BloodPressureX Monitor

BloodPressureX Review 2020: Could this be the BEST Blood Pressure Monitor yet? (Updated)

Health is wealth. Prevention they say is better than cure. If that is true, what do you do to keep fit? How do you monitor your blood pressure? Do you know what a sphygmomanometer is? Do you know that heart issues are a leading cause of death according to the American Heart Association? Don’t be perturbed, because with the BloodPressureX Blood Pressure Checker, you can monitor your blood pressure and by extension keep tabs on your health in general.

Physiologically, the heart contracts under a pressure to pump blood out, a phenomenon we call systole. It also relaxes to let in blood under lower pressure in a phase called diastole. These pressures can vary depending on the health status of all the components that help the blood to be pumped out of the heart-blood, blood vessels, and the heart itself.

This health review is done with the aim of educating you on the need to monitor your blood pressure as well as helpful devices that can place you on the path to good health. Enjoy the read.

What is the BloodPressureX Monitor?

BloodPressureX Monitor

In simple terms, this is an electronic medical device used to check for blood pressure values. Blood pressure values are very important health parameters. Depending on the user’s age, blood pressure values could mean many things- be a pointer to underlying health conditions, be a tab for good health and the like.

What are the Features of BloodPressureX Blood Pressure Checker?

BloodPressureX Monitor
BloodPressureX Monitor

Below are some of the special features of BloodpressureX device:

Simple and Portable

This blood pressure monitor is very handy and convenient hence issues that come with traditional blood pressure monitors don’t apply to this. You can easily move it from one place to another. You can also check your pressure on the go.

Simple User Interface

As per testing by the Trend Parlour team, the BloodpressureX is prolly the easiest blood pressure monitor available right now. You don’t need to be all medic or have a grandma as a nurse before you can use this device. The Large screen and bold digits also appeal to people with eye issues. Simple and automated is all I can say.

Smart Circumference cuff

Are you slim or are you fat? bothered about your arm being up to or beyond the normal arm circumference? Well, this health monitor offers a cuff that covers your circumference.

Energy Efficient

Being a top-notch product, every consideration was made before bringing it out to the market including electricity and energy issues. This electronic monitor is so energy efficient when compared with others.

Efficient Memory storage.

The Blood pressureX automatic sphyg stores previous blood pressure results to a remarkable degree. This makes it convenient to compare your past blood pressure values with present ones. The memory space is more than sufficient.

Specificity, Sensitivity, and a high degree of Reproducibility

this BloodpressureX can give you a reading or values that are accurate and enough to form a basis for confirming high blood pressure or not to. Its accuracy can also be reproduced, at least to average, should the checking be re-done. It is not much affected by manual issues.

Technical connectivity

Bloodpressure X also has the feature of other high-taste devices such as Bluetooth. This offers you access to use your phone to view and compare periodic result values. This blood monitor also comes with a sort calender for date(days/months/year) tracking

Auto Power-off Feature

BloodpressureX can turn itself off when ever it is not in use. This helps to conserve battery life.

Non Electric Power source

The BloodPressureX uses 4xAA batteries. You can have the monitor while going on your camping trip and the like.

Who should use it?

BloodPressureX Monitor
BloodPressureX Monitor

It is meant for everyone (for periodic blood pressure checks). However given the fact that individuals above 40 years are prone to chronic diseases or cardiac complications, it is recommended for those in that age category.

Elderly people with issues like compromised cardiac function or heart related diseases like hypertension, renal diseases need to monitor their blood pressure too.

Benefits of using Blood PressureX Monitor

  • Keeps you health conscious.
  • Helps you keep tabs on hypertension especially for the elderly. It is pretty easy to alert your health care provider when you notice abnormal values. Sometimes, little steps like this help in the long run.
  • Prevents white coat hypertension Do you remember seeing a health personnel and all of a sudden noticed your heart is beating? That’s called White Coat Syndrome. Blood pressure values obtained in such patients are usually exagerated. Having a personal blood pressure monitor like the BloodPressureX helps you overcome this. No fears. Just you.
  • Monitor treatment outcomes. Drugs are meant to make us feel better. Imagine taking anti-hypertensive drugs and not knowing how you feel? Blood Pressure X electronic monitor helps you monitor treatment effects especially those that pertain to blood pressure. You can easily ring your doctors to inform them about your observations. They won’t complain.
  • Convenient, affordable option.

