Handsan Wrist Sanitizer Band

HandSan Review 2020: Is this the Best Hand Sanitizer Bracelet?

2020 has been a dramatic year. So many highpoints & many low points. Lots of memories, lots of great discoveries and fascinating products. COVID-19 and the swift change in lifestyle. Practicality is the watchword for many consumer products released this year and it is indeed a welcome development. Let’s take the hand sanitizer for instance. We’re used to applying hand sanitizers from bottles. We have to carry a small bottle in our bags or pockets. Pretty cumbersome right? What if you wore the hand sanitizer pack like a light bracelet? Yes! That face of surprise. You just have to see the HandSan Sanitizer Wrist band. (HandSan Review)

The occasional breakage of sanitizer bottles inside our bags or spilling of its contents unto our other items can be frustrating. We need our hands sanitized not a messy sight. The need for a portable & fashionable wristband that can carry sanitizer contents without constituting a nuisance is in fact necessary. Sit back, sip a smoothie, and enjoy the review about the HandSan Sanitizer Bracelet by the Trend Parlour Team.

What is Handsan Sanitizer Bracelet?

Handsan Wrist Sanitizer Band
Handsan Wrist Sanitizer Band

Handsan sanitizer bracelet is simply a silicone tubing shaped like a bracelet that stores and dispenses alcohol based sanitizer whenever you want to sanitize your hand. This bracelet is nice looking, is practical and has wide appeal. Imagine going for a jog. Instead of carrying a bottle of sanitizer, simply pour some into the handsan bracelet, wear the band and you’re good to go.

Whenever you want to a sanitizer, press the nozzle of your handsan wrist band and the content comes out in sufficient amounts at a time. You don’t worry about wastage of your sanitizer due to accidental spills or bother about carrying bulky bottles about. Its mechanism of use is quite easy to understand. It can also be used by school children, adults going out, and even the elderly.

It has a small nozzle that faces the palm when worn and while the person presses the gadget this nozzle opens up and allows the flow of hand sanitizer and when the person takes off the fingers it closes again to keep the sanitizer from leaking. In this manner, Handsan Wrist serves perfectly in handily dispensing the hand sanitizer.

What do you consider when going for an Efficient Sanitizer?

  • Alcohol content (Sanitizers with alcohol content of 60% upwards are recommended)
  • Sanitizer consistency (Gels/Loose liquids/Foams)
  • Cost (Form Sanitizers are generally expensive relative to the Gels and Loose liquid)
  • Reactivity to skin (Does your skin react to topical solutions? It is recommended you go for something convenient)
  • Fragrance or not (Some come with fragrance, others don’t- it all depends on you)

What are the Specifications of the HandSan wrist band?

  • Smart Design & Quick Access Feature
  • Silicone Whole Build & Adjustable band Straps
  • Portable Sanitizer Store
  • Easy Fill System & Anti Spill Mechanism
  • Washable Nature
  • Easy To Use
  • Has wide appealSuitable For All Age Groups & Sex (above 7 years)

What are the Features of the Handsan sanitizer wrist band?

Handsan Wrist Sanitizer Band
Handsan Wrist Sanitizer Band

Smart Design & Quick Access Feature

The Handsan Review is designed to look like a wrist band/watch. It is made with silicone so as to express its sanitizer content whenever a little pressure is applied at the nozzle. The fact that it is offered in different colors makes it a trendy addition to your dressing while appearing elegant. Functionality at its best.

Portable Sanitizer Store

This sanitizer band is very light. Doesn’t feel like we’re putting something all. The Hand san band stores a sizable amount of sanitizer (15ml)- enough to full a table spoon. With its form like a band and its light weight, you can carry it anywhere without any awkward feeling.

Easy Fill System & Anti Spill Mechanism

It is easy for you to fill it up in seconds and after been filled up it will not spill out as it has an anti-spillage mechanism to prevent spills. Its 8mm refill nozzle is wide enough to accommodate filling nozzles of other tubes and also small enough to prevent leaking out.

Washable Nature

The Handsan review bracelet is washable (use soap and warm water) and can be worn anytime. This is because of its silicon nature. It comes with two caps, one for loose liquids and the other for liquid gels.

Easy To Use

Using this sanitizer wrist band is easy. Simply press the dial region of the band and express the quantity of sanitizer you need. Germs have nothing on us.

Suitable For All Age Groups & Sex (above 7 years)

The Hand san sanitizer watch is a unisex watch ( can be used by males and females) Children above 7 years can use the handsan with ease. Children under 7 that wear this sanitizer bracelet should be monitored.

How Does the HandSan Sanitizer band work?

It comprises of a wearable hand sanitizer silicone band sizable enough to contain the sanitizer liquid that can be dispensed when the user applies pressure on its cap. The fluid comes out of its 8mm outlet nozzle. The fluid can easily be collected and hands cleaned. The whole components work to give a comfortable outcome.

