is also solar-powered! Good Pumpkins!!

Seat belt cutter or slicer:

This cutter of the LightSafeX Flashlight always come handy. It is really useful for emergencies and outdoor activities.While being sharp,it is sheathed to prevent injuries while handling. This flashlight should be your number 3 item in your adventurer’s list. Don’t ask me about items 1 and 2. They are still Light Safe X Flashlights (winks)  My trusty Swiss pocket knife will always be my go to knife, but in case I don’t have it with me, this flashlight’s cutter will do.

Great Runtime:

The LightSafeX Review lights up the area for long periods of time. Unlike many flashlights whose beam intensity wanes after a few hours, this machine of a gadget keeps shining with each passing hour. A key feature I must say.

LightSafeX Review
LightSafeX Review

Technical Features of Light Safe X

  • Mount – Light Safe X has a active magnet mount, which means that you can mount it to a metal surface when needed. It can be stuck to a garage, kitchen whiteboard, fridge door, or whichever place you want to mount it… Any metallic surface can serve.
  • Light Modes – Light Safe X also has a lot of features that you will surely need. Besides the regular mode, it can also act as your emergency light, since it has a red SOS, flash, and strobe modes. As stated earlier,It would be best to keep one at home, in your bag, or your car as you can use it for emergency purposes as well.
  • Seat Belt Slicer Or Cutter – If you forgot your Swiss knife, you shouldn’t worry because the Light Safe X can serve as  a seat belt slicer or cutter. You can use it for emergencies and other outdoor activities that you will have. One of the best things about it is that it is sharp enough to cut almost anything.
  • Power Bank – As mentioned above, the Light Safe X can also act as your power bank. If you forgot one or don’t have any socket to charge your phone, then your Light Safe X will come to the rescue. You can charge your phone if you need to so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery. LightSafe X got you covered..
  • Brightness- The LightSafeX produces powerful bright light. This is a major determinant when choosing flashlight. The Beam Distance is remarkable.
  • Great Run Time- Run Time is how long it takes light output to drop by 10%. The LightSafeX  has a runtime that lasts tens of hours.  The same cannot be said for many flashlights in the market.

Why Do I Need The LightSafeX Flashlight?

The LightSafe X flashlight is a handy device when it comes to camping or trekking. The reason behind this is because of how long-lasting the inbuilt solar-powered powered battery is. This means that you can charge it throughout the day and use it all night for as long as you need it.

One of the reasons why you need this flashlight is because of the bright far reaching light that it emits. It is not only be useful when you’re trying to illuminate your surroundings but also helpful during emergencies because of its strobe and red SOS mode. Sensible.  Right?

How to Use the LightSafeX Torchlight?

This Light marvel is easy to use. Here are the steps:

  • Unbox the package. The box contains a Flashlight with a cord. Charge before use (3-4 hours preferably). There’s a solar port/(USB size)- You can connect to a Solar Panel using a USB Cord.
  • Press the Power button close to the head of the flashlight. Study the modes (Check mode meanings below)
  • To switch between modes, keep pressing the single button. You’re good to go.

What do the MODES of the LightSafeX mean?

It is important to understand what these modes mean

SOS mode

Usually used as an indicator for help when in danger or in emergencies. Your Smart flashlight illuminates precisely in an S-O-S manner i.e 3 long flashes followed by 3 short flashes. The LightSafeX produces a Red and White SOS type light. (like a siren) This is very important.

Strobe mode

Your LightSafeX flashlight produces regular flashes of blinding light in short intervals in an irritating manner. Very useful in scenarios like buying time while running from assailants or wading adversaries. Care should be taken when using this mode as people often find it annoying.

Regular mode

Just like Regular torchlights this is what you mostly used. The illumination in this mode is steady.

Beep mode

Here the flashlights gives that off and on switch at regular intervals.

Who needs the LightSafeX Torchlight?

  • HouseHolds
  • Adventurers
  • Campers
  • Students
  • You! Yes, You!! Anyone that values Life and its incredible gestures.

What do I like about LightSafeX Flashlight? (Pros)

  • It is portable and light
  • Offers me many mode options
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • Bright light reaches great distances
  • Spectacular Run Time
  • Multifaceted uses.

What I dislike about the LightSafeX Flashlight? (Cons)

At the moment, LightSafeX flashlight hasn’t hit regular brick and mortar stores. It can only be ordered online at the moment. The earlier companies producing great products start making them available to consumers via other means the better. You can place your order online at the official company.

LightSafeX Review
LightSafeX Review

How much does the LightSafeX flashlight cost?

If bought individually at regular price, LightSafeX retails at $99 each, however, the company is offering customers big discounts price wise (50%) and other added perks when they purchase more than 1 flashlight.

  • For every LightSafeX flashlight order with quantities more than 2, you get 1extra flashlight for  free.
  • For every Light Safe X flashlight order with quantities more than 3, you get 2 extra flashlights for free

Why not give your loved ones a Summer surprise by getting them this flashlight? I’m pretty sure Ol’ Thompson will be happy in his Ranch downtown (winks)

Winter isn’t so far you know. My Canadian friends will understand better. You can get your multipurpose flashlight by using the button below.

How do I get the LightSafeX Flashlight?

You can order Light Safe X directly on the company’s official  website. They are  offering  a 50% discount now, but it is only available for a limited time. Light Safe X also offers free delivery on selected destinations.

Don’t worry about site security when paying online-the website has SSL encryption that will protect your card information from fraud and such. You can either pay via your Credit Card or PayPal. You decide.

Final Thoughts.

This smart flashlight is worth the try. With its remarkably bright light and far reaching extents, this premium device is worth your money. Love how portable and ecofriendly it is. It is also an affordable necessity. The multiple light modes offered and diverse uses is a plus. Celebrate the Summer and prepare for winter with your LightSafeX flashlight.

Nicole was right after all. Lol! See you in the next article.

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