How to use the BloodPressureX Monitor?

  • Unbox the blood pressure monitor from its delivery package. Place your arm at the same level as your heart. (Do this while sitting)- enables the pressure at your heart to equalize the one at the vessel on your arm.
  • Wrap the electronic monitor’s cuff around your arm to be tested-just above your elbow. Ensure you have already raised your shirt on the arm to be tested before now as it is key in ensuring the cuff fits well.
  • Inflate the automated cuff. The monitor will display your blood pressure values in seconds. Systolic values arethe on top, diastolic values are those below. Your BP is Systolic over Diastolic e.g 110/70 (quite normal) vs 135/90 (abnormal) Simple right?

What Factors could cause variations your Blood Pressure Readings?

BloodPressureX Monitor
BloodPressureX Monitor
  • Position/posture while taking your reading
  • Race
  • Being on Antihypertensive drugs
  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle
  • Weight status

What do you get in the Blood PressureX Delivery Kit.

  • 1 Digital Monitor
  • 1 User’s Manual
  • 1 Bag Pack.

What are the Pros (Advantages) to the BloodPressureX monitor?

  • It is automated and convenient.
  • BloodpressureX is portable and can be carried anywhere.
  • This working blood pressure monitor is very affordable.
  • It is energy efficient and uses batteries.
  • This blood pressure monitor saves results for future comparisons.
  • Values are obtained in a matter of seconds.

What are the Cons (Disadvantages) of the BloodPressureX monitor?

  • This digital monitor can only be bought online at the moment.
BloodPressureX Monitor
BloodPressureX Monitor

What are Users Saying about the Blood Pressure X Monitor?

Before now I always pay money every week have my blood pressure measured but since I bought this very affordable pressure monitor, I can do it myself. This device is the best blood pressure monitor. It is very reliable.


One thing I like most about this BloodpressureX is its handy nature. Fits into my purse. I can take this digital monitor anywhere with me and measure my blood pressure. Screen is also large enough to see values. Very simple and hitch-free, Highly Recommend.


I always monitor my blood pressure, pulse rate and sugar levels. I’m almost clocking 85. Besides diet and occasional exercise, there’s only much we oldies can do. The BloodPressure X is a reasonable blood pressure monitor. Stay Healthy.


Frequently Asked Questions.

How often should I check my blood pressure with it?

You can check it as much as you can. Once a day for those without high blood pressure is okay. Those with High Blood Pressure can check it at least 3-5 times a daily.

What Other Parameters can the BloodPressure X Health monitor check?

This wireless monitor can check for Pulse Pressure too.

How Difficult is this Digital Monitor in terms of usage?

This is the simplest blood pressure monitor to use. The user interface is beginner friendly too.

How Much is this Medical Device?

The Blood Pressure X is very affordable. At $70, you can own your own digital monitor. You can get yours at 50% Discount + Free Shipping from the company.There is also a 30 day return policy incase of damaged devices in delivery packages.

Can I use the BloodPressure X monitor on myself?

Sure. This is a self digital monitor. It is more personalized unlike the traditional sphygmomanometer.

Does this medical device work?

Sure. You just have to see for yourself.

How long does BloodpressureX monitor lasts?

The BloodPressureX Digital monitor is a durable device. With proper maintenance, yours can last for more than 7 Years.

Final Thoughts.

Nothing can place of health. Time with family and friends is memorable when we’re healthy. Basic tips like eating healthy, exercising properly, and going on regular medical checkups are more important than ever. With its handy and affordable nature, the BloodPressureX monitor could infact be the best health monitor. The device is a great bargain for our cash. Get yourself a health monitor today.

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