When you first get the bracelet, you remove the plug on the reservoir and fill with a sanitizer of your choice – gel sanitizer works best! The sanitizer band will expand as it fills with the sanitizer. Each refill can serve you about 6 to 10 times with normal use. Fill your bracelet once in the morning and go about your day with no worries (winks)

How To Use Hand san Wrist Sanitizer

The Handsan serves as a sanitizer reservoir that you can fill and wear. Usage depends on the consistency of sanitizer. Here are how to use three different sanitizer fluids.

Handsan Wrist Sanitizer Band
HandSan Review

(To refill your BAND) For Liquid Gels

  • Open your HandSan’s cap using the lip of the cap to pull off.
  • Choose your product of choice and fill the opening:
  • If you are filling your Handsan band with a liquid gel or thicker sanitizer/product consistency (or large bottle), simply squeeze the band while filling the opening & gently release your hansan to absorb the product. Continue this motion repeating until full. This motion acts as suction for thicker consistency products. 
  • Gently press and secure your cap back to place.

(To Sanitize your hand using the band) For Liquid Gels

  • Select your cap
  • If you are using the Open Cap, no need removing the cap. Just apply pressure on your band to dispense onto your palm. 
  • If you are using the Plugged Cap, simply open the flap to dispense, and plug back later. 
  • Squeeze the dial area /band head to dispense sanitizer.
Handsan Wrist Sanitizer Band
Handsan review

(To refill your Handsan BAND) For Loose Fluids

  • Open your Handsan hand sanitizer band’s cap using the lip of the cap to pull off.
  • Select your product of choice and fill the silicone tube
  • If you are filling the band with a sanitizer with loose consistency (e.g rubbing alcohol, etc.), simply pour or squeeze directly into the opening.
  • Gently press and secure your cap back into place.

(To Sanitize your hand using the band) For Loose Fluids

  • Choose your cap:
  • If you are using the Open Cap, there is no need to remove the cap. Simply squeeze your band to dispense onto your palm. 
  • If you are using the Plugged Cap, simply open the flap to dispense, and plug back in after. 
  • Squeeze to dispense and kill germs!

What are the Pros of the Handsan Review?

  • It has a practical and fashionable design
  • It is affordable
  • It is portable and user-friendly
  • Has wide appeal-Suitable For All Age Groups & Sex (above 7 years)
  • It does not cause allergies which makes it safe for wearing

What are the Cons of the Handsan Sanitizer Review?

  • Care should be taken when little children wear to avoid alcohol poisoning.
  • Stock is limited.
  • It can only be ordered online at the moment

What do you get in the HandSan Wrist Delivery Box?

  • 1 HandSan Wristband Hand Dispenser
  • 1x beak bottle.
Handsan Wrist Sanitizer Band
Handsan Wrist Sanitizer Band

Who needs the Hand San Sanitizer Bracelet?

  • Anyone that cherishes convenience and style
  • Anyone that is health conscious
  • You! Your happy self

What are Users saying about the Handsan wrist review

I enjoy the good looks and style of Handsan wrist. Very practical design. It is similar to a wristband so I carry it about where ever I go.

John, Florida,USA

Nice concept. It doesn’t leak like some funny brands. But for the fact that it can only be ordered online, I definitely recommend the Handsan Review. Just by wearing it on my wrist, I am already carrying mobile sanitizer. It is really cool.

Mia, S/Korea

Since the partial end of the lockdown,I have been looking for a simple and easy to use device that can dispense alcohol-based sanitizer for me. A friend recommended the HandSan brand during a coffee discussion. Love the experience.

Gretta, Cardiff, UK
Handsan Wrist Sanitizer Band
Handsan Wrist Sanitizer Band


Does the handsan wrist cause skin reactions?

The Handsan wrist is made of silicon which rarely cause skin irritation or allergies

Who is the Handsan recommended for?

The Handsan review band is recommended for children above 7 years as well as adults. Children under 7 are not encouraged to wear the band because they are prone to incessant chewing and licking. You don’t want them sucking on the alcohol based sanitizer or risk alcohol poisoning.

Is the hand sanitizer used with Handsan wrist effective against COVID-19?

The Handsan is merely a portable wrist dispenser. It is recommended you use a sanitizer that is alcohol based. Its silicone body does not alter the sanitizer content.

How do I purchase the Handsan Hand Sanitizer ?

You can order your HandSan Sanitizer Band on the official website. For Review purposes, we ordered via their official sales page or the button below. They give exclusive offers and free shipping. Ordering is pretty fast and easy. 1 HandSan Review Wrist Band costs about $30 only.


The HandSan offers convenience in addition to its classy look. Its $30 price tag is a no brainer. I guess we could consider this in our to-get list. Stay safe, sanitize your hands especially with the Corona Pandemic around. Catch you on the next one.

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